CS Q2 Review and Q3 Plan


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CS Q2 Review and Q3 Plan

  1. 1. Q2 Performance Review 2
  2. 2. Customer Support Performance DashboardHighlights: Challenges/Opportunities: Though the team struggled last quarter to meet the Response Time Response Time went down last quarter due to site changes/updates, and members’ goals, we were still able to end and burn 93% of Zendesk tickets last low work hours due to health, family & personal issues. quarter. < 2 hours: 50% actual vs 63% goal; 13% ↓ from Q1’s 63% Consistent performance was seen for Job Activity view since we bumped < 6 hours: 75% actual vs 84% goal; 9% ↓ from Q1’s 84% up the shared HMs headcount to 7 . < 12 hours: 87% actual vs 90% goal; 3% ↓ from Q1’s 80% Consistently meet the Tickets Per Hour despite of the challenges we had < 24 hours: 93% actual vs 94% goal ; 1% ↓ from Q1’s 94% last quarter. Tickets per hour slightly went down to 8.35 from Q1’s 9.60 because tickets were becoming a bit harder and complicated. VM View significantly went down to 72% from Q1’s 88% due to 2 OBCs who were not that active last quarter in doing OB calls. Note: Defects and Actions taken will be discussed on the next slides. 3
  3. 3. Response Time STATUS: • Challenged < 2 Hours: 79% to goal (50% actual vs 63% goal) < 6 Hours: 89% to goal (75% actual vs 84% goal) < 12 Hours: 97% to goal (87% actual vs 90% goal) < 24 Hours: 99% to goal (93% actual vs 94% goal) DEFECTS: • Website updates, implementation of tests, and bugs a. Users can’t leave a review (email address is not valid) > escalated to Team SF – pending resolution b. Text notifications issue > Issue resolved! c. Browser issues when responding to lead > happens to some version of IE. Issue resolved by updating to latest IE version or using different browser. d. Payment delays and fraud > Issue resolved! Jake implemented a process on how to deal with these cases. e. Subscription prices > Issue resolved! f. Consumers can’t change the credit card info after BIN has been triggered > Issue partly resolved! – Advise the consumer to pay the SP outside of Thumbtack. Team SF is currently working to integrate a tool which can be used for this issue. g. Commission payment tests > Currently being escalated to Jake h. Projects like resume writers and DJ > Currently being escalated to Jake i. Removal of Reviews > Issue Resolved! Tool has been made available in admin. • Members who are rendering less work hours due to health, personal and internet connectivity issues. • Lack of research and relying too much on SMEs to give the answers ACTIONS TAKEN: • Closely coordinated with Sander and Jake regarding site changes, updates, and possible bugs, and made sure that the team utilizes the form in submitting our users’ feedback. • Reminded some members and gave a soft nudge about their worked hours. • Advised the SMEs not to spoon-feed information, but guide the team in looking for the correct answers themselves. 4
  4. 4. Zendesk Views STATUS: • Exceeded Goal: Response Time > 90% - Uncategorized - Marked us as Spam - TT Syndication - Domain Order - Job Activity - CL Gig • Challenged: Response Time < 90% - User Question - Upsell Response - Marketing Email - Background Check - Voicemail - Craigslist DEFECTS: • Not adhering to the First In First Out Rule • 2 OBCs were not able to work more hours doing OB calls due to family and personal issues. • There are some tenured members who are a bit slow in resolving tickets due to lack of research and reading/understanding the updates sent to the group. Some also have no idea how the TPH is being computed. ACTIONS TAKEN: • Continued to remind the team about our First In First Out rule and advise them not to leave any open tickets in their views. • Asked the SMEs to check each member’s views and reassign the tickets to other members. • Had a discussion with few members that they should at least hit the 8 TPH because of their tenure in answering Zendesk tickets. Reminded them on how to compute their TPH. • Gave a soft nudge to the 2 OBC members about their calling hours and reminded them that answering Zendesk should only be their second priority. 5
  5. 5. Q3 Goals, Plans and Proposals 6
  6. 6. Q3 Goals and PlansGOALS: PLANS/STRATEGIES (cont’d): Since we haven’t met the goals last quarter, we propose to maintain these INTERVENTIONS: targets:  < 2 hours: 63%  Feedback:  < 6 hours: 84%  Continue to provide feedback through ticket and call recording reviews:  < 12 hours: 90% Owner: Deputy and Associates  < 24 hours: 94% Frequency: Weekly  Tickets Per Hour: 8 # of ticket reviews: • 10% to 12% of total Zendesk tickets for block 3, 6, and Rationale: 9 members (bottom in quality)  Given that we’ve only lost one member last month, the headcount that we • 5% to 8% of total Zendesk tickets for other blocks. have will suffice to address the tickets coming in on Zendesk. If only all our # of call recording reviews: members will work 40 hours consistently per week, the goals above are * 5 per OBC per week very easy to achieve. Note: The SME is not required to review any tickets but it will become  We want everyone to become more challenged with their jobs. Since all of handy for her during coaching. our members are already tenured, we are expecting them to step up with their performance and deliver beyond what is expected from them.  Coaching:  Support is given real time with the chat room being manned by the SME.  