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Scope of psd to html5 for mobile devices


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Scope of psd to html5 for mobile devices

  1. 1. PSD to HTML5 Conversion: Scope for Mobile Devices
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION <ul><li>HTML5 has gathered plenty of attraction in the last two years. The internet as we know is altering, and HTML5 is at the vanguard of those alterations. </li></ul><ul><li>If you are enthusiastic to jump into the HTML5 mix, you will be concerned in the tools we have found for creating websites and web apps using HTML5. </li></ul>
  3. 3. <ul><li>The modern mobile and web technologies have integrated in such a way that you can access the website on mobile devices with the same way as on desktop </li></ul><ul><li>The present mobile devices and web technology has been amalgamated to explore the entire world on your mobile </li></ul><ul><li>With an advent of HTML5 and CSS3, the experience of web on mobile has become more spectacular now </li></ul> Scope For Mobile Devices Cont…
  4. 4. PSD to HTML5 came into the picture and got huge popularity within a short period of time. PSD to HTML5 has emerged as one of the top notch solutions to tackle the problems that have not been properly solved by PSD to XHTML/HTML The intention of revising HTML to HTML5 was to support web based mobile device in order to provide you with fully fledged web applications. This would help in moving from bore traditional to compact and convenient netbooks, ipads, tablets and others. This makes the web industry to get slightly oriented towards PSD to HTML5. Cont.. From Last Slide
  5. 5. Additional Features In HTML 5 As HTML5 is the new version of HTML, then obviously there would be some additional features in HTML5 that distinguish it from HTML older versions. Some of the advanced features of HTML5 are Backward Compatibility Error handling capacity Additional semantic tag
  6. 6. MarkupBox caters all the web services including PSD to HTML5 conversion with the quality of satisfaction guarantee. The key factors of MarkupBox due to which it has been successfully completing the projects are: The company is compliance with W3C standards. PSD to HTML5 markup are search engine optimized. PSD TO HTML5 at MarkupBox Cont…
  7. 7. Neat and clean semantic coding. Multiple browser compatible coding. Well Structured and Commented HTML and CSS Easy to integrate with any CMS Full time HTML5 Developers for super fast delivery Oriented towards customer satisfaction Cont.. From Last Slide
  8. 8. Whether HTML5 has the capability to terminate PSD-to-HTML or it is a beginning of new PSD-to-HTML5 services? The answer of these questions would be revealed when the time will come. But from the features of PSD to HTML5/CSS3, it is clearly seen that HTML5/CSS3 can be used to create more interactive and functional web resources and that too with the minimum utilization of Javescript and third party plugins. CONCLUSION
  9. 9. Contact MarkupBox Now !!! Ph. No.:+1 415 376 0030 SKYPE: EMAIL: [email_address] For more, visit