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A packet for an animal


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A packet for an animal

  1. 1. It A group ofus a lot of from to decide what to do for the has taken students time Youngster classes met theTeenagesof a pet shop Egzotica. solution came to us itself. owner in Action project. The Mrs Marta MuchaOur teacher saw an advertisement of ahomeless saying told us what we can do to help some pet shop animals in our town. She explained what the dogsthey will be collecting things for homeless animals. Sheimmediately told us mostit would decided to help.idea to and cats need the that and we be an excellent Thehelp those poor dogs weeks and it was a wonderfullove action took us two and cats and just because we adventure. We called it „Paczka dla zwierzaczka”animals we thought we could engage ourselves in it. which means „a packet for an animal”.
  2. 2. We collected such things as: canned food for dogs and cats,dry food, rice, pasta, buckwheat groats, barley groats, collars,braces, leashes, muzzles, blankets and quilts. Youngsters werewandering around the school reminding other students andasking them to bring something for the animals every day fortwo weeks. We even collected things at our school disco. It wasgreat to see that many people care about animals just as wedo.
  3. 3. On 6th and 7th December we drove all the gifts to theshop and gave them to the representatives of theAnimals association. We had to drive two times as wecould not carry everything in one car but we wereextremely happy we collected so many things.
  4. 4. We hoped that students from our school would showtheir compassion and donate something for the animalsand we were right. They did not disappoint us. All giftswere given to Youngster students who then gathered allthe things in one of the classrooms. We even received ahuge dog toy which will be sold during an auction inJanuary. The doggy was learning from our books whilewe were packing the gifts.
  5. 5. Mateusz Stawiarski Malwina OleksiakSandra Cieszkowska Rafał Przysucha