The Cluetrain Manifesto 46 60 Chapters


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The Cluetrain Manifesto 46 60 Chapters

  1. 1. THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO 1 The Cluetrain Manifesto Marlo la O’ De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde
  2. 2. THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO 2 Abstract This book review is about my own opinion and insights about how I feel and what are my reactions when I read the book title “The Cluetrain Manifesto” typically the concept of the book is almost the same as the concept of the 95 these written by Martin Lither about his opposing reaction to the teachings of the catholic church. But the only difference with the Cluetrain manifesto is that this is about how the internet changes our everyday communication with each other and the other capabilities of social networks that we have ever anticipated, especially those people developed these networks. People have different reactions and opinions on every topic we discuss our minds never think and work the same in a 100% manner. This reviews of mine is particularly how I have experienced some of the amazing capabilities of social networks and what it can do to people who are using or interacting with one another in the internet.
  3. 3. THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO 3 The Cluetrain Manifesto Theses #46: A healthy intranet organizes workers in many meanings of the word. Its effect is more radical than the agenda of many unions. An intranet is much bigger than a union of people. Let us say people are in the form of a union, but the question is how big is this union? Because there are some who do not even know why this union exist its foundation is sometime meaningless and just use less. The use of the intranet has been very important in many companies, organizations, or corporations all over the world. People who know how to set up an intranet in their offices will definitely take advantage of its effectiveness and usefulness in the company, for its workers to cooperate directly and safely online with in just the network of the company or within the boundaries of the company. The way the intranet organizes its workers and the flow of the workers in the office or in a company, is so organized that sometimes if the setting up of an intranet is well organized by the administrator or the network engineer the flow will go very smooth. Especially if it is in a large company, and sometime the company has different branches and is located in other places of the country the use of an intranet is so useful they can even keep track of their employees in other branches of the company. Their communications are so well in take with the security of the system that the employees themselves who are using the intranet should watch out what they are doing because every move they make is being watch and monitored. Integrative Questions: 1. What is an intranet? 2. Do you know how to set up an intranet? 3. What is the usefulness of an intranet? 4. How is its usefulness an advantage for a company that uses an intranet? 5. How large can an intranet be? Reference:
  4. 4. THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO 4 The Cluetrain Manifesto Theses #47: While this scares companies witless, they also depend heavily on open intranets to generate ad share critical knowledge. They need to resist the urge to “improve” or control these networked conversations. Improving these networked conversations are sometime on of the goals of different companies. But I really do not see the whole importance of their purpose to improve networked conversations, when at the same time they are generating and sharing critical knowledge outside their own intranets. But it may be an healthy option to share what you know to others and for them to evaluate what you have shared to them but isn’t it also an open minded effort on their part because once you have opened something to the world and shared what you know to the world they will and many will criticize you for something you have told the world, there may be countless of both positive and negative criticism from different people. With the whole connected to the internet or other intranets there are different beliefs, opinions, and different races. There might be a possible racism for some. Even though you are being careful on what you say, you can control the outcome of it. What happens is you have face it and live with it. You cannot control the whole world. You have to be humble enough to admit some mistakes that other might take on you and just correct those mistakes. But again it is really up to you on how you want it to be, because what you say is sometime the only perspective of what other people have on you and you cannot change it. Maybe you can, but it takes time to do it. Integrative Questions: 1. What scares most companies? 2. What is your greatest fear? 3. Are you careful of what you say? 4. Do you believe in luck? 5. Do you like gambling? Reference:
