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Dr. Marlene Maheu discusses how mental health professionals can legally and ethically develop self help tools, program and products for consumers on the Internet. Successful marketing secrets of the pros are also examined in detail.

This workshop was given to the Georgia Psychological Association on April 22, 2012.

The above event is sponsored by the TeleMental Health Institute, Inc. We are the premier professional training site for professionals seeking training in telehealth. Our courses are offered in a state-of-the-art, 100% online learning environment that is fully mobile compatible. Professional training is now available from your desktop of mobile device, 24/7, at your home or office.

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Maheu GPA Product & Program Development

  1. 1. i 9 l‘/ Creating eBooks, Podcasts, Apps 8-. Other Programs: Educating the Public April 20, 2012 Marlene M. Maheu, Ph. D.
  2. 2. Disclaimer WHO I AM: I am a licensed psychologist, not an attorney, physician, marketing or information technology (IT) professional. The content of my presentations covers a wide range of technical, clinical, risk management, legal and ethical issues from my perspective of a psychologist. These areas are in rapid flux. MY GOAL: My goal is educational only. I will outline the issues and alert you to what's happening in a way to help think through the issues, help you move forward, and protect yourself as well as your clients or patients. No warranty, guarantee, or representation is made as to the accuracy or sufficiency of the information contained in my presentation for your specific circumstance. Therefore, I assume no responsibility in connection therewith. YOUR PART: You are encouraged to seek specific advice from your specific legal, regulatory, ethical and malpractice bodies before offering any online services or programs to consumers. Get all such opinions in writing, and have your informed, trusted, local, legal counsel review them for their full significance with your particular business requirements, and the specific populations you serve. — If you ask questions, please protect the identify of the patients and clients you may mention. Copyright 2012 TeleMenta| Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. Learning Objectives - 1. PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT: Identify at least 3 relatively quick and easy formulas to develop a research—based, se| f—he| p blog, eBook, podcast or continuity program within 2-6 months ° 2. MARKETING: Name at least 3 ethical and legal strategies to successfully market se| f—he| p materials worldwide through the Internet - 3. LAW & ETHICS: Cite at least 3 ethical standards relevant to developing psycho—educational materials for the | nternet—based consumer
  4. 4. Hobby or Reliable Income? Enjoy No business plan Associate with friends / family Indulge regularly Idealistic (’’should be”) Casual Generates good feelings more than SS Enjoy ° Clear business plan ° Associate with successful professionals - Trim the fat quarterly - Realistic (”is”) ° Disciplined ° Generates SS more than good feelings
  5. 5. 7/ We Are Re—too| ing
  6. 6. The Virtual Office Where do you want to be in 5 years? 10 years? 15? ‘; 3“
  7. 7. ‘I ’ I I/ }“? x)~‘-N. h ‘>1 U 3» . . ‘=4 . .'_, ,.4>-" 7‘ ‘ :1 Program Development
  8. 8. .“°9°. ‘. °‘S"': '>S*’! ’! “ 10. 10 Reasons to Get Online Now Reach people worldwide 24/7 Spread Your Message Give Back Learn Far fewer legal/ ethical mandates Connection / Community / Support Co| |egia| ity/ Mentoring Low cost for generating multiple streams of income Very little competition Exposure -) Profits while you sleep Copyright 2012 Te| eMenta| Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  9. 9. 7 Basic Principles Start w/ specialty area Do market analysis Outline sales path Organize content Follow legal & ethical requirements Re-purposed content a. Blog/ Webinar b. Newsletter / YouTube c. Other Social Media d. Revise Online Marketing Plan 7. Write it all out into a business plan and have it reviewed 9‘ P": '>S“! "!" Copyright 2012 TeleMental Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  10. 10. Re—purpose Your I/ Iaterial Copyright 2D12Te| eMenta| Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  11. 11. Where to Start - Your Content — Handouts — Presentations / Webinars / Podcasts — Blogs / Articles — Book Chapters — Video Training Copyright 2012 TeleMenta| Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  12. 12. Do Market Research ° Conduct a "keyword analysis” — Many keyword analysis tools online — No need to pay for one at first — Have a teenager do it for you — Go to Fiverr. com
  13. 13. Copyright 2005 by Randy Glasbergen. wwwglasbergc-n. com lllli’ “Stress management is for wimps! ”
  14. 14. Download v Sorted by Global Monthly Searches v Columns v - Search tenns (1) 1 -1 of1 El ( > g Keyword Competition V Global Monthly Searches ii Local Monthly Searches : - 7’ stress v Low 11,100,000 3,350,000 - Keyword ideas (100) 1 - 50 of 100 El ( > Keyword Competition V Global Monthly Searches I Local Monthly Searches I- what is stress v Low 11,100,000 3,350,000 the stress - Low 11,100,000 3,350,000 *7‘ about stress v Low 11,100,000 3,350,000 stress test v Low 550,000 246,000 test for stress v Low 550,000 246,000 traumatic stress v Law 301,000 201,000 post traumatic stress v Low 301,000 165,000 stress disorder v Low 301,000 201,000 4 management stress v Low 301,000 110,000 ’ about stress management v Low 301,000 110,000 management of stress v Low 301,000 110,000 stress management v Low 301,000 110,000 post stress disorder v Low 246,000 165,000 traumatic stress disorder v Low 246,000 165,000 i stress relief v Low 246,000 135,000 * relieve stress v Low 201,000 110,000 less stress v High 201,000 40,500 stress less v High ~""-‘-"""- -"‘-"""- l'. ‘-1111115.! -« *-“L0; P
  15. 15. About this data I2) Ad group ideas (Beta) l 1- Add keywords ll Download vl Estimate search tram: l VIf: ‘i‘i‘ as text v ll More Iiteiiiese w l SortedhyLocalllonthly5earohes v couirin: v l E Searchtemtsfl) 1-10l1B L >l _ Keyword Competition Global Monthly Searches I_.5'1I V Local Monthly Searches Iéi ’ depression V Low 9,140,000 4,090,000 E Keyword ideas (800) _ Keyword Competition Global Monthly Searches Q) V Local Monthly Searches IE; 7 about depression V Low 9,140,000 4,090,000 ’ what is depression V Low 9,140,000 4,090,000 _ the depression V Low 9,140,000 4,090,000 7 economic depression V Low 301,000 201,000 7 depression disorder V Medium 368,000 201,000 7 symjxoms depression V High 368,000 201,000 7 depression symptoms V High 368,000 201,000 ’ symptoms ofdepression V High 368,000 201,000 _ symptoms for depression V High 363,000 201,000 7 treatment for depression V High 246,000 110,000 7 treatment depression V High 246,000 110,000 7 treatment of depression V High 246,000 110,000 7 depression treatment V High 246,000 110,000 ’ post depression V Low 301,000 110,000 _ depression cause V Low 165,000 110,000 7 what cause depression V Low 165,000 110,000 7 cause of deprefiion V Low 165,000 110,000 7 depression bipolar V Medium 135,000 90,500 7 bipolar and depression V Medium 135,000 90,500 7 bipolar depression V Medium 135,000 90,500
  16. 16. About this data Q; ‘E Ad group ideas (Beta) 1 + Add keywords 1 Download - 1 Estimate search trattio 1 VlE‘. ‘ as text v 1 More lite these v 1 soneuuymcaiuomiw Searches - 1 1 T 1 3 Searditerlnsfl) 1-1ol1B L1 _ Keyword Competition Global Monthly Searches in V Local llonttity Searches @- 7 anxiety V Lrwr 4,090,000 2,240,000 : Keywordideas(800) 1-50010008 L1! ’ Keyword Competition Global Ilorithry Searches 13,- Y Local Ilonttily Searches if} 7 what is anxiety V Low 4,090,000 2,240,000 7 about anxiety V Low 4,090,000 2.240.000 ’ anxiety disorder V Low 550,000 301,000 7 anxiety disorders V Medium 301,000 165,000 7 symptoms for anxiety V Medium 246,000 165,000 7 symptoms anxiety V Medium 246,000 165,000 _ symptoms of anxiety V Medium 246,000 165,000 7 anxiety symptoms V Medium 246,000 165,000 7 social anxiety V Low 301,000 165,000 ’ anxiety attacks V Medium 165,000 110,000 7 anxiety attack V Low 165,000 110,000 7 anxiety disorders symptoms V Medium 165,000 90,500 ’ anxiety cure V High 165,000 90,500 : cure for anxiety V High 165,000 90,500 7 cure anxiety V High 165,000 90,500 7 social anxiety phobia V Low 165,000 90,500 7 social phobia anxiety V Low 165,000 90,500 7 anxiety treatment V High 165,000 90,500 7 treatment for anxiety V High 165.000 90.500 7 treatment of anxiety V High 165,000 90,500
  17. 17. About this data if; Ad group ideas (Beta) 1- Add keywords 1 Download v 1 Estimate search trallic 1 View as text v 1 More rile these v 1 SortedbyLor: a| Monthly Searches v 1 1 coirirrm v 1 l-l Search terms (1) 1-1of1 B ( l ’ Keyword Competition Global Monthly Searches gr V Local Monthly Searches gr 5 divorce V Medium 9,140,000 5,000,000 l-l Keyword ideas(800) 1—50ot800 E L ” Keyword Competition Global Monthly Searches Q; V Local Monthly Searches @- ‘7 when to divorce V Medium 9,140,000 5,000,000 7 about divorce V Medium 9,140,000 5,000,000 K how to divorce V Medium 9,140,000 5,000,000 what is divorce V Medium 9.140.000 5,000,000 fi divorce how to V Medium 9,140,000 5,000,000 7 divorce lawyer V High 550,000 450,000 ‘K lawyer for divorce V Higi 550,000 450,000 ’ lawyer divorce V High 550.000 450,000 K divorce lawyers V High 550,000 450,000 7 lawyers for divorce V Higt 550,000 450,000 7 lawyers divorce V Hiyi 550.000 450.000 7 divorce attorney V High 450,000 450,000 5 attomey divorce V High 450,000 450,000 7 divorce attorneys V Higr 450,000 368,000 ” divorce law V Higir 450.000 301.000 5 divorce records V High 368,000 301,000 7 records of divorce V Hiyi 368,000 301,000 7 divorce documents V High 246,000 201,000 7 divorce record V High 201.000 201.000 5 get a divorce V Medium 246,000 165,000 fi familv divnrne lawyers V Hirit
  18. 18. Success Strategy #1 Write an eBook Copyright 2012 TeleMenta| Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  19. 19. Path #1: Write a Book ° Advantages ° Positions you as an expert ° Gives you highest credibility — TV shows — Radio - Easy to sell - Low resistance ° Disadvantages — Time — Cost ° Printing ° Fulfillment - Agent/ Publicist Copyright 2D12TeleMenta| Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  20. 20. Book vs. eBook Zero delivery costs No printing No inventory No shipping Instant access Can charge premium prices List on Amazon Copyright 2012 TeleMental Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved. l: |l: ||: l.
