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Shorten Sales Onboarding Process to Unlock Growth


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From webinar "Shorten Your Sales Onboarding Process to Unlock Growth" presented on May 1, 2012. Presented by Imparta through Training

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Shorten Sales Onboarding Process to Unlock Growth

  1. 1. Today’s Session: Today’s Sponsors:Shorten Your Sales Onboarding Process to Unlock Growth May 1, 2012
  2. 2. Tips for the Webinar: Tweeting? Please use this tag: #SalesOnboarding (800) 263-6317 or (805) 690-5753
  3. 3. Richard Barkey• Founder & Chief Executive, Imparta• Formerly with McKinsey & Co.• Planned and implemented large-scale change management projects.• Trainer and consultant in strategy and consultative selling• Works with individuals at all levels in a range of sectors, including technology, telecom, financial services and communications
  4. 4. Shorten Your Sales Onboarding Process to Unlock Growth Richard Barkey Founder & CEO, Imparta
  5. 5. What/who is Imparta? 80 full time staff and 130+ accredited trainers worldwide Imparta Inc. based in Austin, Texas
  6. 6. We’ve been around a bit…
  7. 7. What’s your growth engine?
  8. 8. Cost of hiring a salesperson $000Recruiter fee @ say 20% (if used) 22Internal cost of recruiting 3Internal cost of induction 7Guaranteed commission (where given) 24Share of costs of failed hires 48 Total one-off costs 104Salary, approx. 112Employment tax 16Travel & accommodation expenses 26Manager time (coaching etc.) 12 Total recurring costs per year 166 Total first year costs 270
  9. 9. The Four Types of Hire
  10. 10. How do the four types perform? Breakeven
  11. 11. So…
  12. 12. Revenue Generation in Year 1 =
  13. 13. Revenue Generation in Year 1 =
  14. 14. Improve the candidate pool• Analyse your successful hires• Target people with a strong contact base selling similar products with similar buyers, sales cycle, level of customization, decision- making process, etc.• Beware the simplistic approach
  15. 15. Create an early-warning system forpoor hires • Spot “Non-Runners” early. They cost a great deal & use up a space on the team • Don’t just look at revenue - focus on the actions that lead up to revenue. • Have people built trust, formed relationships, identified opportunities, displayed the right competencies, built the early stages of a pipeline? • Don’t be fooled by a single “huge opportunity”
  16. 16. Revenue Generation in Year 1
  17. 17. Rapid and intense on-boarding• Do you train in the company’s products, services and operating procedures ASAP? Use your best salespeople to help create the training• Do you build the all-important internal network from day one? The best salespeople know how to get things done inside their own organization.• Do you train new hires in your sales methodology as quickly as possible?• Do you create a sense of teamship and belonging – especially if not office-based?
  18. 18. Inject the new hire into client situations • Sprinters are often introduced into the heart of a customer situation early in their tenure • This builds confidence & provides practise • Easier for a good salesperson to “leapfrog” than to penetrate the hard shell of a cold target • So introduce new salespeople to a few customers - or even just warm connections - as soon as you can
  19. 19. Revenue Generation in Year 1
  20. 20. Look for "undersold opportunities" “За двумя зайцами погонишься, ни одного не поймаешь” - Russian Proverb “If you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one”
  21. 21. Target accounts in the “comfort zone” Look for accounts that have been a customer of just one part of your business for a long time
  22. 22. Work on your overall lead generation
  23. 23. Improve the new hires skill and will innetworking Skill Motivate Leverage Reassign Coach Will
  24. 24. Revenue Generation in Year 1
  25. 25. Use a formal planning methodology
  26. 26. Use a formal planning methodology
  27. 27. Revenue Generation in Year 1
  28. 28. Use a formal pitch strategy process
  29. 29. Read up on the Locus of Control
  30. 30. Does it work? Months to first revenue, Imparta new hires 6 12 Pre initiative 9 12 Post 2 initiative (so far!) 0 5 10 15
  31. 31. Free Excel Tool
  32. 32. Any Questions? Richard Barkey, CEO & Founder, Imparta to discuss the content for a copy of the spreadsheet tool!
  33. 33. • May 9: Social Media’s Role in Learning & Development• May 15: UpSolving: Tapping the Revenue Potential of Your Service Team• May 16: Business Impact and the Human Brain: Hidden Perspectives• May 22: Leading Enterprise-Wide Change: Inspiration to Implementation For More Info / To Register / To Access Archive: Type “Webinars” into Search Box at Type “On Demand” into Search Box at
  34. 34.  On behalf of, thanks to:  Today’s Speaker: Richard Barkey  Today’s Sponsor: Imparta  All of you for attending  Questions or Comments? Please contact Tim Sosbe: