Multimedia Innovation Sept09


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use multimedia to get your message across with precision and clarity

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Multimedia Innovation Sept09

  1. 1. SolutionChannels<br />Using Multimedia to enhance communications<br />Introducing the SolutionChannels Multimedia Service<br />CLARITY / SIMPLICITY / PRACTICALITY<br />
  2. 2. Communication challenges…<br />When considering your Communications process…How do you:<br />Increase the effectiveness of Customer/Partner Communications?<br />Reach more customers<br />Maximise the impact & increase click-thru’s<br />Increase volume of sales leads<br />Reduce the Communication costs?<br />Is the Campaign process repeatable?<br />Reduce time to Market (take immediate advantage of new business opportunities)<br />Increase the volume of Communications?<br />for increased market coverage and reach?<br />Ensure efficient and effective sales follow-up?<br />Provide training for your sales teams & Senior Executives<br />Equip your sales teams (and Partners/Resellers) with everything they need for effective Campaign follow-up?<br />Ensure accurate, consistent and effective Campaign follow-up?<br />Across your entire sales ecosystem (including your Partners/Resellers)<br />EXECUTIVE SUMMARY<br />ANSWER: SolutionChannelsmultimedia service…<br />
  3. 3. Multimedia Service: How is it used?<br />Examples of how the SolutionChannels multimedia service is used by our clients…<br />Demand Generation<br />Internal & External Communications<br />Promoting a Product or Service<br />(To Partners & Customers)<br />Increasing Market Awareness<br />Special Offers<br />Sales Campaigns<br />Promotions<br />Driving Customer and Partner Loyalty<br />Promoting Business Partnerships<br />(Products, Services & Solutions)<br />Communicating Information<br />Up-selling and <br />Cross-selling<br />(increasing TCV)<br />Promoting a Webinar or Event<br />
  4. 4. Multimedia: Service Overview<br />Define Programme<br />Associated collateral for the promotion or Campaign<br />(products/services/solutions)<br />Create Multimedia<br />SolutionChannels creates multimedia for the Comms Programme<br />(from client-supplied collateral)<br />Target Customer list for Comms Programme<br />Client identifies Target Customer list for the sales campaign / promotion.<br />(from Client’s CRM System)<br />Assemble Email<br />Create Client Email<br />Assemble Target Client list (from CRM)<br />Embed Multimedia links<br />Ready to Deploy to Target Customers<br />SolutionCell <br />Multimedia Toolkit<br />All Communications Programmes archived in SolutionCell for rapid access, <br />re-use and sales enablement<br />Programmes archived in SolutionCell<br /><ul><li>Immediate sales enablement
  5. 5. Rapid Campaign fulfilment
  6. 6. Automated sales training</li></ul>Deploy via email and/or Mobile<br />Email blast to Target Audience<br />
  7. 7. Multimedia Service: Mobile Module<br />Key Feature Overview:<br />Auto device recognition – the Mobile Module automatically recognises the end-user device and delivers multimedia in the right format.<br />Captures clickstream – you will know when the multimedia was accessed, forwarded etc. Used to capture stats for measuring effectiveness.<br />Multimedia distribution – for use with SolutionChannels multimedia and/or clients existing multimedia<br />SolutionChannels Hosted –multimedia hosted by us for re-use and archiving in the CLOUD (via SolutionCell)<br />Benefits:<br />Convenience – Recipients can access via their mobiles (Blackberry etc)<br />Speed – Reach more customers more rapidly<br />Increased Effectiveness – Reach more customers<br />Faster Decisions – Instant mobile access means faster customer decisions<br />The SolutionChannels Mobile Module enables end-users to access multimedia content from PCs and/or Mobile Devices.<br />
  8. 8. Low-cost, Campaign Management<br />Automated, Repeatable & Scalable process<br />Real-time Campaign Management<br />Reduced Costs & Time-to-Market<br />Rapid time-to-market<br />Increased Volume of Campaigns<br />Increased market coverage<br />Integrate with existing CRM <br />Integrate with Email Management system<br />Simplified Sales Communication<br />Minimal Campaign training for Sales Teams<br />Consistent/Accurate Selling (across the sales teams - including Partners)<br />Automated campaign ‘tool kits’ reduce sales communication costs<br />Collaborate with Partners & Clients<br />Efficient & Effective follow-up<br />Reduce Time-to-market for Campaigns<br />Increased Campaign Effectiveness<br />Reach More Clients<br />Maximise the Impact / Increase ‘stickiness’<br />Increase volume of sales leads<br />Multimedia Service: Key Benefits<br /><ul><li>Embedded Campaign Multimedia
  9. 9. Increase Impact of sales Messages
  10. 10. Increase Customer ‘eye balls’
  11. 11. Sales Differentiator – stand out from the crowd!
  12. 12. Innovation and Simplicity
  13. 13. Partner Collaboration
  14. 14. Lead Sharing
  15. 15. Partner Pipeline Management
  16. 16. Dynamic Bid Management
  17. 17. SolutionCell Online Benefits:
  18. 18. Simple and Rapid to Implement
  19. 19. No software to install
  20. 20. Overlay on existing processes
  21. 21. Distance Selling (more sales calls!)
  22. 22. Easy access to Campaigns from anywhere!
  23. 23. Access via any standard web browser
  24. 24. no bespoke technology or plug-ins!</li></li></ul><li>SolutionChannels: Multimedia Case Study<br />Major Telco achieves the following results using our Multimedia Service…<br />Increased Campaign Effectiveness<br /><ul><li>INCREASED CUSTOMER ‘EYEBALLS’ </li></ul>(from 4% to 17% click-thru’s)<br /><ul><li>INCREASED REVENUE</li></ul>(+387% revenue Campaigns – year on year)<br /><ul><li>INCREASED SALES LEADS
  25. 25. £3.1m in new revenue from just one campaign</li></ul>(achieved in just 3 weeks!!!)<br />Reduced time-to-market<br /><ul><li>RAPID RESPONSE TO NEW MARKET OPPORTUNITY</li></ul>(From 6 weeks to 4days!)<br /><ul><li>RE-USABLE CAMPAIGNS</li></ul>(for Client & their Partners)<br /><ul><li>COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE</li></ul>(Innovative – stand out from the crowd)<br />387%<br />Increase in Revenue<br />Deployed via Email & SMS to PCs & Mobile Devices<br />Integrated to <br />Email Management Tool<br />Reduced Campaign Costs<br /><ul><li>Automated Campaign Awareness</li></ul>(Integrated fulfilment tools - no sales training!)<br /><ul><li>Re-usable Campaigns with Rapid Deployment
  26. 26. 45% reduction in Campaign Costs</li></ul>Increased Market Coverage<br /><ul><li>Increased volume of Campaigns</li></ul>(from just 25 per annum to 18 Campaigns in 4 months)<br /><ul><li>Re-usable by Client’s Partners</li></ul>(minimal changes & simple personalisation)<br /><ul><li>More effective Targeting to customers</li></li></ul><li>Multimedia Service: Additional Functions<br />SolutionCell– Online Knowledge Base<br />Archive all your Comms Programmes online:<br />Simplified Access & Rapid re-use<br />Content Packaging – all information in one place!<br />Automated sales awareness training<br />Management Statistics<br />Capture and Measure the Marketing Effectiveness of your Comms Programmes<br />Full Click-stream data <br />Management dashboard (available via SolutionCell)<br />