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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Move it! Image Research Web Source:http://Web Source: Web Source: guidecraft-pull-along-animal-friends-snail- Shop/Toys_Games/Wood_Toysbaby-whos-walking-round/ pull-toyMovement Color Materials Movement Color MaterialsRolling Oriental Wood (Pine) Rolling Multi-Colored Plastic Movement Color MaterialsPulling Patterned String Pulled Bright Wood (Pine) Rolling Bright PlasticWheels Bright Paint Wheels Green, Yellow Paint Pulling Shades of green Pine Red, Patterned Pushing Dark Blue StringTools Child Interest Shape/Size Tools Child Interest Shape/Size Rocking Multi-ColoredTrisquare Cute OvalCoping Saw Pulling, Rolling Fish Coping saw Very Cute RoundWheel & Axel Bright Pattern Cute Wheel & Axel Big eyes Small (hand size) Tools Child Interest Shape/SizeTenon Saw Tenon Saw Bright Colors Coping Saw Cute LongPedestal Drill Sanding block Patterns Wheel & Axel Wheels Oval Head Construction: wood glued or screwed Sanding block Multiple Colors Antenna together Web Source: about-the-penguin/ Movement Color MaterialsWeb Source: Web Source: Rolling Black & White Plasticbumble-bees.html blogs/nosh-pit/archives/2010-01/2010-02/ Rocking Classical/Dark Wood TextilesMovement Color Materials i-r/mallard-duck.html PaintRolling Multi-Color Wood Movement Color MaterialsRocking Bright Yellow Plastic Rocking Bright/Neon Plastic Tools Child Interest Shape/Size Contrast of colors Textiles Rolling Yellow, Orange Textiles Coping Saw Cute/Cuddly Oval Paint Natural Green/Brown Paint Half-Round File Movable PenguinTools Child Interest Shape/Size Tools Child Interest Shape/ Big eyesCoping Saw Bright Colors Round Size Construction:Pedestal Drill Movable Coping Saw Cute/Cuddly SmallWheel & Axel Cute Half- round Bright Colors Round edgesTrisquare file Marley Emerich