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MARLEY LONG                            UNIT 3                                 TASK 1ResearchResearch an attempt to find ou...
MARLEY LONG                         UNIT 3                                TASK 1Case Study On Obesity      52-year-old wom...
MARLEY LONG                              UNIT 3                              TASK 1QualitativeFor qualitative research I f...
MARLEY LONG                             UNIT 3                                     TASK 1Audience ReachAudience reach is a...
MARLEY LONG                                  UNIT 3                                       TASK 1Likert scale is a method o...
MARLEY LONG                                  UNIT 3                            TASK 1BARBBARB (Broadcasters Audience Resea...
MARLEY LONG                                 UNIT 3                              TASK 1SEOSearch Engine Optimization is the...
MARLEY LONG                            UNIT 3                               TASK 1SOCIAL AND CUTURAL TRENDINGExample of so...
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Unit 3 Task 1 - Research


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Unit 3 Task 1 - Research

  1. 1. MARLEY LONG UNIT 3 TASK 1ResearchResearch an attempt to find out in a systematically and scientific manner; inquireinto. Also defined as the creation of new knowledge and/or the use of existingknowledge in a new and creative way so as to generate new concepts,methodologies and understandings. This could include synthesis and analysis ofprevious research to the extent that it leads to new and creative outcomes.Secondary research uses outside information assembled by governmentagencies, industry and trade associations, labour unions, media sources,chambers of commerce, and so on. Its usually published in pamphlets,newsletters, trade publications, magazines, and newspapers.Primary Research is the process of gathering information directly fromindividuals who have access to it. Unlike secondary research, primary researchdoes not focus on published information. Primary research sources could includecompetitor employees and former employees, competitor vendors and suppliers,competitor clients and customers, etc.Qualitative Research To gain an understanding of underlying reasons and motivations To provide insights into the setting of a problem, generating ideas and/or hypotheses for later quantitative research To uncover prevalent trends in thought and opinionQuantitative Research To show data and generalize results from a sample to the population of interest To measure the incidence of various views and opinions in a chosen sample Sometimes followed by qualitative research which is used to explore some findings furtherExamplesQuantitativeI searched online for evidence on quantitative research and found a case studyon obesity, which gave me a lot of information about how obesity medication hasimproved in 3 months. It was tested on a 52-year-old woman who complainedabout fatigue, difficulty losing weight, and no motivation due to obesity. Herewere the results I gathered up:
  2. 2. MARLEY LONG UNIT 3 TASK 1Case Study On Obesity 52-year-old woman with obesity 9year history of type 2 diabetes Complaints of fatigue, difficulty losing weight, and no motivation. She denies polyuria, polydipsia, polyphagia, blurred vision, or vaginal infections. Gained weight since being placed on insulin 6 years ago. Her weight has continued to increase over the past 5 years She’s at the highest weight she has ever been She has symptoms of shakiness, diaphoresis, and increased hunger. She returned 3 months later feeling a little less depressed In 3 months she had lost 7 lb. Blood glucose testing, have been 170–200 mg/d1 before breakfast. Before supper and bedtime values range from 150 mg/dl to >300 mg/dl. Her current insulin regimen is 45 U of NPH Plus 10 U of regular insulin before breakfast and 35 U of NPH plus 20 U of regular before supper. Dose was recently increased after her HbA1c, was found to be 8.9% (normal <6.1 %). Her height is 5 1 1/2" and her weight is 265 lb. Her blood pressure is 160/88 mmHg. Decrease her insulin to 30 U of NPH and 10 U of regular insulin twice daily. She was also started on 500 mg orally twice daily. Her blood glucose values were 120–275 mg/dl before meals. Further insulin reduction would prevent hypoglycaemia. Insulin dosage was decreased to 25 U of NPH 5 U of regular insulin twice daily Metformin was increased to 500 mg three times daily. Two months later, She an average blood glucose level of 160 mg/dl. Her weight was now 246 lb, and her HbA1c was 7.5%. Blood glucose testing have been 170–200 mg/d1 before breakfast. Feeling much more energetic, No longer felt depressed and was able to start a walking program
  3. 3. MARLEY LONG UNIT 3 TASK 1QualitativeFor qualitative research I found a fact file on singer Bruno Mars. This fact filehelped explain the difference between qualitative and quantitative research. Thebest explanation to define them both is; Quantitative research is numerated datathat providesBruno Mars Claim to FameFamous asSinger, songwriter, producerPopular forCo-writer for the B.o.Bs "Nothin on You" (2010)Bruno Mars Personal FactBirth NamePeter HernandezBirth DateOctober 08, 1986Birth PlaceWaikiki, Hawaii, USANationalityAmericanBruno Mars FamilyFatherPete HernandezMotherBernadette San Pedro Bayot HernandezBrotherEricSisterJaime, Tiara, Tahiti, Presley
  4. 4. MARLEY LONG UNIT 3 TASK 1Audience ReachAudience reach is a term used in advertising to determine statistically whatpeople are using to find their information. When referring to search engines,it is the percentage of the total Internet population that utilizes a particularsearch engine. Audience Reach is one of the two major factors used whencalculating the popularity of a search engine, the other being search hours.Why?Utilizing a popular search engine enables you to target and successfully reachyour designated customers. It accomplishes your marketing strategies moreproficiently and with a professional and positive image.Audience ShareIt’s a Portion of the group of people who might receive an advertising message,or who are of interest to the advertiser, and who actually do receive the message.Audience share can be calculated electronically, as with the Nielsen ratings, orthrough personal, telephone, or direct-mail survey, as is commonly done bymagazine publishers. For example, a sample of 2000 skiers might be sent asurvey by a skiing magazine publisher asking which magazines they read and thefrequency with which they read them. If 1000 respond by saying they read askiing magazine, and if 500 of those respondents read the publishers skiingmagazine, then the publishers audience share is 500/1000 (50) or 500/2000(25), depending upon how the audience is defined.Triangulation of DataData triangulation involves using different sources of information in order toincrease the validity of a study. In Extension, these sources are likely to bestakeholders in a program—participants, other researchers, program staff, othercommunity members, and so on. In the case of an afterschool program, forexample, the research process would start by identifying the stakeholder groupssuch as youth in the program, their parents, school teachers, and schooladministrators. In-depth interviews could be conducted with each of thesegroups to gain insight into their perspectives on program outcomes.Likert Scale