  5. 5. THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO 5 The Cluetrain Manifesto Theses #48: When corporate intranets are not constrained by fear and logistic rules, the type of conversation they encourage sounds remarkably like the conversation of networked marketplace. When there is no fear on what they have to say then it will become a natural human conversation toward each other. Because natural day to day conversation happen every day, and what people say have no fears on whatever will be the outcome of what they say to each other. They really do not care on how people would judge them; they just basically fight for they believe is right or for that they believe is true in their own perspective. Again it is the typical human to only think of himself, sometime they think of what might benefit the rest of the world but in the end and in the beginning it always for them to benefit also. When no rules are set on intranets this where the war fare begins, being in a war with no gun or anything they could help your out in the war is the same as having no rules in the intranet. Because the intranet was basically made that way for companies to organize and fix how employees do conversations to each other, on a safe and secure internet conversation, where no supposedly leaks should come out form the conversations that they are having. But with no rules being set then this is where companies have to watch out, because some will take advantage of this and there can be a riot on the intranet inside the company. We all know that riots are capable of this can be messy and this can be deadly. Integrative Questions: 1. What is a riot? 2. What is fear? 3. What is a rule? 4. What are the commonalities of a marketplace and an internet? 5. What is supposed to be the constraints of an intranet? Reference:
  6. 6. THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO 6 The Cluetrain Manifesto Theses #49: Org charts worked in an older economy where plans could be fully understood from atop steep management pyramids and detailed work orders could be handed down from on high. Everybody knows top managements are always the plane makers they are like the coaches in every sport. They make the plane and they say the final output, what it should be and how it should be done. the players are just the employees they make those plans of their managements workout. Employees stick to the plan whatever happens they have to deal with it. If a problem arises they have to cope up with it, figure out what it going on and find a solution for the problem. Sometime there is no easy way out but you have to please your boss. Your boss gives you the full details on what you should work out on and you carry the job. Most important of all that you should remember is that you are paid to do the job. What you do determines the payment that you will receive from your boss. If you do great then your payment will also be great or be more than what you asked for. If your boss has fully made clear of the plans of what you should do then it is your job to get the plan done. But sometimes there are those bosses who do not know even what they are talking about or who do not even know they really want you to do. They are the problem sometime, but as an employee what can you do its either you still try to make your boss happy, try to figure it out what he or she really wants and do it. Integrative Questions: 1. What is an org chart? 2. What is the usefulness of an org chart? 3. What is the purpose of an org chart? 4. Are you the boss or the employee of your company? 5. If you’re the boss are you always doing your job?
  7. 7. THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO 7 The Cluetrain Manifesto Theses #50: Today, the org chart is hyperlinked, not hierarchical. Respect for hands-on knowledge wins over respect for abstract authority. Since internet has been widely used, and many are now using it, some org charts are hyperlinked. Because almost all the information you need are already in the internet. The internet is the world’s largest library in the world. Even with the largest library in the world is still no match for the internet. Information from the internet is the latest and always up to date. Did you realize that when you have a computer and just a web browser and with no restriction on surfing the web, you already have the largest library at your finger tips. Imagine the day when people no longer will rely no the library for information they need they will just sit home and read the information in the internet. But of course there are some limitations. The information might sometime be not complete or may be a fraud. People or hackers are what you should watch out using the internet. You should also keep in mind that you are having access to a public “library” around the world with billions of people you do not know who is looking at the same page you are looking. If there is a book you are reading, just think of it that you are also sharing the book to millions of people and are reading it together, but at a different time. Anything is possible in the internet. Hyperlinks are very useful help they are like the people that work in the library, they know every book. Integrative Questions: 1. What is a library? 2. Did you realize that if you have a computer you already have the largest library? 3. What is a hyperlink? 4. What is the purpose of a hyperlink? 5. What is the importance of a hyperlink?