  21. 21. Ebook Approaches I Ebook <r Weight loss — Outline Method — Positive Facts ‘ 5 malortopics — Mind Games — Eliiérfloepieczich one into 5 _ Nutrition — Write 3-5 pages for — Exercise each subtopics “ Strength training <‘ = 100 page book ( Cardio <r P ' . ut pictures _ Stories <‘ Goal _ _ _ 1 subtopica day’ 3-5 V Start with your favorite pages = less than 30 topic days Copyright 2D12Te| eMental Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  22. 22. Plan Ahead FrontEnd — eBook, OR best chapter of your book <‘ Go for the "thud factor” <‘ The more the better — Bonus: ”Organize your ADD child checklist” — Free Webinar <‘ Easiest is to not take live calls I‘ Ask for questions to be mailed in Copyright 2012 Te| eMenta| Health Institute, Inc. All rights rese BackEnd — Continuity Program — Up-sells rved. <‘ Individual Treatment <‘ Master Mind Groups — Platinum Group <‘ Consultation <’ Supervision
  23. 23. Plan Ahead Promotion — Quality & professionalism (media & other ethics/ legal issues) — Website <‘ Shopping cart <‘ Blog <* Podcast <‘ Video — Front end - eBook — Back end — Continuity <r “Up-sells” Copyright 2012 TeleMenta| Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  24. 24. Success Strategy #2: Hire Help to Develop Content
  25. 25. Hire Help ° Hire someone, research, layout or record content for you (fiverr, odesk, elance, guru etc. ) — Roya| ty—free books, papers, articles — YouTube Links — Images — Quotes ° Use as a lead generator on your newsletter subscription sign-up box (on your website) Copyright 2012 Te| eMenta| Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  26. 26. DETERMINATION EBOOK cover image. JPG By Marlene M. Maheu, Ph. D. Thoughts Orinally Compiled by Chris Hill Inn i nan Illl Cop, rilnzil 9 20:! Phil: rkv: Iopnl M In auras, lit. All fgnt In: an
  27. 27. Keep it Simple DETERMINATION ESABQQIAC AN INSPIRATIONAL GUIDE FOR SELF-MOTIVATION A desire can overcome all objections and obstacles. GUNDERSON Ifthe single man plant himself indomitably on his instihcts, and there abide, the huge world will come round to him. RALPH WALDO EMERSON A man's limitations are not the things he wants to do and can't; they are the things he ought to do but doesn't. The difficult we will do eventually, the copyrightzoimiemimaipassiblewiflijustezaaiee a little more time.
  28. 28. Use Powerful Images V: n ~u.4- It You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it. MARGARET THATCHER Resolve that whatever you do, you will bring the whole man to it; that you will fling the whole weight of your being into it. ORisON SWETT MARDEN '”". ' :12! «""v III . ".‘io l"r>'. '.o‘. |~‘| =. lit Copyright 2012 TeleMenta| Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  29. 29. WANT MORE? Over the years, we've gotten lots of feedback about how people use our Se| fhe| pMagazine Meditation department to take a "relaxation break" while at their desk, after a run-in with a difficult family member, or a tough boss, or when just plain stressed out and need a few minutes to regroup. For other inspirational information, see our www. Se| fhe| pMagazine. com where you might also enjoy our: - Meditative slideshows and videos: htt : selfhel ma azine. com articles meditation. h - Articles with lots of suggestions to relax and take better control of your life, see htt : selfhel ma azine. com article stress — Cartoons for quick chuckle. Our version is called "Psychtoons" http: [/selfhelpmagazine. com[psychtoons[g| asbergen/ randit glasbergenphg ~ Podcasts orothereBooks htt : selfhel ma azine. com selfhel ma azine—sho - Amazon bookstore at http: [/astore. amazon. com/ selhelmag-20[, where Amazon send us 5% ofyour receipts to help defray our costs without any additional cost to you - Email Newsletters where you get our thoughts emailed to you for FREE book reviews, parenting, relationships, sex, jobs and careers: htt : selfhel ma azine. com self-hel -newsletters. h
  30. 30. Negotiating for Hired Help ° $500 — $10k "Looking for 100 page book, here's my budget, ” then wait for bids ° Carefully review samples — Behavioral sample ° Contract — ”Work for hire” — You own copyright — Get a copy of everything in WORD and PDF
  31. 31. Success Strategy #3: Interview an Expert & Record It ° Podcasts - Webinars ° Transcripts ° eBooks - Videos ° Continuity Programs ° Mastermind Groups Copyright 2012 TeleMenta| Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  32. 32. Path #3: Interview an Expert — Podcasts & Webinars Interview on telephone — Have some one ask you questions, or you ask them questions related to your topic Record Make it a webinar or Podcast (live or recorded) Transcribe / PDF — eBook Cover Sell from website Email list Copyright 2D12Te| eMenta| Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  33. 33. Process Tips For Interviews, Webinars And Podcasts It Content — Outline + Q&A It Technology — WebEx, GotToMeeting, InstantTeleseminar “ Transcripts — Pay an expert — roughly $.50 a page It Guests, Editors or Readers — Friends or family for 1“ few times — Ask for feedback
  34. 34. Your weather location has not beensei . I _ ‘ I ' ‘Y’C'Di. _"{I~‘7 LY] *‘*°' -“ E1‘-: lI. := I_ . Q.l, :Z'I15LC7' Of, czntat-Aa«_»LL’A! _ILI, _H_ * News Sports Radio TV My Region v More ' Sign Up I Log In cscradio White Coat, Black Art with Dr. Brian Goldman About the Team Past Episodes DI. Brian's Side oi the Gumey I Join Dr. Brian for Live Online Chat comaaus Special partnership with Live Right Now — CI' E'Iar I1~: Id"Ia1r ' -. Jr : I :5. I. I3I: :n*1i: getneri-. IttLiveRigiiIiIow SE25 7I'. Eill. -3 “ ciar-ad : =I'I. ¢ €-I ‘II: arm -JEI EI| E.I‘IEI1ISCuS5‘CI'¢iCI7TuVII€’C‘37E33C_lli'l€' "I sI: :n: e;: I:"5 Eflclfblris 3CCl. I'. lICElI’; .-. =.I; fI‘; nere.
