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RLabs: A Social Revolution


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A brief overview of RLabs (Reconstructed Living Lab)

Published in: Technology, Business
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RLabs: A Social Revolution

  1. 1. A Social Revolution
  2. 2. What we About?
  3. 3. By People for People
  4. 7. Local Impact
  5. 8. Global Movement
  6. 9. Community Work Academy Research Institute Innovation Incubator Products & Services
  7. 10. Community Driven
  8. 11. Grassroots Empowerment
  9. 12. Appropriate Innovation
  10. 13. Create Environments of Creativity and Growth
  11. 14. Champions Digital Stories Support Acceptance Development Empowerment Education Sustainable Creativity Innovation
  12. 15. Web Mobile Agile Disruptive Social Media Entrepreneurship Research Design
  13. 16. Thank You For more information about RLabs follow us @RLabs