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Work portfolio


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This is a portfolio of my creative skills and experience.

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Work portfolio

  1. 1. creative PORTFOLIO “An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail.” -Edwin LandMark Anthony
  2. 2. about me My idea always is that, while we can do the work at hand, we better give our best in what we can give. While it may not be among the world’s best,I am always fascinated by work of art. I but we can, at the end of the day be proud thatbelieve that things don’t just have to be we have extracted within us, that element ofuseful, but they can be beautiful as well. greatness and which have in a way or the other contributed to the world’s pool of ideas, innovationThis work portfolio presents some of the and a great work of art or of i have been involved with in thecourse of my recent work life. In the realm of greatness, art and science blurs along with what is material in one hand, andI have done numerous works in spiritual, in another.Hence, one must not put atechnical writing, designing graphic arts, great distinction between what a great scientificdoing simple web designs, logo marks, work is and what a great artistic work is. Because,database and just about anything i for all meaningful purposes they speak forcome across with in my job both as a themselves, that is, that they are in themselvesUniversity Instructor and as an great.Operations Coordinator. 2/ 12
  3. 3. Company ProfileThe TAD Group Company Profile was a work i created wherein i build from the scratch a truly workable and presentable company profile for TAD including thenew logo marks and integrating concepts totally different so they form a coherent whole. I tried to present the TAD Environment and TAD Logistics as acoherent system of companies one dealing with Hazardous waste treatment and the other dealing with the Logistics side.
  4. 4. Web designThese are some of the website ideveloped merely as visual samples altho This one above has been created in relation to a rebranding activity in TAD group. I helped develop web This website is created using WordPress and self-hosted on my mac.This is a concept design for a company that my Boss is starting up that hassome of these have been used and these concepts for a full-picture background something to do with iOS app development.implemented. The first two on top is homepage with minimalist design.created for the Beta Sigma FraternityAlumni and one for income-generatingventure for manpower sourcing. 4/ 12
  5. 5. iBooks development These are pages from the iBooks that i created for our company TAD Group. iBooks are a great platform for distributing content specifically created for authoring electronic books that would work on iPad 2. There is just great avenue for creativity and user interaction that makes iBooks very intuitive not just for academic purposes but also for corporate or business presentations, manuals, brochures, etc.iBooks 5/ 12
  6. 6. the conceptArtistic ideas always boil down topurpose and practicality. It must beemphasize that one creates with someend in mind. The creative process is purposeful. One creates because the creation fulfills a need.For art usually is borne on an intent,either to express, to impress, to inspire, Everything is created twice. First as a product of imagination, and hence of the mindand at other times, to confuse.Nonetheless it starts with a purpose. and second , as a product of action. And one without the other is futile.Here are some work i have done withlogo marks, stationeries, companyprofile, concept
  7. 7. MASTER IN MANAGEMENT 4 Specializations 3 Trimesters 1 Year Completion 0 Thesis Requirement Enrollment Starts JUNE 01, 2011 Educational Healthcare Public Project Management Management Management Management Master in Contact us! mobile: +966534500980 The business and professional challenges of the postmodern era require skill-set and portfolio of knowledge that enables one to surmount growing complexities of people, organizational, and social realities within a purview of an increasingly interactive global environment. Hence, the ATIS-CPD in consortium with Philippine Christian University, has come up with a Master in Management program that is designed to equipped future leaders in business, ATIS-iLEAD in consortium with Philippine Christian University Management email: healthcare, government, and educational sectors effectively meet the postmodern developmental challenges. The web: courses provide a leadership orientation to managing people and resources in a diverse, multicultural, and ever- complex institutional environments.Educational Healthcare Public ProjectManagement Management Management ManagementThe business and professional challenges of the postmodern era requires a skill-set and portfolioof knowledge that enables one to surmount growing complexities of people, organizational, and Enrollment Startssocial realities within a purview of an increasingly interactive global