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1st Conditional


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1st Condi

Published in: Education
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1st Conditional

  1. 1. 1 s t C ond itional by m igu e l ánge l rod rígu e z lóp e z
  2. 2. C ond itional S e nte nce sThey are composed by 2 clauses. one that expresses the condition  Introduced by the word “if”, commonly known as “if clause”. one that expresses the consequence.Example: If you work hard, you will succeed.
  3. 3. 1 s t C ond itional : P rob ab le C ond ition It is used for actions which are true or likely to happenExamples: If it rains tomorrow, we shall cancel the picnic. You will be tired if you do a lot of exercises.• Note on 1st Conditional: If + present tense, future tense A modal verb (can, must, etc.) is sometimes used instead of a present tense.
  4. 4. S u m m ary Conditional sentences are composed by 2 parts  one that expresses the condition (present simple)  one that expresses the consequence (future simple – WILL/WON’T)