SA 2011. Workplace Wellbeing. Achieve, Manage and Sustain Performance!


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How to achieve a sustainable performance in workplaces ? Increading the levels of each individual's wellbeing. How? Put your people in the driving seat and give them the responsibility to develop their own areas of wellbeing. Why? It is been proven that if employers create a environment and culture which allows employees to engage in their own development they feel much more valued. And has a succesful and long lasting impact on achieving the organizatons goals, bottom line and fullfiling the mission.

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  1. 1. “What frees, fuels and inspires people to bring the best of themselves to work every day?” Path to success follows when you´re feeling fit, energized, happy and healthy.
  2. 2. What’s More competition for all resources means we have to create an environment where we recognise the whole needs of the individual. “We are thinking more critically about: • how we differentiate, • how we incentivise, • how we reward top performers and • how we identify areas where people who are good can improve further.” Phil Cox, CEO, International Power, UK. Gallup studied the relationship between wellbeing and recent changes in disease burden and found that the average annual new disease burden cost for people who are thriving is $723, compared with $1,488 for those who are struggling or suffering. Your workforce’s wellbeing has a direct impact on your organization’s bottom line.
  3. 3. What happens if, your Talent, Managers and Employees becoming...? Gallup Organization defines employee engagement as people who work with passion and feel a profound connection to their company. As a result, these employees drive innovation and move the organization toward its goals and vision.
  4. 4. Unhappy, unfit or disconnected...! What do you see? For more “than 75 percent of employees”, dealing with their immediate boss is the most stressful part of the job. … Those with bad bosses suffered 20 to 40 percent more heart attacks than those with good bosses.” Mckinsey report
  5. 5. They are becoming: • Absent • Demotivated • Demoralized • Disengaged • Fatigued (High Risk Factor Burn Out) • Sick • Stressed (Major Health Issue) And are lacking: • Energy • Creativity • Focus • Passion • Performance (impact bottom’s line) • Productivity • Social interaction Every day in your organization, people don’t show up, don’t give their best effort, erode your productivity, and cost you millions of dollars because of poor mental and physical health. In world-class organizations, the ratio of engaged to actively disengaged employees is 8:1. In average organizations, the ratio of engaged to actively disengaged employees is 2:1.
  6. 6. What are the next steps...? “You can motivate by fear, and you can motivate by reward. But both those methods are only temporary. The only lasting thing is self motivation.” Homer Rice, college athletic director and football coach (Georgia Tech) Gallup researchers report that lack of employee engagement costs American businesses more than $370 billion per year in lost productivity and has been associated with increased injury rates, declining mental health and decreased wellbeing.
  7. 7. Engaged people perform better, take fewer days off sick. They turn up for work more motivated. They're happier and more focused, so they're less likely to leave. Energised people understand good nutrition, sleep well, exercise regularly, relax properly, have good posture at their computer and know how to cope with stress. Our Measures Our Blended Workshops Our Self-directed Learning & Coaching Our Foundation Human Function Curve. Vivamea Self-Inventory and Biometrics. Vivamea 7 Basics Principles. Vivamea Learning Center, Webinars and Affiliates Partners. Vivamea Wellbeing Coach. What is our solution....? Our Sustainable Learning
  8. 8. Our 7 Principles: 1. Work and live smarter, turn stress into motivation. 2. Be in the driver’s seat of your personal, private and professional life. 3. Stay healthy, strong, focused, relaxed and more energized. 4. Body Equilibrium: healthy living, sleep and rest. 5. Self-Leading: making your own Wheel of Well Being. 6. The arch of stability: Achieving optimal performance in a fast spinning world. 7. Sustainability: gain & change, continual evaluation, growth and sustainability. Even if you have never thought of your employees’ wellbeing as “your business,” each person’s wellbeing is critical to achieving an organization’s goals and fulfilling its mission. For Everyone...and their wellbeing!
  9. 9. What are the benefits...for everyone? Organization: • Higher retention of key employees. • Improved performance reviews. • Reduced stress related health costs, absenteeism and presenteeism. • More effective, engaged and committed employees. • Proof of commitment to corporate social responsibility initiatives. Employee: • Better at coping with stress, managing challenges and pressures in the workplace. • Health, energy and mind are integrated at their peaks and understand when to refuel. • Ability to prioritize and stay focused. • More resilient , creative, engaged and improved social interaction. • Find motivation in personal, private and professional life. “Employees with higher levels of wellbeing actually become more engaged, focused, energetic, resilient and resourceful in the way they work”.
  10. 10. Appendix (s): 1. Human Function Curve 2. Holistic Approach 3. Vivamea Corporate Programs Contact Details: Marly Taylor: Sales Consultant Email: Mobile Phone: +41 (0)799648708 Businesses may ask, “Why should an organization care about the wellbeing of its people?” The reality is that people are the lifeblood of any organization. People provide resources to the firm…shareholders provide capital, customers provide revenue and profits, and employees provide labor, innovation, service and a host of other components that make success possible. Forum for People Performance Management & Measurement, 2010.
  11. 11. Stimulus point for breakdown Performance Pressure Burnout Exhaustion Perceived Path Fatigue Over-use Peak Sustainable Performance instinctive refuelling Stress is positive for performance until it reaches a point where it becomes destructive The Human Function Curve Appendix 1.
  12. 12. Work Health Self Life • We take ownership to develop true awareness, consciousness and self- responsibility to manage our life productively and healthy. • A profound understanding that we require physical, mental, emotional and spiritual refuelling as it affects how we feel, behave, think and perform. • We perform better •Work •Leaders •Our 3P’s •Good health •Sustainability •Satisfaction Live with a holistic integrated Health-Work-Self approach • A holistic integrated learning process that not only shows the current symptoms but also illustrates the overall picture. Appendix 2.
  13. 13. Leadership & Management Program Employee WellBeing 12-Month Program Work Performance & WellBeing Index Peak Sustainable Performance: manage body, mind and work, walk the talk and becoming a role model. Vivamea WellBeing & Work Performance Coach with Vivamea 7 Basics Principles. Create awareness, self development and sustainability; how to manage work performance, live their life and care for their health. Vivamea WellBeing Coach 3 or 12-month. Vivamea WellBeing Coach 12-month. Vivamea WellBeing Coach 6-week Program. Workshop 2 x half day or 1 full day. Blended learning over 12-month. Option: Biometric Screening. “Kick off webinar” or “Learn & Lunch” workshop, 2 x half day or 1 full day. Appendix 3. Vivamea Corporate Progams
  14. 14. Kick Off Webinar or Live Self- Evaluation Applied Learning and Training Workshop Self-Evaluation follow-up with Gain&Change Company Blueprint Company Blueprint with Gain&Change Learn The Right Habits, Performance and Wellbeing Takes Off! On-line On-site Time frame for a 12-month program. Intro Webinar before Workshop Summary Webinar about Workshop 6 Weeks Self- Directed Learning & Coaching Intro Webinar before Workshop … Applied Learning and Training Workshop … Summary Webinar about Workshop… Closing Webinar or Workshop Each 6th week a new module of the 7 basic principles introduced “Prework 12-month program” Day 1: Delivery Kick Off. “Start 12-month Program” Day 10: Delivery Company Blueprint Day 12: Delivery workshops in morning & afternoon. Day 13: Self Learning and Coaching. Month 12: Closing 12 Months Program. Month 6: Evaluation & Delivery Company Blueprint. Day 54: Start Principle 1. “Closing” Appendix. 3