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Delivered to University of Chicago, Winter, 2012

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Management versus leadership 32pdf

  1. 1. Management versusleadershipMatching the leaders to the context
  2. 2. Management versus leadership
  3. 3. Leadership per Jim CollinsLevel 5 refers to the highest level in a hierarchy of executivecapabilities that he identified during his research.Leaders at the other four levels in the hierarchy can producehigh degrees of success but not enough to elevate companiesfrom mediocrity to sustained excellence getting the right people on the bus (and the wrong people off the bus) creating a culture of discipline Participative approach, first who then what
  4. 4. Traditional contrasts Murray Johannsen
  5. 5. Leadership is tough stuff (Vision alone is not enough)Situational awareness Likeable-appealing to the common man and the intellectual at the same timeLeaders need a compelling vision ofthe future Smart, good memory, don’t bring up ancient historyThe vision needs to be the rightvision Personal integrity, high ethical standardsLeaders need to sell their vision Mistakes must be remedied earlyMust be a big picture thinker Consistency while being adaptableLeaders get people to follow Articulate, poised, charm, charismaCompassionate Self confidence is goodHigh emotional intelligence Focused-Sticks to the talking points Context determines the formula that is needed
  6. 6. Great leaders
  7. 7. Prophets Prophets are not usually appreciated in their lifetimes They are often persecuted for their beliefs and prophecy Hard to be a leader and a prophet
  8. 8. Would be leaders??
  9. 9. Recent resignations/departures Steven Sinofsky, Windows chief, rumored to be next Microsoft CEO General Pitreaus, CIA Director since 2011, 4 star general, 37 year career Eric Holder, Attorney general of the US Christopher E. Kubasik, 51, incoming CEO of Lockheed Martin Hilary Clinton, secretary of state 2008-2012
  10. 10. Ulysses GrantU.S. Grant Never sought elected office, the office sought the man Was a miserable failure in civilian life Worked as a shoe salesman for a family member Failed in 2 other businesses Was NOT eloquent Delivered his acceptance speech in a letter Was rumored to be corrupt and a drunk Were it not for the war, he would have had a life of mediocrity Was excellent at situational awareness He was willing to fight and make decisions He was aware of the big picture:The context made the leader? Secession would mean more lives lost than the war itself