  35. 35. ice 1 on FII~1-3.2l. lC1.’I: lI~l Jtiii Breaking Up Show Bookmark 8. Share Q I All relationships have their ups and deans and I niarriage made In heaven in iiiedical school the patients But there's nothing on the cuirictiltiiii at $2739 7' nelS1hcIiii»: -iii This el: tsio GPs snare painlful experieiices 0 M97 W‘ they least expected II A patient advocate and c I;97a5i giving doctors the heave-ho We also shor. ho. rri I éctt. tare relationship gone sirong A doctor from the ‘ Iroiii a patient to make his practice better *9“? “ Lniaxin OUl'SIi:3.. airs SattiI'da_v at It aiii II 30 am IITI Q POUH piii IITI on CBC Radio One P‘ “I ii; Lng Click below to isten to the sho or do; .nIoad tie Baang Isiimiiua_iiini_ii-I-. Iiiwig: -ig ‘~41 5*” ‘ Bi; geiPotIets Categories: Blog Archives. Communication, Family l. }edicine, liealth Proiessionals, Past Episodes Cciriimeriis IL 10 7 - . ‘ ~’ * Previous Posts (7 SHHRE Fl [I]]1OCI: a1-‘| aI1I: II J Eiinime W‘ éI~. '.eoniaiI’s gj édd IO §fi¥dIn ii" iii II, Fa. I:—s bi‘ mien lie‘ E] Armani: ( ' ¥. I3l'. Capture Baidu 0 Beriiici . ' Ellll ‘. ._iii(1l. v1I, &' Stay Connected N 'wir. er RSS I-‘. 'i " iilzn uIii‘i: i+?5ii'-: i
  36. 36. Webinar and Podcast Recording Tips
  37. 37. Webinar/ Podcast Formulas ° Music clips — It is pirating to just take a clip from any album — Must buy a commercial podcast license — Some record labels allow you to obtain free music for non—commercial podcasts (educational) — Use music that is roya| ty—free ° Breaking Up Show V‘ Copyright 2012 Te| eMenta| Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  38. 38. V/ ebinar/ Podcast Formulas ' Clear sound W “ Music in background that surfaces to create transitions “ Ask questions for audience to consider “ Then transition music it Then answer the questions you posed earlier
  39. 39. V/ ebinar/ Podcast Formulas “ Voice Tone ‘ I ca‘ /7 — Modulate '1’. “ sound alive / — Google ”voiceover” — Go to fiverr and buy ”voice over” professional Copyright 2012 Te| eMental Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  40. 40. V/ ebinar/ Podcast Formulas Recording Behaviors to Avoid — Sniffling — "Ahhhh”s — Scratching — Shifting in chair — Anything rubbing microphone — sleeve — Tapping fingers — Shuffling papers - Typing — Pen chewing — Filing nails Copyright 2D12Te| eMenta| Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  41. 41. Webinar/ Podcast Formulas ° Equipment Issues: Audio Clarity & Continuity — Equipment Quality ° Type of Microphone — Headsets vs. Free Standing - Microphone Placement ° Speaker Location Copyright 2D12Te| eMenta| Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  42. 42. Webinar/ Podcast Formulas Reverberation -) Sound Absorbers: — Carpeting — Plush couches — Drapes/ Pillows Noise pollution -) Sign on Door — Overhead Planes — Traffic — Barking dog — Phone ringing, tea kettle Copyright 2D12TeleMenta| Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  43. 43. Webinar/ Podcast Formulas ° Make duplicate recordings — Your own hard drive, iTunes, Amazon S3 — Online Radio Stations ° UStream ° Edit — Sony Soundforge, Audacity, Goldwave — Get transcript first — then pay someone to make edits Copyright 2D12Te| eMenta| Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  44. 44. Success Strategy #4: Look for Contributors
  45. 45. Where to Find Contributors Paid — He| paReporter —— want a site with some traffic — Ebay — authors with products for sale — Amazon. com / TURK — Answers. yahoo. com — Clickbank — mention you in their book for crosspromotion — EzineArtic| es. com — RT| ROn| ine. com — experts pay to be interviewed Volunteers — Interns & Colleagues :1 Linkedln — mental health or coaches :1 Partner with Colleagues Copyright 2D12Te| eMenta| Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  46. 46. I Home Articles » Blog Forums Features » Se| f—help Products >> A out » Pll 'Uull’ . 'uI ‘mil Imp um} ~= -.y. rminu, - ~, Ii~. ri- 'Il'i'. ‘I'"Dl‘l i I-ma How Not to Get F ed at Your Job: Top Ten Strategies thaiwrll help (OH to snow mui emplms-rthat iou are indeed fully engaged andtheief-: -re a Keeper In the i: IrganI: atiI: In _ How to Repair the Damage Local Gwdes Ten Tips For Coping With Parkinson's Disease All Guides A _. Alabama —_— Alaska P‘ Approxirnate| _i one-million people in North America are Afilmla v sufienng from Parkinson's disease. When you have Parkinson 5 disease Ior any other chronic illness} vou are probably struggling wlth symptoms that can be overwhelming Therefore the author ofthis article has Find a Therapist created the following "Ten Tips‘ list to help individuals with Parkinson 5 disease cope "' . .. . . Re ularl 14.95 Search by Zip or City with some ofthe psychological aimptoms ofthe disease 9 V S f Immediate Download SelfhelpMagaziiie's ’ PWYOW "3""‘-" “<"V°<<“‘”9 f0’ Holiday Care for Yourself‘ Body Mind and Spirit ~ 5 5 Healthy Psychotherapy Practices Convrifiht 2012 Te| eMerita| Health Institute. Inc. All rights reserved. /
  47. 47. One of the world's first mental health websites, established November 1, 1994 51;, s, _; . - , n _ _ V~d , _, a; 3 0"‘ Sm’! oiscussuonroirums MEDITATION PSVGOOLOCV nasouizcas PSVCHTOONS . ;j' SelfhelpM: rgazine i Search MChoices P H is He cheating On You? 1) Enter His Email Address 2) See Hidden Pics 8. Social Profiles Now! ' Cr-r_—arrr~~—S: Best 10 Dating Sites E Compare Top 10 Online Dating Sites. Try the Best 10 Datin Sites Free ! r. .C _, >_. Cyber-affairs Survey Results by Marlene M. Maheu. Ph. D. >, . Cyber-afiairs — Early Survey Answers by Kristin Levine >, Cyber-affairs Survey Opinions Opposed to Cyberkomance by Marlene M. Maheu, Ph. D. M ‘ g . 7 ggzlgtseto Fixing your >_, r Cyber-affairs Survey Opinions in Favor of Cyberkomance by Marlene M. Maheu, Ph. D. Marriage, Anemative to > The Future of Cyiner-sex and Relationship Fidelity: A Brave New World Booklet by Marlene M. Maheu. HOW 10 Fix YOLIF "‘ Ph. D. >_. Crossing the line Online by David N. Greenfield. Ph. D. 8: A] Cooper. Ph. D. >, . Self-help for Cjvbersexual Addiction by Marlene M. Maheu Ph. D. Mama e Counselin 250 Business cards - $1_0 Free Shipping. Design ADDIIIONAL your Premium Business RESOURCES Cards Online All for $10. Read related Questions 8: Answers by Professionals Copyright 2012 Te| eMenta| Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  48. 48. Virtual Relationships and Real Betrayal ‘ 7)tll§. Copyright 2012 Te| eMenta| Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  49. 49. Todays Deals Gift Cards Help The All-New Kindle Family" from $79 Prime Sh o . . H II Janus w‘ h oifiaimeniv 5°‘"°" "" ' mahelh '"f'de'"Y 6° Ygiir Account v '. £.’canv Li: v ngpgmngi "mahau. infidelity" B°°k5 ‘‘ Showing 4 Results Nllllfli Will has Eligible Infidelity on the Internet: Vimral Relationships and Real Betrayal by Marlene M. Maheu (Paperback - Nov 1, 2001) 5 new from $78.27 22 used from $0.21 ttttir v (is) Excer| it—' Martin Marlene Maheu. and Robin . . cyoensex as infidelity. while 40 . . ' Read More Books: See all 4 items rd Citizen Hughes : The Power, the Money and the Madness by Michael Drosnin (Paperback - Nov 2, 2004) Buy new’. $1-L95 $17.32 some Essential lnlemet Relationships Resources: lumfiom $178 Eiiegflom was A gist by sky; The Um“ ' Get it by Tuesday. Mar 6 if you order in the next A2 hours and choose one—day shipping. Only 2 let‘! in stock- order soon. tiitir v (12) «how Excer| n— Page 53: " you who ofiereo it" Maheu's threatened infidelity. his open toying. “ See a random page in this oooi: _ Booker See all 4 items Top lntemet Relationships 3°°"5= 5"? ‘ "Y W” 3 ‘ "‘ ' Secrets from the Sex Lab: From First Kiss to Last Gasp . . . How You can Be Better in Bed by Judy Dutton (Paperback — Aug Minding 10, 2010) 9 Create a Listmanial list 3&3 $14-99 510-94 lgggmrom $8.84 jiusedfrom $6.07 Get it by Tuesday. Ilar 6 if you order in the next 37 hours and choose one—day shipping. Only 2 lel'l in stock - order soon. tivktir v (6) Jinan Excerpt» Page 265 ' broken it. ‘ says Marlene Maheu. author of Infidelity and the Internet. ' See a random page in this oook Sell this back for an Amazon. com Gift Card Books‘ See all 4 items ‘ ‘°°" ""'°" Sax and the lntemot A Guide Book for Clinicians by AI Cooper (Paperback » Jun 14. 2002) Buy ne§1:$47-.50 $38.18 15 newtiom $38.18 15 usedfrom $30.60 Search Li§I! Ii1’Iii! 62) Get it by Tuesday, Marti ifyou order in the next 43 hours and choose one—day shipping. Only 2 left in stock- order soon.
  50. 50. Success Strategy #5: Market & Augment an Offline Program orBook r Strategic Social Media Marketing <‘ Fold New Aspects Back into the Program to Make It Grow
  51. 51. Social Networking 8: Social Media Copyright 2D12Te| eMenta| Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved. ‘r
  52. 52. 6 MYTHS Social media is a waste of time It takes a long time to make a product to promote with social media Need a book Need to understand technology Need to be the authority in an area There are no ethics or laws related to online product development by professionals Copyright 2012 Te| eMenta| Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  53. 53. Popular Social Networks ' Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, Twitter, Ni ng, Flickr, blogs, eBay, Craigslist, Skype, d el. icio. ous, Second Life, Linkedln, social bookmarking, wikis, vlogs, epinions, Worl d of Warcraft, Google Groups, Youmeo, Pinterest, etc.