  8. 8. THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO 8 The Cluetrain Manifesto Theses #51: Command-and-control management styles both derive from and reinforce bureaucracy, power tripping and an overall vulture of paranoia. Different styles of management have evolved throughout the years; there are some that came from different people with great minds to be able to come with a particular style. Famous people that have developed management style are being credited by name that management style to their names. I always been wondering why has different management style been developed and some have not been used, even though they were credited for it. Like in my management subject, in my different management subject with different professors, all have different ways of teaching with different styles approaching the management style they teach. Sometime where this style of command-and-control normally comes from militaries, such as the internet first was derived from the military. Technologies that are once used before and being adopted by millions of people in their everyday life came from the military which they typically use to developed communication skills for fast and quick communication with each other. Because in the military it is about life and death out there, discipline is very strict there. Such it is also why they are strict in their management styles also and they choose carefully which style to implement so that when a death situation is near they can easily turn it and come up with a life saving situation, or sometimes their goal maybe death to some, but victory to all. This is what they trained for victory and not defeat. And these victory styles of management are now being implemented in the business industry. Integrative Questions: 1. What is control management? 2. What command management? 3. Where did different management styles come from? 4. What is a military? 5. Have you ever been to war?
  9. 9. THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO 9 The Cluetrain Manifesto Theses #52: Paranoia kills conversation. That’s its point. But lack of open conversation kills companies. Being paranoid and do not know what to say in front of someone will sure block your communication with that someone. A classic example is a boy trying to talk to his dream girl unfortunately he is too shy or scared to talk. When he is in front of her he cannot say anything to her. This cause by paranoia of being scared to be dislike by the person and being rejected, but all of these are all just in your thought. If you think about it, whatever that person is going to say to you, you should not care about it if the response will be negative. As long as you know that you did the right thing and in your heart you were just being honest. There are other people out there, that might appreciate what you have to say to them, and if you can prove confidence in front of those people they will recognize you and will like to talk o your more. I do not really the secret to success but the secret to failure is trying to please everyone. Please only your bosses if you are in a company and not all the employees because your employees might not like you, but if your boss does, then you are on the go to a higher career. When you are also in a conversation be always open minded welcome all ideas and also appreciating different ideas. Do not only be stubborn to one or few ideas. Integrative Questions: 1. What is paranoia? 2. Have you ever felt paranoia? 3. Are you an example of the classic paranoia? 4. Are you open minded? 5. What is being open minded?
  10. 10. THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO 10 The Cluetrain Manifesto Theses #53: There are two conversations going on. One inside the company. One with the market. For me the real conversation that is happening is in the market. Inside the company are just lame gloomy and sad conversations being held. Plans for their products are being conducted there, but in the market this where all the action is where people are, a mass number of people do conversations about that product of the company. If I was the company I would go there and disguise myself as a common individual and listen to their human casual conversations. These where all the money is, where you can get tips on how to improve your product if there is a need and where you can get new ideas, you must be keeping on open mind for the conversations that you are going be indulge with. There might be insult but who cares if you are just an ordinary man or woman and not form the company. If I listen to these people and do natural conversations with them, and give my feedback to the company that is work with I would be rewarded maybe by that company. But definitely I would be praised by the company if my whole listening effort gets them to sell many of their new and improved products from what is got form the market conversations. I will never learn anything about conversations once I am just in the company, I will be stuck with a basic routine of conversations that I should follow and this is not very healthy for me and for the company. Integrative Questions: 1. What are two types of conversation? 2. What is the company type? 3. What is the market type? 4. Where are you more comfortable with? 5. What is more preferable for you?
  11. 11. THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO 11 The Cluetrain Manifesto Theses #54: In most cases, neither conversation is going very well. Almost invariably, the cause of failure can be traced to obsolete notions of command and control. If the conversation is not going very well to both parties, then both parties must realize it and stop and conversation. They must work out on something that will bring back the smoothness of their previous conversations. Because if it is not working out then it will never work, this a huge disaster if you are in the company and doing a business with another party, or in a relationship with someone. Stop trying to be in control of the whole conversation of thing, be on the bottom instead. What I mean is stop trying to be the superior, be open minded try to just obey the conversation and go with the flow. This might not work if you are in the company. Especially when all your markets are slowly disappearing, I really do not have an answer to this but maybe you do not need to find an answer, all you just have to do is surrender to the needs of your market or your customers. Give them what they want, may be that would work. But also plan it carefully. I think I am just giving a lecture here which I should not. I should be reacting to this, anyway we all know that surrendering is hard to do, but if you have nothing to lose that may be simple, but if you have the opposite which is everything to lose that could be a disaster to you. this is the hard part about it all losing everything and starting all over again. Integrative Questions: 1. What is failure? 2. What is the key to failure? 3. What is the key to success? 4. What are the differences? 5. What happens when the conversations is going so well?
