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SCN overview SAPPHIRE 2010


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SAP Community Network (SCN) overview for SAPPHIRE 2010

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SCN overview SAPPHIRE 2010

  1. 1. SAP Community NetworkSAP’s Professional Social NetworkExplore, Engage, Innovate<br />May, 2010<br />
  2. 2. a × 10b<br />Exponential rate of change <br />Globalization: Economies, societies, and cultures are integrated <br />101 0111<br />110 1001<br />110 1011<br />Complex world<br />110 1001<br />Explosive growth in dissemination of information overwhelms teams<br />Fewer resources: Pressure to reduce costs and save time<br />Fragmentation: Sources of information are user generated , now from a multitude of sources<br />It’s Hard for Organizations to Adapt in Today’s Complex and Ever-Changing World<br />
  3. 3. Companies are Looking for Ways to Connect with Others to Leverage Collective Wisdom<br />Stay connected with others to find answers<br />Join together to build a knowledge base<br />Find better, proven solutions by asking others in similar environments<br />
  4. 4. SAP Community Network Helps Companies to Manage Complexity and Tap into Collective Wisdom <br />What is the SAP Community Network? <br />SAP Community Network, SAP’s professional social network, provides orchestrated connections to our community of SAP customers, partners, employees and experts. It delivers an unparalleled depth and breadth of knowledge about SAP solutions and services, in a collaborative environment, that encourages innovation and best-run business practices. <br />extend solution<br />use<br />gain insight<br />learn <br />discover<br />Code Exchange<br />Explore<br />optimize<br />Explore <br />consume<br />subscribe<br />Find partner solutions<br />Innovate<br />Innovate<br />adopt<br />follow<br />operate<br />find<br />join<br />comment<br />implement<br />rate<br />Idea Place<br />converse<br />search <br />connect<br />customize<br />evaluate<br />best practice<br />Engage<br />create<br />Engage<br />share<br />ask<br />participate<br />people-to-people<br />collaborate<br />solve<br />
  5. 5. SAP Community Network Team ExcelsRecognized Experts in Community Building<br />SAP Community Network… may be the most extensive use to date of social media by a corporation.”<br />Richard AdlerLeveraging the Talent-Driven Organization, The Aspen Institute, March 2010<br />“<br />“[SAP] launched a … space consisting of forums, wikis.. and blogs targeting a diverse set of … participants…SAP realized that collaboration among participants was essential, and it designed these creation spaces to encourage peer-to-peer interactions results have been impressive, not only in the scale of the creation space but in learning and performance improvements it has produced.” <br />John Hagel III, John Seeley Brown, Lang DavisonThe Power of Pull, April 2010<br />“<br />“<br />SAP ranks in the top ten of “the world's most valuable brands based on how they leverage social media to interact with customers.”<br />Charlene Li The World’s Most Valuable Brands. Who’s Most Engaged? Altimeter, August 2009 <br />SAP has elevated its community development into an entirepractice…it allows the most dedicated members of its community direct access to senior management to provide feedback on products, services, and strategy. This is the best way to stay customer-focused and relevant in a rapidly changing competitive environment.”<br />Chris Andrews Four Components of Successful Innovation, Forrester, April 2009 <br />“<br />
  6. 6. Communities: Diverse Audiences, Actively EngagedAlways On Communication, Orchestrated by SAP<br />~ 2 million members<br />> 200 countries and territories <br />~ 30,000 new members / month<br />> 200,000 have contributed<br />> 70,000 in last year<br />> 5,000 bloggers<br />Members<br />Contributors<br />Developers and IT Pros<br />Professors and Students<br />Business Insight Specialists<br />Business Process Experts<br />~ 1 million unique visitors / month <br />> 29 million total visits in 2009<br />~ 20 million pages viewed / month<br />~ 6,000 posts / day in 350+ forums<br />> 1.5 million topic threads<br />> 7 million total messages<br />Traffic<br />Momentum<br />
  7. 7. Communities Provide Deep, Broad ResourcesBest Practices, Thought Leadership and Training<br /> Downloads and Tools<br /> Collaboration<br />Skills Development<br /> Content<br />Marketplace<br />
  8. 8. Communities Enable Collaborative InnovationIdea Place and Code Exchange Invite Contributions Leading to Innovation<br />Idea Place hosted by SAP<br />Community-hosted public channel for participating in innovation at SAP<br /><ul><li>Submit ideas
  9. 9. Discuss others’ ideas
  10. 10. Vote for your favorite ideas
  11. 11. Connect with the teams that build SAP products, solutions or services</li></ul>Participants can influence the Future of SAP Products, Solutions and Services<br />Code Exchange hosted by SAP<br />Community-led code sharing and development projects at SAP<br /><ul><li>Tightly integrated into community user experience
  12. 12. Customers can find solutions addressing their niche requirements
  13. 13. Addresses non-differentiating SAP technology like sample and test-data</li></li></ul><li>SAP EcoHub<br />Online Solution Marketplace for SAP Customers<br />Discover Evaluate Buy<br />SAP and SAP Ecosystem: Software | Services | Content | Technology<br />Expand and Deliver the “Whole” Solution<br />Enhance Customer Intimacy<br />Empower the Partner<br />SAP EcoHub “Inside”<br />Community Powered Enterprise Solution Marketplace: SAP EcoHub<br />
  14. 14. Organizations Who Engage in SAP Community Network Drive Better Results <br />Efficiencies – reduce wasted resources, cycles, and money, by re-using existing experiences and solutions<br />Impact – drive higher quality and better business results by leveraging the community and known best practices<br />Speed – accelerate execution through access to technologies, models, and a network of experts <br />Insight – innovate and differentiate with the benefit of collective wisdom and a broad perspective <br />
  15. 15. Standard Bank is using SDN enterprise service use cases to ensure accuracy and shorten cycles.<br />“ Project resources together with the SAP Community Network are proving paramount to us realizing our vision. We were able to capitalize on the content and lessons learned on SCN to significantly shorten our learning curve and development lifecycles.”<br />Phillip ParkinsonIntegration Developer Standard Bank<br />Colgate Palmolive saved 10% to 20% of project time using the SAP Communities as a resource. <br />“ SCN has been a very helpful resource for many questions that we encountered during the development phase of our SAP implementation; easily saving us 10-20% of overall project time. Finding a similar solution ourselves might have taken an extra 2-3 weeks, in some cases.”<br />Faisal MehmoodBusiness Process Analyst Colgate Palmolive<br />Customers Gain Speed, Clarity and InsightDirect Access to Best Practices<br />Hamelin learned from trusted sources what worked and didn’t, leading to informed decisions and successful implementation.<br />“ We wanted technical information, step-by-step instructions on how to get [SAP BusinessObjects solutions and SAP ERP] to work together. The SAP BusinessObjects community gave us what we needed to implement the software successfully.” <br /> Jean-Marc ViallatteManaging Director Hamelin<br />
  16. 16. SAP Community Network – Three Simple StepsLeverage the Communities in Your Organization<br />Explore <br />Join the community, search for the resources you need, learnhow to use the site to benefit your team<br />Engage<br />Connect to build YOUR network, collaborate with peers, share your knowledge to “give back” and grow your reputation<br />Innovate<br />Adoptbest practices, optimizeyour landscape, visit Code Exchange and Idea Placefor innovative discourse<br />
  17. 17. Questions<br />
  18. 18. Thank you!<br />