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Maximum ride final the final warning


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Maximum ride final the final warning

  1. 1. Name: ________________________________ Date: ____________________ Final Project Maximum Ride: The Final Warning Your mission is to answer the required questions in any manner you choose. You may be as creative as you would like, but you must meet all criteria. You may choose from the list below, or develop your own project. Some ideas include: • Direct a movie • Design and record a podcast • Make a music video (use key information to write lyrics to a song of your choice) • Create a multimedia presentation • Deign a graphic novel/comic • Any other cool idea you come up with (check with us first) You may NOT simply write your answers as an essay or open-ended response. **See your Mrs. Duba or Ms. Morris for any clarification BEFORE you start** 1. Each of the Flock are spontaneously mutating and gaining new abilities. How are these new abilities affecting the manner in which the “Flock”
  2. 2. operates? 2. Why does the “Flock” come to share the scientist’s beliefs about global warming? How does the “Flock” show support? 3. Max and the Flock are given the opportunity to attend a school for mutant children where they will be safe, warm, and well-fed. Max’s voice calls upon her to accept a new mission. Why is the Flock so willing to give up the safety of the new school and go with Max? 4. Summarize the story using general statements (1-2 sentences) 5. Write a theme statement