  12. 12. THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO 12 The Cluetrain Manifesto Theses #55: As policies, these notions are poisonous. As tools, they are broken. Command and control are met with hostility by internetworked knowledge workers and generate distrust in internetworked markets. There should never be control or someone trying to control the conversations in the network. This will only bring war upon human race. It is like trying to fight over someone on a food. If you just let them have it instead of getting your way you would better be off with it, there would be no mess on your part, and you would not indulge in a conflict with that person. So no one should take control on the whole network. It is realistically impossible to do so. Think of it this way, it is like you are an insane person who is trying to take control of the world. You are trying to set bunch of rules for the whole world, which will never work. It may work maybe on your city, or country maybe, but the whole world? Try to wake up my friend. Thankfully no one is trying to do that, taking control of the whole world, or better yet trying to do so. Tools and rule are just broken down if they are being or tried to be implemented, everybody enjoys freedom, and those tools or rules are just trying to break these freedom of the people. No one wants to be in a cage for no good reason, no one wants to be told what to do if he or she knows already what he or she is doing, and especially when that person is just doing the right thing and not making any trouble at all. Integrative Questions: 1. What are tools? 2. What are policies? 3. What brings hostility? 4. What is freedom? 5. What is the cage?
  13. 13. THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO 13 The Cluetrain Manifesto Theses #56: These to conversations want to talk to each other. They are speaking the same language. They recognize each other’s voices. I do not believe before that what is going on in the company stays in the company. But know the company wants to talk to the market? Come on, there must be something big that would change the mind of the companies wanting to go outside and talk to these kinds of people. What is going on? I really do not understand, there is got to be something out in the market that is like a magnet to the company that makes the company have a conversation with the market, whom they regard as someone who does not know how to talk. But maybe the world turned around now the market is not making the effort it is the company who wants to talk to them. But if we take a close look at it, it is not that bad that the company wants to talk and have normal conversation with the market, they will benefit a lot from this. This like a new world for them and they will discover amazing things that they never thought off, being an open minded company it will unlock them a new world off belief and ideas. Learning to speak the same language as the market? This will be new, and at the same time the company teaching the market something also off their own, everyone will definitely benefit from this. It will be a great opportunity for the world. Recognizing each other is very new step and once this step is fully accomplish, the whole balance of doing business will shift. Integrative Questions: 1. What is conversation? 2. What is the new world? 3. Can the world be possible? 4. Can dreams become reality? 5. What is that same language?
  14. 14. THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO 14 The Cluetrain Manifesto Theses #57: Smart companies will get out of the way and help the inevitable to happen sooner. Helping the inevitable is another way the not most companies should realize but all should realize these, that we are all just one. If we realize these the world would be a better place. Have you ever heard of Michael Jackson? If you have then you must know what happened to him. He is one of the greatest pop start in world, I am sorry not just one of, but the greatest, and legend in pop. When he died his fans united and many people began to idolize him more. This is what should happen to the world we should all come together and become one. There is no better world then loving each other and hoping to become better. Heal The World by Michael Jackson was of my favourite songs, and when I wrote this chapter that is the song that I was thinking off. Even him the legendary pop star has a heart that he cares for the world. If we just continue on our own selfless being then nothing is going to happen. Fame or richness will not compensate what we can do to help the once who really need help. Making the inevitable happens and seeing it come is great way to think because it will make you prepare for what is really out there. Humble yourself down, do not just think what is good for yourself listen to everyone there are greater things out there that you could do before even the inevitable comes. Death is inevitable. Integrative Questions: 1. What is inevitable? 2. Are prepared for the inevitable? 3. Do you know Michael Jackson? 4. Are you a fan of his? 5. Do you know his song heal the world?
