Nxv Presentation Value Nov 09


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Nxv Presentation Value Nov 09

  1. 1. Maximising Value from TV platforms <br />
  2. 2. What NXVision does<br />Film<br /><ul><li>enables viewers to watch either live or recorded TV,
  3. 3. in another room, town or even country.
  4. 4. on a mobile phone, PC or game console.
  5. 5. connected through WiFi, 3G or Ethernet.
  6. 6. ‘lowest cost’ B-B-V solution.
  7. 7. Embedded software solution with minimal infrastructure
  8. 8. Single MIS touch point.</li></ul>Sports<br />TV<br />
  9. 9. Simple multi-place solution for ADSL IPTV<br />Bed Room<br />Hotel Room<br />Coffee Bar<br />Thin client<br />Ethernet <br />WiFi<br />3G<br />DVB-T<br />VOD<br />PlaceShift<br />SideLoad<br />Encrypt<br />Authentication<br />Mobile <br />Phone<br />Games console<br />Laptop<br />11/19/2009<br />Confidential<br />
  10. 10. Confidential<br />Example of multi-place solution for ADSL IPTV<br />Association <br />Server<br />VOD<br />Server<br />Control<br />AD Insertion<br />Control<br />Video Stream<br />Ethernet<br />USB<br />Mobile Phone<br />NXVision<br />Dongle<br />Using 3G or Wifi<br />ADSL Hub<br />Generates revenue from VOD traffic and Advertising!<br />NXVision Limited<br />August2008<br />
  11. 11. Secure high quality video connection<br />1, click TV app’ on mobile<br />2, AS authenticates and shares IP addresses<br />Session control<br />3, mobile connects to STB and receives TV programme guide<br />TV and Video<br />4, select programme and watch.<br />Supports:- RTSP, TCP, UDP, HTTP, Flash, 3GP ........<br />
  12. 12. Record TV programmes for wireless sideload to mobile<br />1, Mobile client tags a TV programme to be recorded.<br />2, STB transcodes and records a mobile image file.<br />3, on completion of recording file is pushedto mobile <br />4, the file is able to be watched on the mobile<br />
  13. 13. Compatible with majority of mobile devices<br />iPhone and iTouch<br />SYMBIAN<br />NXVision applications are supported on wireless devices that natively support streaming or allow the download of plug-in streaming app’s. Mobile Phones, PCs, PMPs and games consoles.<br />
  14. 14. Cross platform compatibility<br />DOCSIS 3.0<br /><ul><li>NXVision applications are compatible with Satellite, Cable and IPTV
  15. 15. In fact any set top box that has an IP connection
  16. 16. and if it has a USB2.0 there is a dongle adaptor </li></li></ul><li>NXVision is available as a embedded solution or a Dongle<br /><ul><li>NXVision software application is
  17. 17. targeted at STB, DVR and BD player products.
  18. 18. Currently supporting ST-Micro ST7109, 05
  19. 19. running on Linux and ST OS.
  20. 20. the most cost efficient way to deploy placeshifting and sideloading.</li></ul>USB 2.0 compatible dongle device<br />Provides placeshifting and sideloading solutions for STBs, DVRs and BD player.<br /><ul><li>Lowest cost
  21. 21. Lowest power
  22. 22. ST7105 based
  23. 23. uPNP and DLNA compatible</li></ul>63mm<br />90mm<br />25mm<br />
  24. 24. Confidential<br />(M’s)<br />Source: Strategy Analytics, IPTV Global, Gartner<br />
  25. 25. Why Operators are Excited<br />Confidential<br />NXVision is a multiport solution in that it connects quad play parts and each part benefits.<br /><ul><li> increased revenue
  26. 26. competitive advantage
  27. 27. Increase advertisement revenue
  28. 28. Bridge to mobile
  29. 29. Extend IPTV service
  30. 30. No infrastructure costs
  31. 31. Mobile TV
  32. 32. Use bandwidth
  33. 33. No infrastructure
  34. 34. Extend into mobile
  35. 35. increase subscription
  36. 36. Reduce churn
  37. 37. targeted advertisement
  38. 38. Sell viewing stats</li></ul>NXVision Limited<br />October 2009<br />
  39. 39. NXVision is the Operator’s choice for 3 reasons<br />Confidential<br />
  40. 40. Thanks!<br />NXVision Limited<br />Unit 23, Dunfermline Business Park<br />Izatt Avenue<br />Dunfermline<br />Fife KY11 3BZ<br />Scotland<br />+44 (0)1383 722848<br />Mark.smith@nxvision.com<br />www.nxvision.com<br />