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Children's Play Reflections 1


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Children's Play Reflections 1

  1. 1. Meeting the Kids and Getting Ideas for our PlayNovember 24, 2011Marley EmerichStrengths I’m terrible with children. I really am. But knowing that we had towork with them for a very long time I pulled my act together and I got thejob done. We first introduced ourselves. I met:Junior (Jr.) – From ThailandAnnie – From ChinaHanson – From SingaporeKazuki – From JapanWe talked about what Child Rights were and how we wanted toincorporate that into a play. We also talked a lot about each other so Icould get a good impression on who had a stronger personality and who’sEnglish was better. My biggest strength this first lesson was I go to knowall the kids well and I got a good solid idea of what I wanted to do for thisplay. I handled the situation quite well, balancing games and work verywell.Weaknesses I did have a few weaknesses. One of them was the fact that I wasn’t acomplete saint with the children. I tried my best to not loose my patienceevery five seconds with them. They had a pretty short attention span andwe weren’t comfortable with each other so it go hard to make themconcentrate on the play. So control was my main weakness. That, andinsecurity about what we were doing. This was very new to me.Feedback/Improvements Mrs. Rankin didn’t give us much feedback for this lesson because wedidn’t do any actual rehearsal because we were gathering information forour scripts. I do know that we need to control our children better. This issomething Mrs. Rankin told everyone. Next time I could do a game thatrequires more exercise before so I can wear them out and they can becalmer.
  2. 2. December 1, 2011Strengths The kids were very distracted today. I was very stern and strict withthem. So, I took chance of that control and played one game in thebeginning to wind them down quite a bit. We played Egg to Einstein tocalm them down but the good thing was we didn’t need to explain itbecause they already knew it. After the game we then re-introduced whatwe were doing and what child rights were because they had forgotten.After a quite… annoying and long re-discussion we handed out the scriptsfor the first time. We spent most of our time going over and over the scripttrying to make sure they had the right voice and expressions. I made sure Iexplained what we were doing as simple as possible so it was easier forthem to act it out. We even started adding the actions to the scenes. Ithought that was a good start. I was also a lot more comfortable with thekids, which made it easier to interact.Weaknesses Today I was very strict with the kids so we didn’t have many issues.But they are still quite shy so they don’t speak loud even though I pushthem to. Acting is not something that came very easily to most of them so itis a very big weakness right now. It’s something we really have to work on.In the end, it’s the actions and well… all the basic acting things that weneed to work on because at the moment it’s not looking very well. But wejust started so it should get better.Feedback/Improvements Today I was really nervous about the length of our script because Idon’t want our performance to be too short. Mrs. Rankin said 4 to 5minutes is a good length and with the right practice our play should be justthe right length. I know that we need to now focus on the acting and basicdrama skills like not turning your back to the audience and speaking loudand clear. Next time we might do vocal warm-ups and focus more on this.