  54. 54. 20 Social Media Statistics* — Where are We? One in every nine people on Earth is on Facebook ( This number is calculated by dividing the planets 6.94 billion people by Facebook’s 750 million users) People spend 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook Each Facebook user spends on average 15 hours and 33 minutes a month on the site More than 250 million people access Facebook through their mobile devices More than 2.5 million websites have integrated with Facebook 30 billion pieces of content is shared on Facebook each month 300,000 users helped translate Facebook into 70 languages People on Facebook install 20 million "Apps" every day YouTube has 490 million unique users who visit every month (as of February 2011) YouTube generates 92 billion page views per month (These YouTube stats don't include videos viewed on phones and embedded in websites) Users on YouTube spend a total of 2.9 billion hours per month (326,294 years) Wikipedia hosts 17 million articles Wikipedia authors total over 91,000 contributors People upload 3,000 images to Flickr (the photo sharing social media site) every minute Flickr hosts over 5 billion images 190 million average Tweets per day occur on Twitter (May 2011) Twitter is handling 1.6 billion queries per day Twitter is adding nearly 500,000 users a day Goog| e+ has more than 25 million users Goog| e+ was the fastest social network to reach 10 million users at 16 days (Twitter took 780 days and Facebook 852 days) *Jeff bu| |as. com
  55. 55. APA: Social Media Is Not Private - ”. ..assume that anything you post will be seen, read, and open for comment. Anything you say, post, link to, comment on, upload, etc. , can and may be used against you by your peers, colleagues, employer, potential employers, fellow members, and so on. ” - APA http: //www. apa. org/ about/ socia| —media-po| icy. aspx Copyright 2D12Te| eMenta| Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  56. 56. Start w/ Something You Have Done (Retain All Your Copyrights) l‘lll . lI'_N'l‘. l. lll’ lfl‘ll l—'ltUl"l’*i~lU‘‘. l (V l, . .. ‘l')Tlll7 I ', ' NI-. ‘ l‘lv't, ‘lll0Lif)i: lljs Copyright 2D12Te| eMenta| Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  57. 57. ll’l; l_lLllllEl"l}/4L ll 7./4 l'l"i' W i. ilciirla .19 ‘i-lIul= lb= t(: r-toiliuasa -, ‘I= i'I'iKl= l= -'llII(‘- lnliiiiiu: Aliilllwu-‘ FREE Reimbursement Handbook 5i‘releMentaI Health Newsletter Registration Name: Primary Email: Go l 'll= l'i'lil"‘ ‘mini View Frlil Revisions llevel Research-Based Professional Training for Telehealth, TeleMenta| Health & Online Therapy All Courses Available 100% Online Training for Counselors, Nurses, Psychiatrists, Psychologists & Social Workers Continuing Education Credit also Available ‘V, LEARN EVERVYHING ONLINE 7 PASS VEST ONUNE _J{; l /7 l 1/ DELIVER SERVICES ONLINE 5 No Back Purchase Necessary I-rim ct cmivlmo may the Convmloncp Siilirtil. -‘hi; l= ll3lll= il€lllli Wei’-ll: .li : (5Hl. ”!l¢¥lllI1‘. ll Il'Z| lll'. ’-llllflvnIli| |l'I| l'l‘»‘i‘-‘S-'lll'l¢l¢‘ emu: m We respectyonr email ggg‘ cv New Course Added! Texting & Mental Health: Basic Dos & Don'ts This course covers how to think about text messaging, some clinical issues related to text messaging and the legal as well as ethical requirements we Face when we choose to sue text messaging with mental health consumers. What others are saying L training in ethics and innovative technologies since the mid-90's. lelepsvchology is the 21st century and our practitioners in particular must become knowledgeable. " "Dr. Maheu is psychology‘: telehealth visionary, leading our colleagues through professional Pat Deleon, mi. o., MPH, JD, Former aieciaent. American Psychological Association
  58. 58. ‘ L Iuii~1r= i-Iliil-inirzlft-ii-raiii-Iiizam . iLII.1«; !iI-1:: I-iuliiaalliii. r4ralii= nliiii~li-: iiiairamiiiv2IiiiI(>lt= -iiii: rél't-l'lii= , About Us Articles Blog Books Calendar Discussion Glossary Interviews 'A'l_'u' If ‘ ‘Mg: ' 'A'£_I_[l i)_Il! )n , .§II, l1‘ - moral II)‘_J. l;-: ’I_I Ll_I_3l%l“gfl! }_i5 vrei9Is. _-h«9>, - m. .:: .7h), IlA: .-uumunun. iVlll1'i‘lI'll= ,il= ,l= ‘"i'! ‘1‘, 'l= |ir¢--il! l=: .-u: L1Ii, lauIi- Reimbursement: Recent Legal and Marketplace Changes by Dr l. laneu on t1.i‘12i'1‘l at‘l 00 am Increasingly Technical lylarlretplace Changes Standard Therapy lylodels Rik 1-hourTraining Webinar iL| ’vEi Wrap up this year with an essential dlSCLlSS| On of current events to predict next year's focus on telemental health and online therapy This months guestwill be Tania S lilalir: J D ‘ Founder and President ofCOPEtodai is Dr l. laheu‘s guest she Wlll discuss : ] Full Sm Suicide Preparedness: 7' Strategies for Telemental Health or Online Therapy by Dr Llaheu on O-U12/'11 3t2 29 pm Potentially suicidal clients and patients pose one ofthe most rigorous challenges faced by telei-nental health professionals This brief article Wlll give a glimpse ofthe advance preparation you might consider Institutional Telemental Health Practice l. lany institutional work settings already have emergency response systems in place Examples ofsucn 0l'g3Tl|13l|0flS include the military. the ; l Full Story IVI. ‘-XNDATED CHILD ABUSE REPORTING IN ONLINE THERAPY —— A sobering Reality? 3, Dr maneu an 21r11r11 314 45 am Copyright ZD12TeleMental Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved. The mr-. :.nvDnnn cram Fhilri cmiiai amigo lT’JflDl"iifVi'lf'. C.i"i’JiIlf'F"J71‘tflFI’G|7Vff"tlEH'l. *I= f team: On rm rminn ~‘1!lIl€h| ‘[. ‘Ell =1*, IruZIi Training Programs Ii-iiiiiiizim: Featured Tags Dr Llaheu They are the same, exceptyciu put —GT as a qualifi Mllfila Cantor What would he the CPT code for teIehea| th7‘ The Online Counselling Service lnterestingl Thanr youfor sharing this article Camliider lm impressedl xrery useful information specially Port-“answer Caller Solutions Thanks lcirthe information‘ Free Reimbursement Handbook With TeIeMentaIHeaIthNews Signup! Full Name Primary Email Free Access 'Hl’: |-'Jl': lII Want to Practice 0nline? _. .. ilugiliii _'. H~’_1'I'[_l" J um-A Dafianie
  59. 59. Linkedln ° Nearly twice as many men (63%) as women (37%) use Linkedln. All other SNS platforms have significantly more female users than male users. - PEW, (2012). "Social Networking Sites and Our Lives” http: //www. s|ideshare. net/ marketingfactsn| /pew—research—socia| — networking—and—our—| ives Copyright 2012 Te| eMenta| Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  60. 60. I-ink9dm€> Gate LInkedhAds- v Marlene M. Maheu, PhD Addconnections Home Profile Contacts Groups Jobs Inbox Companies News More People‘ lsearcn. A¢V¢"°9d 5 Star Beach LiViI'l ~ Come to Phukel and live the beach life. I have 5 star villas for sale I Share an update People You May Know A3 , Chic Bancroft, CAP, Board x V _ Certified Addictions Prolessionull ‘5‘Altao‘iarink E»: H mm, 1} _ Michael Gillis, execiim Director x We are connected through my inavn profile because you - Lile ~ Lomrneni - More :1 - 1 day ago I o Conn“: Linkedln Today: See all Top Headlines for You 1- Tom 0 nude‘ MBA‘ Mm“ X 4 Tips to Keep Your Website TectiCrunc’n | Some Key Social Disruptions: Design Sets the i wmme“ T"°"’”" Ahead of the Curve in 2012 Media Trends To Look For In Tone at a New Start—Up See more no pump; 5 )) Ads by Linkedln Members Kama‘: negotiable: give! Mike's Brazil 135 Mile Ultra for Underprivileged Kids - up heighl Everest BROWSER Four Livers R. No Funeral All you want to know about replaced body parts butwere afraid to ask All Updates ' Shares ' Groups ‘ More' Recent - Top - a Show 2 more recent updatn. . Gecifl‘ Henderson, Judy Bin-Nun, Ph. D.. LMFT, Dean McDonnell, Jacqueline Remondet Wall, and Marc Sadolt, MSW, BCD joined the group TeleMenta| Health Institute (TMHI) Find a group lor you - 2 minutes ago Big Money Painting Painting Franchise has huge margins - be your own boss and never Paint! a m : I James (Jim) Wilds, MHA, ACHE, Military Veteran has an updated current title: Founder at Founder at ‘ProActive", Intemational Healthcare Systems Public/ Private, Center of Exce| |ence—(COE) Like - Comment - Send a message - 2 minutes ago Who‘: Viewed Your Profile? 32 Your profile has been viewed by 32 people in the past day SBCDTOS Sacramento ‘. ‘Ia Twtter 3¢- sacpros LRepoi1a — Youtube Nextup. http: //t. coIxuHZSOnl 1 8 You have shown up in search results 18 times in the past 3 days. LReporta « Youlube NextUp. youtube com CLIQUE PARATWEETAR: http: //clicktotweetcom/ De9uo Meus canals: LReporta - http: //www. youlube. cornllreporta Coisa de Nerd ~ littp: //www. youlube. com/ coisadenerd Cinco Vlogueiros - Y0!-If Linkedln NGKWOTK http: //www. youtube. com/ cincovlogueiros Meu. .. ‘_', ",' Favorite L1 Retweet 9 Repry - 4 minutes ago 2 ’ 6 l'fi5l’lO'. ‘ :91 more updates lrom sacpros
