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2012 general presentation

  1. 1. Company Introduction
  2. 2. Agenda• Company Profile• Main Markets• Strategy• Our Fleet• DP Workboats
  3. 3. Profile• Owners & Operators of 40 workboats for coastal waters• Ultra Shallow Waters specialization• Worldwide projects• Competent crews and shore-based support• Based in Den Helder, Netherlands Acta Marine is the new trade name of former companies Rederij Waterweg and Van Stee
  4. 4. Milestones1970: Waterweg founded1975: Van Stee founded2003: Van Oord family takes over Waterweg Renaming holding company: Acta Marine Holding2005: Acta Marine Holding takes over Van Stee2010: Full merger Waterweg and Van Stee One single trade name: Acta Marine 40 years experience as owners and worldwide operators of workboats
  5. 5. Solid and stable shareholder Holding company Van Oord Family 78% 100%• Marine infrastructure & • Workboat owners & Offshore contractors operators• € 1,500 mln. turnover • € 30 mln. turnover• Van Oord family business founded in 1868• Long-term engagement in the companies• Acta Marine is fully independent company, with seperate Management Team and Supervisory Board …. but strong back-up is available
  6. 6. Main project locations 2009Main project locations 2009/2011
  7. 7. Acta Marine in the Caspian Sea• 2 vessels permanently stationed in the area• Vessels operated by Caspian Services Group, long term business partners.Acta Marine in West Africa• 1 vessel permanently stationed in the area• Vessels jointly operated with Almatug, long term business partners.
  8. 8. Utra Shallow Water specialization
  9. 9. Our main markets• Dredging & Marine Construction• Offshore Energy• Cables & Pipelines
  10. 10. Our main markets• Dredging & Marine Construction• Offshore Energy• Cables & Pipelines
  11. 11. Our main markets• Dredging & Marine Construction• Offshore Energy• Cables & Pipelines
  12. 12. Cables & Pipelines specialtyLowering/burrying of shore-ends withspecial dredge/jet vesselsSuccesfully deployed on various projects,including Tatar Strait Crossing, Sakhalin, Russiaand BritNed powercable, North Sea, London Array
  13. 13. Our fleetMultipurpose Workboat Survey Multicats Crew Tenders Crew vesselsMultipurpose support Shallow-draft Supply Truckable
  14. 14. New built vessels 2009/2011 2 units 2 units• Also € 4 mln. Annual investment in upgrades of existing vessels
  15. 15. Acta Marine orders new DP1 Multi Purpose Vessel with > 30 tons bollard pull
  16. 16. Mission statement Acta Marine aims to be the preferred, independent provider of maritime support services with workboats, with a focus on coastal and shallow waters.• No. 1 priority is long term continuity of business• Focus on long term customer relations and expand in existing market segments• Operators and owners of workboats• Maintain stong solvency (currently >50% of capital employed)
  17. 17. StrategyOngoing • Simplify organisation and stronger brandingprofessionalization • Renew Management System, incl. Quality&Safety • Fleet modernizationGrowth • Fleet expansion • Hire and train new crews • Develop new market segments and customers • Work with regional partners • Take-overs will be considered, if added value
  18. 18. Coastal Discovery on DP
  19. 19. Work Scope of our DP WorkboatsCable Lay Support - ROV Support Works: handling of remote controlled trencher to dig in pre laid cablesGeneral Dredging Support - Spray & Jet Pontoon - Trench backfilling in Shallow watersSurvey works - CPT’s - Vibrocoring in various water depthWindfarm Park Construction - Supporting of Grouting Operations - ROV Maintenance support
  20. 20. Acta Marine well on course