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  1. 1. Marci LeeAssociate of Applied Science Concentration in Interior Design Baker College of Muskegon
  2. 2. Design PhilosophyAn interior is the tangible reflection of the soul; capturingpassions and joys to create an atmosphere that describesits inhabitants.Interiors ought to be stunning yet timeless, detailed yetsimple. They should also be extremely functional,allowing graceful aging through the provision of generalADA standards.
  3. 3. Related Courses• Intro to Interior Design• Graphics• Rendering Techniques & Perspectives• Workroom Practices• 20-20 CAD• AutoCAD• Textiles• Space Planning I & II• Building Systems• Survey of Art & Architecture I & II• History of Furnishings• Business Practices• Sales• Principles of MarketingAchievements• President’s List -2008: fall -2010: winter & spring -2011: fall• Dean’s List -2009: winter, spring & fall -2012: winter• GPA 3.94
  4. 4. Daphanie Taylor Living Room DesignDesigned for a single woman in her late twenties who desired a European-influenced home where shecould relax and reminisce of her adventures in Europe.
  5. 5. Traditional Bed Design The objective: To design traditional bedding and to estimate the amount of fabric required to obtain desired design. Fiber Source Usage Style/ Color Width Repeat Pattern Yds Content Robert Floral H- 13 ¾” 100% Spun Comforter 55” Floral 9 Allen Medley V- 18 ¾” Rayon Skirt & H-1 ¾” 58% Poly Duralee round toss Moss 54” Magee 8 V- 3 ¼” 42% Viscose pillow Toss H- 7” 100% spun Petite Kravet Butterscotch 54” 1 pillow V- 4 ½” Rayon Blossom Comforter H- 5/8” 60% Viscose Kravet Cardinal 54” Flirtation 3 Reverse V- 5/8” 40% Cotton Chair Dimensions: WxDxH: 31” x 37”x 31” Arm Height: 29” Seat Height: 19” Seat Depth: 20” COM: 5 yds Welt 17 yds Source Usage Style/ Color Width Repeat Fiber Content Pattern H- 7” 100% spun Petite Kravet Toss pillow Butterscotch 54” V- 4 ½” Rayon Blossom H- 5/8” 60% Viscose Kravet Chair Cardinal 54” Flirtation V- 5/8” 40% Cotton
  6. 6. Contemporary Bed Design The objective: To design contemporary bedding and select a variety of fabrics to enhance the design. Style/ Fiber Source Usage Width Repeat Pattern Color Content Throw & H- 13 ½” Pearson 8002-55 54” 100% Cotton Paisley Neck roll V- 17 ½” Spread & 52% Cotton Robert Diamond square toss 54” V- 1 ½” 48% Diamond Allen Patch pillow Polyester Robert Rectangle Cornflowe H- ½” Zigzag 55” 100% Cotton Allen toss pillow r V- ½” Diamond Robert H- 5” 48% Diagonal Pillow Sham Nordic 54” Allen V- 13 ¼” Polyester Lines
  7. 7. Mr. & Mrs. Youngston The objective: To design a contemporary window treatment and select a variety of fabrics to enhance the design. Source Name Color Width Repeat Joanne Christopher Tuscany sun 55” H- 10 ¾” Fabrics Lowell 820-4604 Joanne Christopher Tuscany Sun 55” H- 13” Fabrics Lowell Organza Dot
  8. 8. Veritas Winery Manager ResidenceWinery Blocking Diagram Blocking Diagram Winery Adjacency Matrix Manager Residence Adjacency Matrix
  9. 9. Veritas Winery Winery Floor plan (1st Floor) Manager Residence (2nd Floor)Veritas winery is designed with a main focus on the wine bar, and also the retail store. Most of the public area is open withminimal walls to make customers feel like they can move freely from one space to another. The Wine bar and retail storecome together within the lounge area, which is located directly next to the book display so that customers are able to diveinto a book and relax with wine in hand.
  10. 10. Veritas Winery Design Boards/ FinishSelections
  11. 11. Veritas Winery Wine Bar Views Specifications Book Wine Bar PerspectiveOld-World Villa will be experiencedthrough the installment of brick floors,open beam ceilings, plastered walls, andother accessories that will come togetherand enhance the design. Wine Bar Elevation
  12. 12. Veritas Winery Retail Area Checkout Elevation Detail of the checkout desk designed for use within the winery retail area. Checkout Section
  13. 13. Edita Kazlauskas Kitchen Construction Plan Apartment Floor PlanThis kitchen was designed for Edita Kazlauskas; aLithuanian woman in her late seventies. Her newapartment is designed with attention toaccessibility, mid-century modern aesthetics, aswell as her personal comforts and interests. Editacurrently uses a walker, but the overall design willreflect ADA requirements, so that if she were everin a wheelchair her daily activities will not bethwarted. Mechanical Plan
  14. 14. Edita Kazlauskas Kitchen (continued) Basic Floor PlanDesigned with an overall accessible, mid-century modern design that reflectsLithuanian culture, allowing Edita to live incomfort with the ability to enjoy all of hercurrent pleasures for years to come. Design Board/ Finish Selections
  15. 15. Mackenzie Residence Living Room Design Ple Designed with a desire to capture the life of the garden that surrounds the exterior of the home, while keeping it simple and refined.
  16. 16. Albertis Residence Adjacency Matrix Main Floor PlanDesigned as the first new home that Georgeand Shellie Albertis are going to own. It isdesigned to be comfortable for everydaylife whether they are entertaining or relaxingafter a day’s work. Nature is incorporatedthrough the selection of colors . This homewill be well designed for George & Shellieas a couple, but it will also have a greatdesign with a future family in mind. Electrical Floor Plan
  17. 17. Albertis Residence Kitchen Kitchen Isometric Rendered Kitchen Isometric Kitchen Floor Plan Kitchen Elevation
  18. 18. Sketching & Rendering Sketched Up-side-down Rendered with Prism Color Marker & Colored Pencil
  19. 19. Sketching & Rendering (continued) Rendered with Prism Color Marker & Colored Pencil
  20. 20. Sketching & Rendering Wallpaper Rendered with Prism Color Marker & Colored Pencil
  21. 21. Gregory Residence Designed from the foundation up for a family living in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. esi North Elevation Foundation Plan West Section
  22. 22. Gregory Residence (continued) Main Story Floor Plan Second Story Floor Plan
  23. 23. Marci Lee Interiors Studio ExteriorMarci Lee Interiors is a sole proprietorinterior design studio. This studio providesboth in-studio and in-home designconsultation for residential and commercialsettings, and also has a display of fair-trade Studio Floor Planand locally designed interior furnishings. Studio Front End
  24. 24. Marci Lee Interiors Studio Consultation RoomMission StatementDiscovering unique and creative designsolutions that are functional and timeless,providing an atmosphere that captures thesoul and lifestyle of those using the space. Consultation Floor Plan
  25. 25. Marci Lee Interiors Business Documents Envelope Business Plan Proposal Contract Invoice Business Card Purchase Order
  26. 26. Thank you for your time and consideration!Marci Lee6322 S. Quarterline Rd.Spring Lake, MI 49456Home: (231)798-2198Cell: (616)843-5365mlee09@baker.edu