  61. 61. Copyright 2012 Te| eMenta| Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved. Linkédma 2301:: Li. -iiesi-i Ads ~- v Marlene ‘J i. l3'ieu ‘In 3 Add Connection: Home Profile Contacts Groups Jobs lnbox Companies llews More / TeleMental Health Institute (TMHI) Members Promotions Jobs Search Discussions manage more Take a minute to set up your open group for success Modify will? permissions in Group Settings » Edit your Group Rules 3» § Poll ': ;i: ri rir snare 3i: i'ne*riin; x‘t"i tn-: — _‘i: :ii, ip Show all RSS discussions ' “*1 . -3"’3 Hi, I am a LMFT in San Diego: CA I haven‘t done any online, ' , d erwingallaghertherapy. com ' ' -1% ' Linda Erwin-Gallagher provides counseling and therapy services in . ‘zq—, ;. 0;‘ 4 {i l Like C Comment : ;‘Flag V More ' D Most Popular Discussions lfyou haven't yet introduced yourself to our Linkedin group, please type 1 or 2 lines to let us know what draws you to Telemental Are you working with technology yet? If yes. what type? With whom? ~ Which vendor are you using and are you satisfied with them? What , , Dhyan Surnmers -Hello. . » ‘; 'Coi‘nnient T: _‘Unfollo'ti. i li/ lore' "Apps" Anyone’? What's the #1 best function a mental l1ealth—related app could provide to improve your work’? Many great psych apps have come to the market in 2011. What do you need to improve the impact of vour efiorts? Share group l Group rules lilaiiager'5 Choice "T It you haven't yet introduced yourself to our Linkedin group please type T a Q or 2 lrnes to let us know wliat draws you to Telenierital Health or online therapy Please consider answering s Tr‘ L "ariewe " ‘iatiei In I See Latest Updates 54 people have joined the group. including Paul Waters. Gordon Leith and Perry Zuckerman -‘ s-2:325 5;: u '—, .V: y-I Kit Lisbeth Jensen commented in J the group on l~l: -w York Times M Examined Pros and Cons of Online Therapy “When Your Therapist is Only a Click Away''’ Hello Marlene. I would love to take some courses. and have a question, Because of our timezone (Denmark) is it possible to work with already, % _. r.; Dhyan Summers. Laurie Handler. L, V MFT_ Dr. Arthur Ciaramicoli and 2 _i. more commented on Ifyou liaien‘t yet introduced yourself to our Linkedin group please type 1 or 2 lines to let us know what draws you to Teleniental Health or online therapy Please consider answering Larnmentili E '3 3;: _ ‘i: i_is jut 53 comments See ai uadates. Ads by Linkedln lilenibers . w Healthcare Professionals lll'IA . - I III“"r) ‘Anal .4. . .,4 s, ..
  62. 62. Copyright 2012 TeleMenta| Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved. Linkedmo Go to Liriledln Ads n V Marlene M Maheu, Ph D Add Connections Home Profile Contacts Groups Jobs lnbox "fl Companies News More TeleMenta| Health Institute (TMHI) Discussions Members Promotions Jobs Search Manage More Share group l Group rules Manager's Choice Take a minute to set up your open group for success Modify write permissions in Group Settings ii Edit your Group Rules » lilow Accessible FREE replay of today's webinar “Psychological Assessment Teleniental Health Strategies Using Video" , . i"3rle i"3heu Ch: Seeali. Latest Updates Kristina Welker, PsyD commented in the group on Hi Everyone‘ l am a r’ I an Doctor ofPsycho| ogy and a Licensed Professional Counselor in private ractice in Phoenix l also trite Suicide Preparedness 7 Strategies for Telemental Health or Online Therapy gmwcai adme 3.-mes fmyou, mar Potentially suicidal clients and patients pose one of the most rigorous challenges faced by Ahwamkeg Foothmg i. i,3., ,-5 7 Hi Dean telemental health professionals. This brief . . we do have good an museums’ : ) And our winter weather is absolutely incredible, I think an online advice site could work well, ,, Like Ccmrnentil l hior agc Medical sensors could phone for help ri1ultibrIefs. ccim 4 people have]-oined the gum Aman struggling with drug addiction feels a craving coming on, but his nexttherapy appointment is including cheme Momson P'h D notfor another week. Right away, his cellphone bunes, ofienng a breathing exercise, a motivational Niamh Maher and Sm“ S2)" ' " message, or even Just a distra F r: urs 3;: * We 3i:3fJi? o§i§, W§§li: f§'aEsh: keS [ ; Hi' I'm a clinical psychologist in Los ‘ Using telephone field notes in qualitative research analysis Angeles County l am looking into ‘ Hey. i'm in a bit ofa pickle, l'm currently conducting research and I received fantastic using technology to reach client ~ unexpected phone calls and am planning on _ populations in rural areas , Like (1) ‘l mm; 3;: l- 4 , $55 (“CV5 )4 see all updates Hi All I am wondering what are the most commonly used services for online 9kIrrnIi I hm". kn. ..‘ an-‘. ..A. »n v-iurn: -ri/ r 4., -ma rlru-on Inna PHRTFOI lfi PFRFHPMANCF
  63. 63. ' Email Support AWeber Face book ; .p_j. ,= _. . g 3 "ii", Put your Aweber web form on your 3 (, °‘°°" ’ I. Facebook page in just a few clicks! ' -’ ' '7" D Featuresvfijfi Pricing {. Login Customers and affillates loglrl below Customer Login (Affiliate ID) Login To My Account Forgot Your Password? ‘ ; r ' vr E I Partners v Tsuppon vi Blogjorder 7
  64. 64. /<’ In this ISSUE . Suicide Preparedness Strategies . FREE Webinar: Reimbursement 7 Strategies for Working with Suicide in Telemental Health or Online Therapy Potentially suicidal clients and patients pose one of the most rigorous challenges faced by telemental health professionals, This brief article will give a glimpse of the advance preparation you might consider Institutional Telemental Health Practice May institutional work settings already have emergency TELEMENTAL HEALTH N E V S What our colleagues are saying ‘Dr. Maheu is psychology's telehealth visionary, leading our colleagues through professional training in ethics and innovative technologies since the mid—90's.
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  66. 66. acebook Search "i http: //awebencom/ t/QFefL‘i Access to training Si teletonsults in exchange for work in developing our training facility. Send your name, degree, specific skills for barter to: < irifo@te| ementalhealth.> Tdellleliizllleallllllslitlntie (« a waeldyte| euaiizIneaIuiiiewsnrid, naoemberzi), zo11 1 Person Reached l. Like ’ Comment December 20. 2011 at Z: -Jam via Aweber Email Marlceung Tdelnultalllullillllstitllte Siiu‘ilePmpai't(hss75t: rat: a9‘sforTe| en| uni Halli: or Olin: Then-aw Teleflemal Health Ileuis . http: //an-eber. ccm/ t/Sfsva 5 People Readied I. Like ' Comment ' December 10. 2011a! 1:19am via Aweber Emal Marketnng Telemental IIHIHI Institute fidt filthy Teleflanfi Health & Electronic Shopping Guide _ http: //aweber. i:om/ t/KNVQO Need CE training anytime in the next 5 years? Get it online. from the comfort of your home/ office. and all from the fidds leaders in helementd health training. You'll find the most comprehensive, resoiirce-filled. and cutting edge mformation anywhere. Use the coupon code below in our shopping car 5 People Reached l“ Like ' Comment ' November 25, 20!! at 10:1-Sam via Aweber Email Marlceting Telellielvlalllultzlllllstihitie | 77' OiflAlIuseReport'. 'Iigwiii()iiI| e1hei-apvanil I? " teienuaunliieaitlunaiuneus -. http: //avi-eber. com/ IJQ lady 6 People Reached l. Like ‘Comment - l‘io= ;embei 24, 2011 at 3:02pm VIE Aweber Email Maikeong Tdelllclltnllleaflllllsfihllie FRE£It£PlAVoI'| |iwItnDeveIopITlIriiI‘ng Te| eInentalHealt: lIPractiueflonIVoIrtIIune'THll1 Webinar
  67. 67. A Home Copyright 2012 Te| eMenta| Health Institute, Inc. All rights resen/ ed. (C? Coriiiect W P ifltr“-‘BEE Q Search Kevin Pho. M. D. The Confrontation (A Les Miserables Parody) youtu be/ G7BCDQFr_w5o Thanks izdoggmd Marlene Maheu Suicide Preparedness 7 Strategies for Telemental Health or Online Therapy lnkd innit ? .—Gn evin ‘ 0. . . " ‘W What you need to know about popular diets is gdl‘7JpC6S Kevin Pho. M. D. Why the family meeting is important is gd/ aWmTCz ESPN Syracuse just sent a message to everyone watching “You do not want to play us in March " Jennifer Barbour 30-1 Best regular season record in Syracuseu basketball history Not too shabby rcuse Jennifer Barbour Thanks to Krislo32 and wscoopiardlne for4 years rcuse ‘seniorday Jennifer Barbour Lets go —'Cuse "~Deal| OLllSVlll€ Kevin Pho, M. D. Doctors Don't be ashamed about going bankrupt is gdllmgO4q APAHeIpCenter The Psychologists Daily is cut! oil lyrdygVgT > Top stories today via vbabyshrink I orsnepp "blZDSyCl‘l Kevin Pho. M. D.
