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  • Makes it easier for the average joe to get into photography. In the past, we had to develop images because of filmRising interest in photography as a hobbyPhotography is a growing market and the number of amateur semi-pro is increasing fast.
  • Landscape, event, fashion, wildlife, photojournalism
  • I hate traveling with my gear. I hated so much that I sold most of them. But I still miss my gear and want to rent camera lens and other accessories when I travel.Victor has gear he does not use all the time. He paid a lot of money for it.Tiffany is an amateur photographer and wants to try out new gear before buying. She would also like to learn how to take better pictures.
  • I can’t afford to buy all those different lenses that I want and camera bodies models come out all the timeI have expensive gear that I don’t use all the time
  • 31% to 46%
  • Lg oep

    1. 1. Light Graphos Community marketplace for photographers
    2. 2. Background In 2007, the photography industry was worth $136.7 billion In 2013, it has grown to $230.9 Photography is a growing market and the number of amateur semi-pro is increasing dramatically. Rising interest in photography as a hobby Why? Because digital photography makes it easier for people to take, process and share pictures
    3. 3. So what As a photographer, it is very difficult even though its easier!! Photography equipment is expensive! Lens, camera bodies, accessories oh my Photography genres galore That’s why the market size is so large
    4. 4. Who are we We are a group of friend from the tech industry professionals who have diverse photography backgrounds We get together all the time to talk about photography. We always end up sharing knowledge and gear to help each other out.
    5. 5. “I started off using film, then point & shoot, then DSLR. I have dabbled in portrait photography. I have accumulated a lot of expensive gear that I don’t use all the time” - Mark “I like to rent gears when I'm doing a shoot or traveling. When I went to shoot some wildlife, I would rent a long zoom lens. That'd give me plenty of space between me and them. After all, nobody wants to get eaten by a bear” - Victor “I'm a newbie but i want to take better pictures and if that means I need better gear but I'm not ready to invest $2k for lens/gear- someone please educate me. Also would love to try before buy.” - Tiffany
    6. 6. Idea Create an online platform that allows photographers to share photography equipment and knowledge
    7. 7. How does it work Rent out your gear Rent gear that you need Community to share knowledge Make some money Save some money Increased knowledge It’s a win – win – win for all
    8. 8. Market • Total market is huge, it’s a billion dollar industry and the number of photographers are growing as a result of the rising interest in photography as a hobby o $230+ industry in 2013!! • Serviceable available market: o US, photographers, age 18+ • 54 million people!
    9. 9. Survey Results Willing to rent gear Willing to rent out their gear
    10. 10. Concerns
    11. 11. If we provide insurance, how many people converted and said they would rent out their gear
    12. 12. Strategy