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Apple Institute 2012 PPT


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WRDSB Strategic IT Initiative to support student learning

Published in: Education
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Apple Institute 2012 PPT

  1. 1. Apple Education Leadership Institute 2012
  2. 2.  Fractured landscape, pockets of innovation Learning and IT out of sync Too much focus on tech Lack of IT tools, too many manual processes A need to understand and repurpose “innovation”
  3. 3.  Based on manual processes Limited ability to leverage electronic identity management
  4. 4.  Long (7 year) replacement cycle High number of desktop and laptop models in the system Reduce the time needed to service computers (number of images in the system)
  5. 5.  Change the culture in the IT department Align priorities with learning Modeling of alignment and planning Define key technology building blocks Consider systemic change impact
  6. 6.  Senior Consultants Classroom support teachers The Integrated Project Team Leverage a common language
  7. 7.  Move all sites through the change process Keep project timelines as tight as possible Maintain the same standards at all sites Consider sustainability implications
  8. 8.  Hardware models (and images) Software Bandwidth Network drops/classroom Wireless for all instructional rooms New school equipping list Allocation processes
  9. 9.  Create an environment that is:  Easier to use  Easier to maintain  Empower the end user  Align with learning strategies and priorities  Factors in total cost of ownership & sustainability
  10. 10.  Improve and increase network performance and bandwidth in a sustainable way Set the stage for system wide wireless deployment Prepare system for a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environment
  11. 11.  AD Sync Merge domains (group users, computers) Extend access to a system wide (online) learning community (SConnect & FirstClass)
  12. 12.  Cycle reduced from 7 to 5 years No extra costs Improved model control Established an internal IT store Set up all of our Apple computers (5000) to leverage the dual boot mode to promote choice and flexibility for teachers
  13. 13. Image from
  14. 14. Image from
  15. 15.  Aligned technology tools with our 5 high yield teaching strategies  Anchor charts  Graphic Organizers  Non fiction writing  Critical questions  Student exemplars
  16. 16.  Computers Across the Curriculum  After school program  CATC Camp (annual summer event) Self directed Aligned with our framework
  17. 17.  Redefined “support” Writing and Collaboration  Blogs, Wikis, Google docs Social Media  Twitter, Facebook, YouTube Desire to Learn (eLearning) OSAPAC titles Focus on enabling
  18. 18. 
  19. 19. 
  20. 20.  Align School Success Plans with site based CATC plans Phased out our Acceptable Use Procedure and replaced it with a new Responsible Use Procedure  Built a library learning commons website to better support learning 
  21. 21.  IT Expectations (ITX) Impact of mobile devices on learning (iPods) JK/SK iPad research Futures Forum Project
  22. 22.  Hot Spots (completed 2010/11) Every classroom (completed 2011/12)
  23. 23.  Purchased iPads and syncing carts for each school Established iPads as a standard for all JK/SK programs (FDK)
  24. 24.  Hold the course Maintain the alignment Continue to build capacity Continue network growth Shifting balance of desktop and mobile Full Google Apps Integration
  25. 25.  Comments Questions Discussion
  26. 26.  Phone: 519-570-0003 x4414 Email: Twitter: @markwcarbone Blog: Web: