Newsletter: Our school in action


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Newsletter: Our school in action

  1. 1. All year long our school offers a variety of activities, inwhich students are encouraged to participate.These activities range from sporting events tocontests and competitions. They are related to the differentsubjects students take at school, so all of them, according totheir preferences, can have fun. Moreover these activitieshelp them grow, listen and develop different skills andcompetences such as tolerance and team spirit, and, aboveall, make new friends.In December, for example, students fromthe 5thand 6thgrades had the opportunity to takepart in a Spelling Bee, which is a competitionwhere contestants are asked to spell words.Also all students grades 5th through 9th couldparticipate in our annual school cross country race. Luckilythis year it wasn’t raining!Two 9thgraders from each class were selected torepresent their classes in the Who wants to be a Millionairecontest English teachers hold every year. In this contest allthe questions are about American and English culture.This year on 14thFebruary we celebrated both StValentine’s Day and International Book Giving Day. 5thand6thgraders were asked to make St Valentine’s bookmarkswhereas 7thgraders had to make Valentine’s cards. How didwe celebrate International Book Giving Day? By giving a newor used book! Then on the 18thMarch we officially donated 136books to a local shelter forchildren ,“ A Causa daCriança”, which is aninstitution which providesrecreational and socialactivities in addition to food,clothing and shelter.Maia Junior High SchoolOUR SCHOOL IN ACTION!
  2. 2. On March 14th students celebrated Pi Day - atribute to the mathematical constant - with a mathtrivia quiz and doing pi-related activities.Before Easter holidays, our physical education teachersalways organise football, basketball and volleyballtournaments aimed to 6th, 7thand 9thgraders respectively.At the end of the school year we always commemoratea day called “Grouping Day”. On this day there are a lot ofactivities going on at school indifferent rooms and in theplayground. There are alsoexhibitions of the workdone by students duringthe school year. On thisspecial day our school isopened to anyone whowants to visit us. The dayusually ends with a smallAchievement Award Ceremony, in which our schooldistinguishes students with the best academic results.As our school is concerned aboutstudents’ eating habits, we also hold activitiesfor promoting healthy eating at school.In October there is a special day calledSoup Day, in which different types of soups areserved. It is always a smashing success!From 25th February to 1st March our school held a“Healthy Snack Week”. In exchange of thirty cents, studentswere served a healthy and delicious snack consisting of threeessential foods: fruit, cereals and dairy products: fruit kebabs,walnut, soya or raisin bread rolls, yoghurt and milkshakes.
  3. 3. Of course these are only two examples of the many projectsour school runs to develop a healthy lifestyle among teenagersand prevent obesity, poor diet or smoking.Our school is also committed to providing support toneedy students and their families, which explainsthe existence of The Solidarity Basket.Each month, and not only atChristmas - hunger knows no season - basketsfull of food donated by students and teachersare distributed to needy families in the area.Green is everywhere these daysand our school is no exception, that iswhy our school has an EnvironmentalClub where both students andteachers work together to makeour school more eco-friendly:spread green ideals, raiseenvironmental awareness and promoteenvironmental sustainability.Having this in mind, the Environmental Club runs anumber of activities such as games, research work andexhibitions, organises workshops and lectures, setscompetitions school wide with prizes and develops a seriesof programs, including a food waste prevention program toreduce food waste in our canteen, a composting programas well as a biological vegetable garden program toencourage both teachers and students to grow their ownvegetables organically.We also collect recyclable materials, so around theschool you can see a number of recycling bins to put paper,plactic, glass, oil, batteries and small electrical appliances.Besides, our Art and Craft teachers are alsocommitted to this cause and teach their students to userecyclable materials to make sculptures, Christmas trees,decorations, masks…
  4. 4. Our school is an Eco-School, too, which means ithas enrolled in the Eco-School Programme, an internationalinitiative promoted by the Foundation for EnvironmentalEducation.Last year for the sixteenth consecutive year ourschool was awarded the Eco-Schools Green Flag! The GreenFlag is the award that distinguishes good environmentalpractices of schools.And last but not least, we are proud of,once again, being involved in the ComeniusProject, a Project financed by the European Union.This time our partners are Estonia,Hungary, Poland, Italy and Spain. And the project we have beencarrying out together since last year is about breakingstereotypes and getting to know each other.So far the experience has been enriching and worthwhile.To know more about this project, visit our blog: We will be pleased to hearyour opinion about all the work completed so far. You are alsoinvited to visit the webpage created by Estonia: and the one created bySpain:, Marli Antunes