  68. 68. Develop a Webinar INSTITUTE Partners Resources Services Store Training About Us TMHI Webinars Skype Update 2012: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly -- and Affordable Alternatives by Madene M. Maheu, Ph. D FREE 1-hour Training Webinar (LIVE) Have -you or your ccéeagues been using Slaps’ £70 vou f. .ilv understari: the ptatforni so as to properly . s» wsks and benefits to your Clients or pat1enG‘* Do you semi w. V.. r sosvefficieiii a ECWES For HEPA-'4 compliant {or lv15>. AA cer: iF>: —:'l platfonns available today? Do you kn: -ri rihet else yzxu need t: be dong to meet both : -rw an and secunty laws cn both in deral i[i—: IP»'. A in the U5‘ and state levels’ Join Dr. I-lariene Maheu as She discusses visas are D-sf-efits of using Slrype. what to pu: in your inrizimied consent eomznent and new to evaluate we range of platf: -rms thaz are l'lOl: a'. ~ailab‘= e as altematnes to Skype. Why 59 video as a dafionfl for psychotherapy’ siqipe update: imet 5 Microsoft doing (0 lVl'¥D. 'Cw'E sic, -pas Hwzii: Compliance’ what ll'| DlICEE0l'l5 do MYLYQS ‘[5 recent actions have for mental health professienais using Skype now? ‘ivr-. at IS the csfference DGCWEEFV HZPAL compliance and HEPAA certfcatior-" which features do iiierirai reaiiri pmressiariais need in a video piaiionii ici : :>. rrse| irg, zrapy C-( S‘J9‘: ‘T‘4'IS| CIfl7 - which alternative platforms are avada: -le for healthcare prcfesssmals? I Wtia: else no tiealthcare pro xsonas need to I(. i'IC-N to be Compliant ~. :". HPAA regulabdns toda'i'7 Free Webinar Date: March 27, 2012 FREE Ra-vibuiisgi-ie-1 Handbook Ii rekneiitzi Mealui ue-slenekeomnisoii View My Cart What others are saying "Dr. naiieii is nsvd'Io| ogy's ieieiieami visionary, ieaiaiiig our talleagnes iiimiigii pvofessional 1 - ii-aiiiing in euiirs and innovative tediiiokigiis §in(e ma midA90'§. reiepsyaiioiogy IS the 11st centurv and our nredauoiieis in particular must become iaioii-ieiiimiiiiex‘ Pat neuoei, Ph. D.. tum, JD, Far-vie" rues den; Avvénrew "/ ;,(’7. gal ': r Maren s 3 eat: -i; "ialrcral Ex, 1 : r r-is 5DJlv:5U: »" oi Ds~: 'li. lCIQV ~ rele--isai-. .* or-lire SE’ and 42 3? re: tetrnalzges :2 si_;7:: c’. art} siren: "mar : ra: t-ix. 5-le‘ie‘lE does iemrr Acrkstocs--cor t i-is: ‘Iii’! is ‘i‘: i. has: a . -ia-ce ». -2 'ier in amcr. cu ‘Nl iearr C’BC. ’I‘al stem . . enanfi i-:44’ names and lr'l: f‘9ve you services J5"; siie a siieci-i- irigwii '§(: i'lr'lE. "V1 3r l>'. al'eL ‘ Jiiné BYIV. FOLD = -s. :i-oisi; % —es: ce: ic. -i ; -,ea. i:i "nai-acne has worked at uie forefront or teidieami for many years and has substantial expertise in uie area. 1 strongly reciunine-id her as a sveaker and consultam in uiis arena. "
  69. 69. Create Video of a Talk, Discussion or a Demo of Your Offering Not Sure Where to Stan or Get Funding for Teiemedicine? . wm‘ Te'er. Yenta‘i-ieaim com 4
  70. 70. Yo [I Q Browse ( ‘liV4|‘rIlQiirgiulnx; W~_‘. giiralm -ell ’= K=ioi 'l: I(= [lF Add a featured video Uploaded videos a. Em: VUIIMHUI-y . y. _ . . ‘r v mm mun: = m. ... .ru. .i. .. - , Society for Technology & Teiepsychol. .. Online Therapy 8. New York Times New Perspectives Ethics in Therapy E. .. Moi/ ‘I95 Upioad ( TMHiChanne| Edit Channel o About TMHIChannel's channel Ed“ Post a channel comment Post Created Dy Latest Aciwm‘ Date Joined Featured Playlists Edit U ploaded Videos Other Channels
  71. 71. Coursework & Consultation Y°! l."‘ “Q94,” P'9a°~ Lesson - more or Principle, Standards I Guideline ®® ram: -rns. st-amt. ESSENTIAL POINTS rninlrm a Standard: (and some guidelines) In rules promulgated by pmhnlonal organizations and associations and by proltsslonal llennsing boards, which In rruny cases an govemrmnt agencies H In the United Sums. legal and regulatory requirements are enforced hy slate . ; . . , licensing boards, which regulau Iran cl professional practice i i ' ~ i c Professional associations pollen their own ranks and may uh action against “ ‘ ‘ members who do not adhere to their ofiical standards by means 01 sanctions. ‘ _‘ “ ' expulsion of turning thorn Into the approptlau state board Standards lam! some guideline-sl are mzcs promulgated by professional txgarv-zalinns and 4-notations am) try I TW( "'5 rwlessxxnai lrrrrwng boards which 4: l-AS‘ a’ many cases are aovemmen: agenoes 5 Cu EE l . l l l » ' ‘)0 WT WW5‘ T0 Climral star-dz-is address MNG A ' K94 POT a. Proiessacnal Eanducl M7” ‘fill YUJ7 . l’r. atluc and lit-alrtrenl lulrmrall guidelines "Star/ davos oi care‘ jg ‘ ' 0 Scope ol ; t1BL". >CE , i - cr Clthel related lS5U? S o
  72. 72. Strategy #5: Process Review it What were the directions? (Formula? )
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  75. 75. Do you own any of these? Do you own one of these smart devices? Did you 10 years ago?
  76. 76. XInternet World Stats Usage and Population Statistics Google Aowords Put your ad online. New Stats Start with $75 free Internet Users in the World Distribution by World Regions - 2011 12.0% 10.4% I Asia 44.8% I Europe 22.1% I North America 12.0% I Lat Am / Caribb 10.4% I Africa 6.2% I Middle East 3.4% I Oceania / Australia 1.1% SOUICEI Internet W0l’ld Stats - wwwinterneiworldstats. com/ staishtm Basis: 2,267,233,742 Internet users on December 31, 2011 Copyright 2012, Miniwatts Marketing Group 1,695 Facebook ~9 Tweet [’s>
  77. 77. Smart Phone Explosion ' Nearly half (46%) of American adults are smartphone owners as of February 2012, an increase of 11 percentage points over the 35% of Americans who owned a smartphone last May. .. ' Smartphone owners are now more prevalent within the overall population than owners of more basic mobile phones. (PEw,2o12)
  78. 78. ml-lealth r Mobile phones are the predominant form of communication in 3'0‘ world countries — landlines are extremely limited — broadband lags behind in development Copyright 2D12Te| eMental Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  79. 79. 4 . Store Mac iPod iPhone iPad r'Tunes Support Q Features BuiIt—in Apps ~ , ' " 2 —-, i0S iCloud Tech Specs Over 500,000 apps. For work, play, and everything in between. The apps that (orrre with your iPlr<_me are ‘rust the l_)€gIIirt1itr_)_ Browse the App Store to frnrjl lturrdrecls of tlrorrsarrds more. "i he rrrore apps you <: l0wrr| oa(I_ the more you realize there's almost no limit to what your IP| tone can (lo. Learn more about the App Store ~ Pa<>> V ,4“. Prmactro. um htt : www.