  5. 5. MARLEY LONG UNIT 3 TASK 1Likert scale is a method of ascribing quantitative value to qualitative data,to make it amenable to statistical analysis. A numerical value is assigned toeach potential choice and a mean figure for all the responses is computed atthe end of the evaluation or survey.Used mainly in training course evaluations and market surveys,Likert scales usually have five potential choices (strongly agree, agree, neutral,disagree, strongly disagree) but sometimes go up to ten or more.The final average score represents overall level of accomplishmentor attitude toward the subject matter. Named after its inventor, theUS organizational-behaviour psychologist Dr. Rensis Likert (1903-81)REFERENCE: Arts / Broadcasting) Radio Joint Audience Research andoperates a single audience measurement system for the radio industry in theUnited Kingdom.RAJAR is most concerned that there should be no misuse or misrepresentation ofinformation and, if necessary, may restrict publication rights.Misuse includes: The publication or other dissemination of results prior to the embargo date and time specified for the Quarterly Summary of Radio Listening. The publication of data provided for internal use only - for example, monthly results, data for opt out services or sub-area analyses.Misrepresentation of the data may be seen to have occurred where: The universe, area or time period to which figures relate is not clear. The results are published based on inadequate sample sizes (as defined by RAJAR in the event of dispute). Direct or implicit comparisons are drawn between basically dissimilar sets of data. A difference between two periods is interpreted as a real change in listening behaviour without checking for statistical significance.REFERENCE:
  6. 6. MARLEY LONG UNIT 3 TASK 1BARBBARB (Broadcasters Audience Research Board) is a major source of TV audiencedata in the UK, comparable to the Nielsen ratings in the U.S.3 main reasons why BARB is needed:1. BARB is an accepted currency - It is rare that we get the advertisers,agencies and media owners all in agreement, but the structure of BARB is suchthat they all have a stake in its development and implementation.2. BARB stands alone - One of the frustrations of online researchand analytics is the plethora of data sources, meaning buyers and sellers can pickand mix the data that most suits them.3. BARB is constantly reviewed and quality controlled…so that therecruitment, measurement and analysis of the data is all conducted to thehighest standards and the accuracy and consistency of the data is optimised.ABCAudit Bureau of Circulations (ABC)What is an audit?An audit is an independent verification of a claim made for data relating tocirculation, attendance or digital media activity.Who decides the rules?ABC is governed by a board of permanent and nominated representatives frommedia owners, media buyers, advertisers and industry trade bodies. The rulesgoverning what ABC measures and reports are called ReportingStandards (sometimes referred to as ‘audit rules’). Changes to these rules arediscussed and agreed, usually through consensus, by the relevant ReportingStandards Group, in line with the needs of the industry. ABC management’s roleis to facilitate and implement the results of these discussions, acting as theSecretariat of the Reporting Standards Groups; it is not to make the rules or takedecisions about what is or is not allowed. (N.B. While the constitution ofJICWEBS, the body that sets the standards for digital media, is somewhatdifferent, the basic principles of its operation are the same.)REFERENCE:
  7. 7. MARLEY LONG UNIT 3 TASK 1SEOSearch Engine Optimization is the most basic method of attracting quality andincreased numbers of web traffic to a site without having to pay for it. With SEO,the search engines naturally, through algorithmic methods places sites that havea specific keyword or key phrases on the higher or earlier results. This meansthat SEO-rich content is more likely to receive more hits by visitors than generalarticles.SEO is able to target different types of searches. This includes word search, localsearch, image search, industry specific search and video search. As such, searchengine optimization has over the years become an ideal tool of ensuring thatwebsites gain presence in the World Wide Web.REFERENCE: ANALYTICSGoogle Analytics (GA) is a service offered by Google that generatesdetailed statistics about the visits to a website. The product is aimedat marketers as opposed to webmasters and technologists from which theindustry of web analytics originally grew. It is the most widely used websitestatistics service.IPSO/MORIIpsos MORI is about developing a career in the very top tier of research. Withnearly 16,000 people employed in 84 countries, Ipsos MORI is one of the largestand best-known research companies.
  8. 8. MARLEY LONG UNIT 3 TASK 1SOCIAL AND CUTURAL TRENDINGExample of social & cultural trends in communicating health & disease:• Not mediation of life, but media life– Permeation of everyday life by media; we live in media (Mark Deuze)• Fundamental change in how people communication with each other(Interpersonal), and how we communicate with our publics (mass)– Rise of ‘mass self-communication’ (Manuel Castells)– New forms of media for rapid alerts, epidemic & emergency communication• Rise of user in public communication: old ideal of participatory Communicationgets new twist– E.g. role of microblogs & mobile phones in SARS in China, inCountering/supplementing govt information, or social media in Oct 2012 Jonesgate affair– Can’t ignore role of citizens/users as partners/co-creators in healthCommunication• Heightened role of technology in communication– Role of online, mobile & social media• New role of digital technologies in health itself– Health apps, monitoring devices, data gathering & harvesting, NationalBroadband Network (health informatics)THANKS