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Educ6234 internship2slideshare


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Educ6234 internship2slideshare

  1. 1. EDUC 6234: Site Based Leadership K-12George Washington UniversityInternship Assignment #2
  2. 2. Field MentorsSupervisor of Pupil Personnel & Supervisor of Child Study Team Principal Martinez Messiah School New Jersey
  3. 3. Vision StatementUnderstanding the importance of a global society in the 21stcentury, Martinez Messiah School staff will work together withparents, students, and members of the community in order toequip all students with the knowledge and skills necessary tocompete and excel in this ever changing world. Principal(personal communication, November 17, 2011) Director of Pupil Personnel(personal communication, November 17, 2011)
  4. 4. Mission StatementOur mission at Martinez Messiah School is toactively engage students in real-world problem-solving, using tools and systems that they arelikely to encounter in future academic settings andbeyond. Principal(personal communication, November 17, 2011) Supervisor of Pupil Personnel(personal communication, November 17, 2011)
  5. 5. Meeting Our Vision- We must teach and promote the skills our students need, utilizing bestpractices, and then allow students the opportunity to practice these skills in meaningfulcontexts.- We must create partnerships with local businesses and our community at-large.
  6. 6. Although the core content areas remain as the cornerstone of 21st century education we 21st Century must move beyond teaching our content Skills from a narrowLearning and Innovation perspective.Information, Media, and We need to incorporate theTechnology teaching of 21st century skills into our contentLife and Career areas so that our students will see how they are connected.
  7. 7. Learning and Innovation SkillsCritical Thinking and Problem Solving- compare evidence, evaluate competing claims, and makesensible decisions- move away from traditional thoughts of problem solving as oneskill towards one that thinks of problem solving as a set of skillsCreativity and Innovation- grows from freedom, friction, and diversity (WE must notSTIFLE creativity)- encourage students to learn in new and different ways
  8. 8. Learning and Innovation Skills (cont.)Communication and Collaboration- oral and written modes of communication- work with diverse teams- make compromises- shared responsibility
  9. 9. Information, Media, and Technology SkillsInformation Literacy- Digital Natives - access, evaluate, and effectively use dataMedia Literacy- awareness, analysis, reflection, and action to understand- self-expression, influence, and inform
  10. 10. Information, Media, and Technology Skills (cont.)Information Communication and TechnologyLiteracy (ICT)- skillful use of information resources- speak the language of technology- learn and adapt to new technologies
  11. 11. Life and Career SkillsFlexibility and AdaptibilityInitiative and Self-DirectionSocial and Cross-Cultural SkillsProductivity and AccountabilityLeadership and Responsibility
  12. 12. Where DoWe Go From Here?Professional DevelopmentIncrease ParentalInvolvementSolicit CommunityParticipationDevelop a SchoolImprovement Plan
  13. 13. ReferencesPartnership for 21st Century Skills (2007). The Intellectual and Policy Foundations of the 21st Century Skills Framework. Retrieved from lls_foundations_final.pdf