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Past Continuous 1-2 ESO


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Past Continuous 1-2 ESO

  1. 1. The Past ContinuousThe detective was investigating at 6 o’clock yesterday
  2. 2. The Past Continuous AFFIRMATIVE: Play The plumber was repairing the pipes I wasYouWe were playingThey HeShe was It
  3. 3. The Past Continuous NEGATIVE: Play was not The women weren’t eating. I wasn’tYou wereWe not playinThey weren’t gHe was notShe wasn’t It
  4. 4. The Past Continuous INTERROGATIVE: Play What was the drummer doing? He was playing was I the drums you(WH-) were we playing? they he was she it
  5. 5. Uses1-To describe a past action over a periodof time "What were they doing yesterday at 10 0’clock?""They were singing all day.
  6. 6. 2-To say that somebody was in the middle ofdoing something at a certain time. This time last week I was playing the guitar
  7. 7. 3-Past simple and past continuous are used together when something happened in the middle of something else He ate a pizza while he was working.
  8. 8. The Past ContinuousTime expressions: While, as, when. While we were playing basketball, it started to rain