Marketo first 60 days sample implementation


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Marketo first 60 days sample implementation

  1. 1. Marla P. Chupack Insurance Company Sample Marketo Implemenation First 60 Days
  2. 2. Marla P. Chupack Implementation Steps 1. Identify Marketing Goals 2. Create Lead Scoring 3. Identify Campaign Content Assets 4. Institute Marketing Standards for Each Type of Campaign 5. Setup/Architecture (create tree structure and naming conventions) 6. Data Management and Lead scoring name conventions 7. Transfer of assets from existing ESP to Marketo 8. Create/Modify Checklists 9. Implement Preference Center
  3. 3. Marla P. Chupack Identify Marketing Goals (for 60 day period) Examples: • Underwriter awareness - of agent interest • Recruit new agents • Create lead generation system/flow to existing agents • New product, service or feature promotion • Ongoing agent education
  4. 4. Marla P. Chupack Create Lead Scoring Examples: • identify weights put on recipients action – opens – click-throughs – Unsubscribe - send auto-email to try to re-engage or point them to other Insurance Company resources
  5. 5. Marla P. Chupack Identify Campaign Content Assets Examples: (that can be used for call to action to gather info from the landing page web form): • Slide Share Presentations (Great for searchabilty - Company should have their own page) • Webinars • White Papers • Photo-Galleries • Info-Graphs • YouTube Video or Video's stored elsewhere (but recommend a YouTube channel for better visibility and searchability) • Archived Agent eNews Issues
  6. 6. Marla P. Chupack Institute Marketing Standards for Each Type of Campaign Examples: • List(s) - Audience segment(s) selection • Personalization: Dynamic snippets • Based on lead scoring or action - What triggers alert notification • Alert notifications routing (are special instructions needed in the alert notification emails that go to the pre-specified individuals) selection • What auto-respond emails go to individuals who show interest in content (there should always be an additional call to action in these emails) • Assets (standard) on emails and notifications (headers, footers, logo, web address, contact info) • What metrics/reports are needed to gauge campaign success
  7. 7. Marla P. Chupack Setup/Architecture (create tree structure and naming conventions)
  8. 8. Marla P. Chupack Types of Naming Conventions/Structures to Set Up Examples: • Data Management and Lead Scoring • Email Templates • Emails • Landing pages • Design Studio – Documents – Signatures – Headers – Footers – LogosImages • Lead Lists
  9. 9. Marla P. Chupack Transfer Assets from Existing ESP to Marketo Examples: • Lists • Images • Documents • Copy • Landing pages
  10. 10. Marla P. Chupack Create Checklists Examples: • Landing Page Checklist (should include linking page to Google Analytics, and putting in keywords) • Webinar Checklist • Live Event Checklist • Whitepaper Download Checklist • Importing a List Checklist • Email Testing (should include hooking into Marketo IBM email testing suite)