Provide monthly coaching to touch base with the member’s Also, we want to empower all our members to help each other and learn to performance, and provide a venue if he/she wants to raise any concerns share their knowledge to everyone. which will help him/her to improve. Owner: Deputy, Associates, and SMEPLANS/STRATEGIES: Frequency: Once a monthSME PROCESS:  One-On-One  This is something that was not done last quarter. This will be Jhara has stepped down from the SME post since she needs to focus on other implemented at least once a every quarter (better if it can be done personal issues. She won’t be able to commit to always work during PST time monthly) so our members will feel that we love to hear their but gave her word that she will continue to complete the hours required. thoughts, and share their lives with us. We will keep Betchie as the team’s SME. With the tenure of the team, one SME  Spreadsheet will be created which will contain the details of the is enough to monitor Zendesk activities since I and the ADDs will still be there to conversation, and the concerns of our members that need to be assist her. escalated to the higher management. We will continue to utilize the Skype chat room to address the concerns of our Owner: Deputy members real time, assign tickets based on date/time it was submitted in Frequency: At least once per quarter but I’ll do my best to have Zendesk, and hold a chat meeting if needed. conduct this monthly. 7
  7. 7. Q3 Goals and PlansPLANS/STRATEGIES (cont’d): PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM:  Monthly and Quarterly Evaluation  Balanced Scorecards (BSCs)  Start providing a more detailed monthly and quarterly evaluation  Continue to utilize the following BSCs for the team. Majority of the together with their BSCs. metrics, weights, and targets are maintained:  Spreadsheet will be provided to track each members’ performance  HM BSC monthly which includes the following:  OBC BSC  SME’s feedback  For Quality, weights for Voice recording was  Member’s strengths and AFIs changed from 60% to 70%, and Zendesk tickets  Agreed action items, owner, and timeline review from 40% to 30%. The team is required to  Follow through will be done on next month’s evaluation to send 5 recorded calls per week. determine if the member was able to improve his/her performance.  SME BSC  If there is no improvement for 3 consecutive months, this can be  For deliverables, the SME is not required to send used as a ground for members’ termination for poor performance. any feedback anymore. She still needs to review few tickets of each members since this will help her during coaching.  9-Blocker  Continue to monitor the team’s performance using the 9-blocker approach:  HMs: Tickets/Hour vs Zendesk tickets review  OBCs: Callbacks made vs Voice recording (70%) and Zendesk tickets (30%) review  The 9-blocker results will be used as basis of rate increase.  Stop limiting the members’ worked hours to 40 if they belong to block 9. The impact of those who will be part of block 9 and other lower blocks will be on their eligibility to get a rate increase and their stay as a CS member (to be discussed next). 8
  8. 8. Q3 Incentive ProgramTRIPLE TREAT!!! This incentive program will replace the individual incentive program which was  Team member can only be excused only ONCE for not implemented during Q1 and Q2 of 2012. meeting the 40 hours of work per week, provided that he/she sends an email stating the reason/s why he/she RATIONALE: won’t be able to do so.  All of us are considered as tenured members, and have been doing the same task for more than 6 months. In order to have an effective INCENTIVES: teamwork, everyone needs to be held accountable with each other’s  The following incentive will be given to Top 2 teams: performance by:  Top 1: $60 or $20 per member  Sharing of knowledge to everyone when addressing our users  Top 2: $30 or $10 per member concerns through answering Zendesk tickets and/or doing callback.  Providing more interaction within the group while at work EFFECTIVITY:  Creating a healthy and fair competition within the group.  July 30, 2012 til September 30, 2012 (August and March)  This incentive will ensure that each team member is aware of their individual  We only have 1 week left to end July. One week worth of data will not suffice performance as this affects his/her mini-team’s eligibility for the incentive to measured the mini-teams’ performance. program.  Implementing a group incentive is better than individual as this promotes MINI TEAMS (will change monthly): teamwork within the mini-team since they all have a common goal – to get Team 1: Team 4: the pot prize! Jhara Sheila Aaron Cyrus PROCESS: Joseph Rob o The team will be divided to 5 mini-teams with 3 members each (2 HMs and 1 OBC). Team 2: Team 5: o The following criteria and qualifiers will be used in determining the winners. Betchie Rhea Monthly roll up scores will be used: Maui Alex  Criteria: Jenny Paul  Tickets Per Hour (20%)  Ticket Reviews (50%) Team 3:  Voice recording evaluations (10%) Tep  Qualifiers: Hermz  The mini-team needs to accumulate at least 480 hours to Joyce qualify. This means each member needs to work for 40 hours for 4 weeks.  Should a team member won’t be able to meet the 160 hours per month, the other team members can shoulder his/her working hours. 9
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