  15. 15. THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO 15 The Cluetrain Manifesto Theses #58: If willingness to get out of the way is taken as a measure of IQ, then very few companies have yet wised up. I do not believe that getting out of the way requires high or low IQ. It does not really require actually any IQ. If you ask me does business require IQ, I would have to disagree with you. Because it is all just common sense, I believe that everybody has common sense. Even the richest people in the world did not finish college but they are still rich, and damn good in business. Where is the IQ here? Because from what I understand IQ is determined by your intelligence, and not all people are intelligent. There some people who are gifted with only creativity. It is not a loss for these people in fact; it is a gain for them where can you find a person who earns billions just being an artist. All is take is to love what you are doing and believing in yourself, if not in God. It just requires a good heart and a humble heart to get out of the way, that is for my opinion. You may not agree with me, but if have other opinion I respect it. If you believe in the title, then I also respect you belief. We just have different points of views. We should all get out of the way of others. Just give them the right space they need, tie maybe on your side, because there is always time if you believe in it. The word willingness, is just a word of will, if you have the will then you can. Integrative Questions: 1. What is a will? 2. Do you have a powerful will? 3. What is your IQ? 4. Do believe in high IQ is equal to intelligence? 5. What side of your brain are you working?
  16. 16. THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO 16 The Cluetrain Manifesto Theses #59: However subliminally at the moment, millions of people now online perceive companies as little more than quaint legal fictions that are actively preventing these conversations form intersecting. Preventing something that will open you to a new world and make you discover things that you never dreamed off coming true, well that is your choice as a company. But you are preventing or holding yourself form something will not only benefit you company, but will make your company, and give a whole new look. I guess only seeing it makes it possible for some to believe in. but not all can perceive this truth. What the online community can give you, is boost on your reputation and a boost on your income. If you really business wise, and have a high IQ because this is what some might require then you should be open minded to these think out of the box. Do not limit yourself to what always inside the box. True enough it is really scary for going out there and putting all the risk that you have built and might just be shattered apart. This might be another risk but risk is critical in business without risk, and always playing it safe, there is no fun. Enjoy it make the world go around, look around everywhere you go with your business is always risk. So why prevent something from what is really happening. The inevitable cannot be stopped, you just have to live with it and accept it. We all now there is nothing we can do to prevent things from happening if they are really meant to happen. You are only stopping yourself from doing greatness. Integrative Questions: 1. What is prevention? 2. Are preventing yourself from something? 3. Are afraid of risk? 4. Are you a risk taker? 5. What risk did you recently take?
  17. 17. THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO 17 The Cluetrain Manifesto Theses #60: This is suicidal. Markets want to talk to companies. If you are the company you should take this opportunity, because this will boost up your company. Markets know more than you know about your own products, and they can tell you about anything you need to know. You may have conducted test for your products, but this test are often limited to what you product is really capable off. Some test even fail, but the markets never fail, they have countless in running information for you and will tell you more about your product then you could possibly never knew about it. Companies should be the one who want to talk to the markets instead of the market wanting to talk to the company. I really cannot gasp the importance of this statement why markets want to talk to the companies, but this is suicidal? Why what is the reason behind it? I companies want to talk to the markets, then this is not suicidal, this is the company being open minded, and taking risk talking to the markets. But markets talking to the company, it might not really be that suicidal, because the company should benefit from it and gain plenty of things just by listening to the market. If they just listen to the conversations of the markets, then will be informed of many things, but companies should learn to adjust to the type of voice and type of conversations the market if going to say, what will come out of their mouth might not be what your expect. Integrative Questions: 1. What is suicidal? 2. Have you ever tried risking? 3. Is risking also suicidal? 4. What is the difference between risk and suicide? 5. What are the markets composed off?