  80. 80. CIn3?O|3 Discover Android Browse Devices Get Apps Develop Apps Ox App Collections Ready to really make Android yours? Google Play has apps for everyone Browse some of our favorite Android apps in the hand—prcl<ed collections below e > Getting Started Getting Started with Tablet Calling All Gamers New ru Android? Whether you are looking for a Start using your tablet to have more fun stay Whether you want two minutes or two hours or’ great game, ways to stay connected or ways to more informed and be more pro-zlu-ctrve with this fun, Android Marl<er has a game for you Check stay informed on the go these apps will help you collection of stellar tablet. apps these out to get started mav. e the most of «bur new phone
  81. 81. _l| il! |il»1!i| iI¥ltIll3HiEIIfl! tIZl; ! = IIlIIl= i Qtuiiiaaa ! ll: !Il! l4-, 'llIlIt= ! Ira‘ r: -,"_, I LP . lfi lg. “Ni: ll 'l0)Ili‘ III}-". (=lIlllll0)llIFllltlImlItCi| t=ll‘i'lIllmll1I-‘(ill| lIt: IlI]"= lit= Hlll: .. I-—tt: tir: r;tlli. .imiit: -lunlllimiiiiI(: tt: mr: idItcI1ir: . About Us Articles Calendar Courses Discussion Blog Books iPhone App Reviews for Psychologists and Other Mental and Health PROFESSIONALS iPhone ‘Apps’ and Other Smartphone Devicesiservices for Mental Health F‘rofessionalsFu| l Story iPhone Apps Reviews for Mental Health, Psycliology and Personal Growth CONSUMERS As iPhone app developers since 2009 our team has amasid a collection of iPhone apps that may be of potential interest to psychologists psychiatrists counselors social workers and coaches We are happy to share our list of iPhone apps with you and ask that you assist us by commenting below We would particularly appreciate your [ ]Full Story mHea1th, iPhones 8: HIPAA Secured Telehealth & Telecommunication Platforms mHealth is one olthe fastestgrowing areas ofhealthcare funded by international players who understand that healthcare will soon be delivered to the consumer hip pocket ratherthan just to the desktop We will bring you much more information on this topic in the nearfuture but for now plan to use this blog to [ ]Full Story SKYPE 8: HIPAA (ePHI vs PHI) There seems to be continued confusion about whether or not Skype is HIPAA compliant Please allow me to post some amamttaiit-1-1;: aammiuimnimiti ‘ §lll= IM= J!* Glossary Interviews iletii‘ I 'i‘l4§i= lIt; 'e< ilitoiniéki', *_il. ¢t: nu-iii Websites Featured Tags I: -iiiiiiuiiir Dr Maheu Yes l agree that we are not perfect and cannot do Dr Rekha Dekhniukh Merlene Hi lam on the same wavelenth as you Roger Downey Dr lvlaheu We agree on video- conferencing codecs admin John It appears as if we agree on many things John Bierma Marlene Thanks for yourresponse I don‘tth Free Reimbursement Handbook with Te| eMentaIHea| thNews Signup! Copyright 2012 TeleMenta| Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
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  86. 86. Offer Free | nformation—Packed Videos as a Community Service 1 Ii D as‘ ! n,1r;0‘y: lel-9'», -8l'r Q I-we-y i-wing 1». .. : '.viea_). Au: Irvum, -r unless-um mulrmg iv : l*u_5 am: mzmrm imuiugln mun an. vmfl r: -:3 '¢la: syLP‘oc4_1: . - Mr: 2 g (ertnr, and N. Ulfllxlnnlfl In :1-1'1IE: |.1l WI-Ii : m:v: m: -_«. :.<mg-we Pr EvLAc- - : um -1 lv-91’5<VKr.7v'Q. £i 3| l. I‘5'it: Ii =5 5 In 3-3:‘; Nliuflli um-1 znrm (‘K-‘I'flA‘fr ‘I ‘JIYLHIJCV In Yclkfitiirr Cl‘H'IE 1'-Hui an 1 HGE fil 'IL- wrr. v.i». .;. “ >. ;, (¢arI 24:1 mpanq . uuIL'. I1| u"uVn — ' . mm. -4 Ari 3* r. , g. ‘ . .m. m» . .‘. u.. =. .. _,, . . 2.. .. : ,.. .,. _, ». ~.. “ 5 . wmm Tniancflm "-' HAM -mil: :1-I . W1: LAEJIIIMII . :m r--, - we
  87. 87. _. -V 1L1.x‘1i: —ne M. l ' , _ _ I ‘ _ P2I]ftH€I‘S]ll1) Rene Y. lL'l_u1st: t M. Mme J<. s+. =p1. Joe , —: » _ : _ Mm? “ PHD‘ QT1.T. s111e Z': Lt<: U Y<: »u11_-3 1I»: .Ie11a.111ux B.1'<: ~uesr: Posen ’ ‘ ’ P1'Qg1';111] ID JD MI), .11) Ph. D. October 1, 8, 15, 22, & 29 Web Conference Summary 10 Legal & Ethical CEs -» How to Get Started « Llcensure « Informed consentdocument « Skype & HIPAA « Social media policies -» Facebook, Yelp 8. Linkedln « Reimbursement -» Medicare 8. Medicaid « Accountable Care Organizations (ACOS) « Online marketing strategies « Legal issues with professional websites « Innovative practice models « Handling emergencies with children and adults « Free sources ofinformation . --’—’ ‘(as sIr: uuPEau/ .
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  91. 91. FREE Reimbursement Handbook BTeleMental Health Newsletter Registration TELEM N ALEA TH NSTITUTE Home Blog Partners Resources Services Store Training About Us View My Cart View Edit Revisions Devel Research—Based Professional Training for Telehealth, TeleMenta| Flee telehealth Webinar Health & Online Therapy All Courses Available 100% Online Training for Counselors, Nurses, Psychiatrists, Psychologists & Social Workers Continuing Education Credit also Available 3; u-yum svsnvmms onuuc y PASS nzsr omme 3) DEUVE“ 5ERV'CE5 ONUNE New Course Added! Advanced Clinical Telepractice Models for Success No Book Inrchua Necessary pm“ cg cg. -gang. Two hour—| ong interviews covering evidence-based approaches to working with clients who live hundreds of miles away from (Jiiliiic Tlli. ?l. '-lpy 8. Nl: wYi: ‘:ik Tiim their practitioners. What others are saying "Dr. Maheu is psycho| ogy's -; ,,_ telehealth visionary, leading our : , colleagues through professional
  92. 92. FREE Reimbursement Handbook & TeleMental Health Newsletter Registration ((( IE. LE_l4_E_'£l£H_E/ Lil E NSTITUTE Home Blog Partners Resources Services Store Training Aboutljs Viewrvly Cat TeleMental Health Bibliography Add a Reference to Our Bibliography If your search for the 4‘. first author does not yield the reference(s) you have in mind, please add to our database by suggesting new entries here. provide our resources to you and the telehealth community as a free TMHI service to support the growth of our body empirical evidence. Please note, this is our original ii’ bibliography from our text, The Mental Health Professional and the New Technologies (2004) that has been updated somewhat. A much more extensive list of up~to—date references is available to students who register for any of our courses on this page. l welcome to the TeleMental Health Institute's Research Bibliography. we are pleased to ,3 Only peer reviewed books and articles are invited. Thank you. 21st Century fideo Limited. (2007). Digitization, Compression and Transmission. Retneved October 14, 2009 from Re9;sge, f°, T,a; mn9 www. c21video. com/ standards. html. USA Althos Publishing. Courses and Certificate Program will Edlt reference give you the skills and confidence to: Delete reference 0 migrate your practice online I slash office overhead costs and o enjoy the freedom of working from your laptop A Checklist to Assess Data Quality Management Efforts. Joumal of American Health Informatics Management Association, 69(3). Retrieved October 16, 2009 from http: //www. AmericanHealthlnformaticsManagementAssocIatIon. org/ publicatio. .. Edit reference CEs are co-sponsored by Alliant Delete reference International University. Abdel-Malek, A. (1996). Telemammography feasibility. Telemedicine Today, 4(6), 3637. click here for CE details Edlt reference Delete reference pou
  93. 93. Tl": LElI’llE| ll’/ AL HIE/ %Lil’l~i ii ll! » 87 ll ll ll LU‘ ll I’: tinnit- configure edit view Professional Training Options Webinars Individual Courses i Certificate Program i View Edit Devel To see a detailed list of courses, please click the type of training you prefer above. You can be assured of your satisfaction. 100% Money—Back Guarantee http: //teIehealth-0'9/Catalog
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  97. 97. #a—_i' The Mental Health Professional and the New Technologies: A Handbook for Practice Today Was coeauthored by Pamela Whitten Ph D and Ace Allen M D This academiclproiessionai book is a hands—on resource that shows how communication technologies can be designed implemented and managed to help professionals expand and transform their contact with patients and clients Step by step the authors reveal how to introduce innovative communication tools to a wide range of settings This indispensable book contains a wealth of information suggestions and advice about program development ethical legal and regulatory issues and technical options For more information see this description and comments from leaders in neaithcare business and administration = See how easy and safe it is to buy this book 5 on Amazon com by clicking the BUY NOW" button below I Blili’i‘I. '£l" C. -. visa E Pom: Get A Free Chapter Experience Real World Examples from chapter 10 of this Amazing Book. “The Telemedicine Book, How To Get started" Enter Your Name And Best Email Address In The Form Below Now! Full Name Primary Email Free Access Whether you are planning to design a web site, reply to email from a patient, start an online practice, establish a mailing list for professionals with interests similar to your own, or wonder where the need. —Ivan Goldberg, M. D. Webmaster, Depression Central online world is headed, you Will find [in the book] the information you
  98. 98. eBook Cover & eBook Layout i“ Not home-made — 99designs. com — eBook cover $5 at Fiverr. com <' Google "book | ayout” — Inside chapters & headers C $5 — $20 per page independent designers < $.50 per page at Fiverr. com (high end) Copyright 2012 TeleMental Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