environment. Hence, the June 01, 2011ATIS-CPD in consortium with Philippine Christian University, has come up with a Master inManagement program that is designed to equipped future leaders in business, healthcare, Postersgovernment, and educational sectors effectively meet the postmodern developmental For details please email uschallenges. The courses provide a leadership orientation to managing people and resources in a at, multicultural, and ever-complex institutional environments. Or give us a cal atThe Master in Management program is a non-thesis, 3-trimester program, that branches out into +966534500980four (4) areas of specialization: Or visit us at Master of Management in Project Management Master of Management in Educational Management Master of Management in Healthcare Management Master of Management in Public Management
  8. 8. This is a reunionposter and other elements i the square created for a class reunion 8/ 12
  9. 9. research abstractThe Millennium Declaration of 2000specifically outlines HIV/AIDS as amongthe fiercest challenges that the worldwould have to face in the 21st Century.Consequently, stopping the spread of “Any Approach to Good Governance in the Area of HIV/AIDS Mitigation has to findthe infection has to be made integral toany development endeavor aimed at engagement and integration with existing reinforcing cultural norms.”improving the lives and wellbeing ofcitizens of the world. The United Nationsacknowledges good governance to be -Mark Anthony Siason, MPAthe means to achieving the targets setforth in the Declaration, and that,principles of good governance has tobe integrated as well to the creation andmanagement of institutions, processes, looks into the program to identify some elementsand programs aimed at beating the which have made it successful and which may betargets to achieving the Millennium of replication to other localities. And, based onDevelopment Goals (MDGs). discussions on the context and background of HIV/AIDS in the country, it hopes to identify someThis paper reviews the context that specific points to be the focus of strategy, and intowould paint the present and future contributing to program improvement. The paperscenario of HIV/AIDS prevention and argues that any such approach to goodmitigation in the Philippines and analyzes governance in the area of HIV/AIDS, also has tothe same to identify some elements of be contextualized into the cultural-moral realities ofintervention needed to operationalize the locality, and that for it to be truly participatory, itstrategy for effectively responding to the has to find engagement and integration with thechallenge in a way that integrates existing reinforcing cultural norms.principles of good governance.Particular case in point for analysis is abstract This research entitled “Goodthat of the HIV/AIDS program of Governance in HIV/AIDS Mitigation inZamboanga city, which won the Galing Zamboanga City” was presented to thePook Special Citation Award in 2006 College of Public Administration andand recipient of various foreign funding Development Studies in 2008.programs on HIV/AIDS. The paper thus,
  10. 10. research abstractPublic Administration, within the contextof public sector governance, plays akey role in Philippine economic “...brighter prospect for the Philippine economy necessitates a whole-of-governmentdevelopment. Although most analystswould single out the importance of reform that focuses on key reform levers of sound fiscal administration, bureaucraticprivate sector-led growth and soundmacroeconomic policy as drivers of efficiency and innovation, strengthening transparency and accountability, and promotiondevelopment, a closer look into thePhilippine economic situation reveal of rule of law and judicial reforms.”major issues and factors vital to theattainment of economic development -Mark Anthony Siason, MPAencompassed within the sphere ofpublic administration and governance.Hence, this paper argues that crucial to and other rather institutional factors that bear onbetter prospects for the Philippine prospects for higher rates of economic growtheconomy are improvements in fiscal thereby pointing to the need to accelerate reformsand administrative performance of in the public sector as key to economicpublic institutions and the public sector general. This research entitled “PublicThe paper reviews some key Administration Reform and Economicmacroeconomic issues affecting Development in the Philippines:economic growth in the Philippines and concepts, issues, and prospects” wasattempts to give some insights into presented to the College of Publicperplexing questions as to why the Administration and Development StudiesPhilippine economy remain sluggish. in 2008.Analysis centers on some critical Public abstractAdministration reform levers as soundfiscal administration, better judicialadministration and the rule of law, publicaccountability and transparency,bureaucratic efficiency and innovation,
  11. 11. These are some database applications icreated to aid me in my database operations work 11/12
  12. 12. creativePORTFOLIO