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The Evolving Zombie


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The Evolving Zombie

  1. 1. The Evolving ZombieAnd 21st Century Developments
  2. 2. The Unsuspecting MassesAre Generally Unaware of the…
  3. 3. Recorded Zombie Attacks Through History Source: The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks
  4. 4. What Would a Zombie Attack Look Like? No one can say for certain what an apocalypse of zombies or a zombie attack would look like. Nonetheless, the accounts in Max Brooks‟ The Zombie Survival Guide leave one reaching for more: 1073 A.D. JERUSALEM “An unknown source caused an outbreak of fifteen zombies in Jaffa, a city on the coast of Palestine.” A man named Dr. Ibrahim Obeidallah restrained a victim, watched her die and reportedly reanimate (Obeidallah reportedly proved death occurred scientifically , yet „function‟ persisted) In 1099, Christian knights beheaded Obeidallah as a Satan worshipper. Source: The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks Image Source: Halfeatenzombies
  5. 5. Zombie Attacks ContinuePlease Don‟t Tap the Glass!Brooks Writes: Marco!1281 A.D. CHINA“The Venetian explorer Marco Polo wrote inhis journal that during one visit to theemperor‟s summer palace of Xandu, KublaiKhan displayed a severed zombie headpreserved in a jar of clear alcoholic fluid… Polo!The head, the Khan stated, had been takenby his grandfather, Genghis, when hereturned from his conquests in the West.Polo wrote that the head was aware of theirpresence. It even watched them with nearlydecomposed eyes. When he reached out totouch it, the head snapped at his fingers. ” Source: The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks
  6. 6. Zombie Attacks Continue… A Contemporary Example: 2002 A.D., ST. THOMAS, U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS The now legendary zombie that washed ashore on the northeast coast of the island, skinless and waterlogged, pursued onlookers until police arrived. “Although curiosity kept them close,” writes Brooks, “the crowd continued to retreat from the approaching ghoul.” Two rounds to the chest had no effect. After attacking a boy who came too close, the zombie was eventually killed by a civilian who shot the creature in the head. Source: The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks Image Source: welovethedark
  7. 7. Then What’s a Zombie?Well clearly it depends onwho you ask and when: At a time, they were voodoo. Then at another, a fun zombie Halloween Costume or a solid horror flick. According to the foremost Zombie research authority in the world, Matt Mogk of the Zombie Research Society, the modern zombie enters the room when knowledge is highest in virology, epidemiology and bacteriology. That‟s now…And highest even among the average citizen. It is the externalization and stark reality of the possibility of pandemic.. Image Source: “Zombie Crowd Control” by Josh Jensen
  8. 8. More From Matt Mogk“Anybody who tells you theyknow exactly what the comingzombie plague is going to looklike is destined to be wrong. Wedon‟t have a zombie we can puton a table and dissect…Anybody who says zombies aregoing to be dumb and slow oralive and fast; inevitably they‟re Simply put, science compels one to consider thegoing to be wrong. ” possibilities and at once, admit the answer cannot be pinpointed. In an age of endless biological advancement, the theory and questions linger. Image Source: “Run ! zombies are on their way...” by Frédéric DUPONT from Yerres, France What could cause such a pandemic?
  9. 9. Would it be…Bacterial? Viral?
  10. 10. Or the Dreaded VariantCreutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (vCJD)? (That’s Mad Cow in People – One bad protein)
  11. 11. Ask the Experts Matt Mogk talks prions: “We want to know as much as we can theoretically before it actually hap- pens…Virologists and epidemiologists [say] Mad Cow Disease is caused by…a prion…a mutated protein. So it‟s not a virus… The symptoms of Mad Cow in people have been evolving over the past few years. And we don‟t really know why the protein itself is evolving. ”
  12. 12. The Medical Community Knows Prions, Too According to “ The mis-folded form of the prion protein has been implicated in a number of diseases variety of mammals, including bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE, also in a known as "mad cow disease") in cattle and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) in humans. “ All known prion diseases affect structure of the brain or other neural the tissue, and all are currently untreatable and are always fatal. In general usage, prion refers to the theoretical unit of infection. ”
  13. 13. The End Game“There are new indications that[vCJD] can be transferredfrom blood to blood,” saysMatt. “So this notion that if Ihave vCJD and go violentlyinsane and attack…and biteyou or scratch you…you willfor sure get it, and you willattack people. ”Whether proteomic, parasiticor viral, there are many shapesof behavior changing„biological glitches‟ – takethese poor critters at theirword (next slide)
  14. 14. Parasites Lost• Zombie snails – parasite creates pulsating tentacles to draw in a bird host.• Zombie rats – parasite draws rats to cat smell, to draw in a cat host.• Zombie ants – another behavioral control parasite
  15. 15. So, are Bath Salts our ‘Parasite’? We‟ve all heard about the terrible bath salts “zombie” incident: • Though chilling and disturbing, cannibalism and chemically-induced insanity are not zombieism
  16. 16. Simply Put…The modern Zombie is contagion… Fortunately, insanity is not! Image Source: Halfeatenzombies
  17. 17. Just Remember…To each his or her own…But never forget the Zombie Research Societytagline: “What you don‟t know can eat you”
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