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  100. 100. What's the Difference? . i;. ... 'f~‘: ?': %&‘s£‘~&‘r£‘”l‘I‘t§‘I‘; (‘I‘: I’ _: .‘: I“ l ‘ an 1 'r', £1.’u [ W K . . CL-9 . ,. - ‘N r= ' J}: / - ’ -E. <8»-9 . at « , .., . ‘ t‘ " / 3 (; ,,’. ,‘a_ . ’ (is? ‘t? 6,2‘ : ‘JI'“-’ r ' . "’ ’ . !;tL, Le"i-: rf- * 1 Copyright 2012 TeleMental Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
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  107. 107. All Legal & Ethical Rules Apply Copyright mi 2001 Randy Glasborgon. ~rww. gIasbcrgcn. com . / i O . eLA$6a2G “I typed up my résumé on the computer. The spell-checker accidentally changed ‘Mid-State Junior College’ to ‘Harvard’. ”
  108. 108. Federal Trade Commission (mi FTC Powers to Regulate o Merchant-Advertiser Deception & Unfalrness Responsibility & Liability FTC/ AG Enforcement 9 Affiliate/ Network Responsibility & Liability 0 Merchant-Advertiser/ Affiliate Best Practice—Comp| iance Tips Priorities Ad Substantiation Clear & Conspicuous Disclosure/ Negative _ _ Option 9 Mobile Marketing FTC Endorsement 9 PFIVBCY Guidelines Copyright 2012 Affiliate Summit West
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  111. 111. Is online counseling legal? Yes. online counseling is recognized and regulated by state. federal. and licensing board regulations Medicare and Medicaid recognize and reimburse online counseling through specific guidelines To meet and exceed compliance requirements, only allows mental health professionals to see clients in the states where professionals are credentialed Mental health professionals can usually apply for credentials in multiple states and should contact their state licensing board for more information Goverlknent regulations and licensing boards are rapidly evolving to expand telemedicine access Clients and providers of online counseling should become familiar with the regulations governing online counseling in their state before engaging in sessions Is online counseling secure? Yes, encrypts data via 256-bit SSL encryption and is building its infrastructure to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) All communication between a client and provider is encrypted in transit and deleted from Breakthroughs sewers after a session, does not ask for a client's name or address. only a phone number and email address in case of emergencies For your security. we strongly recommend that you do not use on public computers, We also recommend that you do not store your password through your web browser or other Is online counseling covered by insurance? Since 2004, online counseling and telepsychiatry is reimbursable through Medicare, Medicaid, and a growing number of insurance plans The CPT codes that identify services for reimbursement are constantly changing. Here are codes that can be considered for online or olfiine mental health services Individual psychotherapy CPT 90804 — 90809 Consultations CPT 99241 — 99255 Office or other outpatient visits CPT 99201 — 99215 Pharmacologic management CPT 90862 Psychiatric diagnostic intenaiew examination CPT 90801 Neurobehavioral status examination. CPT 96116 CPT code descriptions can be found on the American Medical Association's CPT directory The modifier GT may be necessary to identify that services were delivered via telemedtcine
  112. 112. Dot Com Disclosures: FTC Business Education/ Guidance To make disclosures clear and conspicuous, online advertisers should: ° Place disclosures close to the triggering claim. - When using hyperlinks to disclosures, make the link uniform and obvious, label the type of information it leads to, and monitor c| ick—through rates for effectiveness. ° Disclose material purchase terms on order page, near order button, as well as in Terms & Conditions. Copyright 2011 Affiliate Summit West 12 _V
  113. 113. Competent and Reliable Scientific Evidence 99006 What It Isn’t Anecdotal evidence from consumers Popular press articles Sales materials from manufacturer Low return rate Money—back guarantee 9000 Copyright 2011 Affiliate Summit West What It I_s Methodologically sound tests, studies, scientific research Based on expertise of professionals in field Objectively conducted by qualified people Using procedures accepted as accurate Yielding statistically significant results
  114. 114. "New” FTC Substantiation Standard? <’ Weight Loss Claims - at least 2 controlled clinical studies on advertised product by i separate, independent researchers Copyright 2011 Affiliate Summit West
  115. 115. Revised FTC Endorsement Guides C Testimonials still must represent what consumers ’’typically’’ will achieve C BUT: if they don't, ’’Results not typical” disclaimer no longer suffices, clear & conspicuous disclosure of ’’generally expected results” now required, unless advertiser can prove consumers don't think the results are typical. No FTC enforcement of this yet but cases can be expected Copyright 2011 Affiliate Summit West
  116. 116. Revised FTC Endorsement Guides (cont. ) C Disclosure of material connections between advertisers and lay (non—expert) endorsers must be made. This now applies to bloggers endorsing products, who also can be held liable for making false claims, and to celebrities endorsing products in unconventional formats (i. e., talk shows) or social media where consumer may not think celebrity is being paid. Advertiser principally liable for failure to disclose. Copyright 2011 Affiliate Summit West
  117. 117. Learning Objectives - 1. PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT: Identify at least 3 relatively quick and easy formulas to develop a research—based, se| f—he| p blog, eBook, podcast or continuity program within 2-6 months ° 2. MARKETING: Name at least 3 ethical and legal strategies to successfully market se| f—he| p materials worldwide through the Internet ° 3. LAW & ETHICS: Cite at least 3 ethical standards relevant to developing psycho—educational materials for the | nternet—based consumer
  118. 118. (, Learning Objectives 1. PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT: Identify at least 3 relatively quick and easy formulas to develop a research—based, self-help blog, eBook, podcast or continuity program within 2-6 months It 2. MARKETING: Name at least 3 ethical and legal strategies to successfully market self-help materials worldwide through the Internet 3. LAW & ETHICS: Cite at least 3 ethical standards relevant to developing psycho—educational materials for the Internet-based consumer
  119. 119. Questions? Thank. uou Marlene M. Maheu, Ph. D. TeleMental Health Institute, Inc. Phone: 619-255-2788 Email: mmaheu@te| ehealth. ORG Copyright 2D12Te| eMenta| Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  120. 120. Policies & Guidelines AMA Polic : Professionalism in the Use of Social Media Guseh JS 2nd, Brendel RW, Brendel DH. Medical professionalism in the age of online social networking. J Med Ethics. 2009;35(9):584-6. Social Media and the Medical Profession: A uide to online rofessionalism for medical ractitioners and medical students. A joint initiative of the Australian Medical Association Council of Doctors—in—Training, the New Zealand Medical Association Doctors—in—Training Council, the New Zealand Medical Students’ Association and the Australian Medical Students’ Association. Gabbard GO, Kassaw KA, Perez—Garcia G, Professional boundaries in the era of the internet. Acad Psych. 2011;35:168—74. Brave New World of Social Media: Social networking is transforming the way medical students communicate with one another, but is online content meeting professional standards? The New Physician January—February 2010 Copyright 2012 TeleMental Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  121. 121. Commentaries ° Farnan JM, ParoJA, Higa JT, et al. Commentary: The relationship status of digital media and professionalism: it's complicated. Acad Med. 2009;84(11):1479—81. ° Greysen SR, Kind T, Chretien KC. Online Professionalism and the Mirror of Social Media. J Gen Intern Med. 2010 Nov;25(11):1227—9. - Chretien KC. A doctor's reguest: please don't friend me. (Opinion—Editoria| ). USA Today. June 10, 2010. Mostaghimi A, Crotty BH. Professionalism in the digital age. Ann Intern Med. 2011;154(8):560—2. Copyright 2D12Te| eMenta| Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  122. 122. Papers Chretien KC, Greysen SR, Chretien JP, Kind T. Online posting of unprofessional content by medical students. JAMA. 2009 Sep 23;302(12):1309—15. Thompson LA, Dawson K, Ferdig R, Black EW, Boyer J, Coutts J, et al. The intersection of online social networking with medical professiona| ism. J Gen Intern Med. 2008 Ju| ;23(7):954- 7. Lagu T, Kaufman EJ, Asch DA, Armstrong K. Content of weblogs written by health professiona| s.J Gen Intern Med. 2008 Oct;23(10):1642—6. Garner J, O’Su| |ivan H. Facebook and the professional behaviours of undergraduate medical students. Clin Teach. 2010;7(2):112—5. Kind T, Genrich G, Sodhi A, Chretien KC. Social Media Policies at US Medical Schools. Med Educ Online. 2010 Sep 15;15. doi: 10.3402/meo. v15i0.5324. Chretien KC, Goldman EF, Beckman L, Kind T. It's your own risk: students’ perspectives on online professionalism. Acad Med. 2010;85(10)S1-S4. Farnan JM, Paro JA, Higa J, Edelson J, Arora VM. The YouTube generation: Implications for medical professionalism. Perspectives in Biology & Medicine. 2008;51(4):517-24. Chretien KC, Azar J, Kind T. Physicians on Twitter. JAMA. 2011: 305(6):566-8. Copyright 2D12TeleMenta| Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.