Benefits of PSD to Email Template Conversion


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In today’s business environment it is very vital for a product or services selling company to bond with its customers and attract potentially new ones.

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Benefits of PSD to Email Template Conversion

  1. 1. Benefits of PSD to Email Template ConversionIn today’s business environment it is very vital for a product or services selling company to bond with itscustomers and attract potentially new ones. Internet serves as the best platform for this and emails yourbest tool. But will any email do the job for you? No, your email has to be attractive, interactive and arousedesire among the customers. One of the best ways to achieve this is to opt for PSD to email conversion.Around the world this is the most preferred way to get highly customized email for businesses. There area lot of advantages that you get when you convert PSD to HTML/email which makes them such aprofitable proposition. Some of these advantages are –•Customization – PSD to HTML email conversion allows you to create highly customized emails which arespecific to your brand. This helps customers identify with your business instantly allowing you to deliverthe message in a much more effective manner. The email is designed as an image in Photoshop beforebeing converted into a web compatible format. This gives you a lot of creative freedom in terms of thestructure, color scheme and use of images and graphics. You can also design campaign and need specificdesign for each and every email campaign that you run.•Targeted User – How does an email which starts with ‘Dear Customer’ or ‘Dear User’ sound? It seems tobe straight out of a bulk email campaign and would most likely land up in trash. Instead of this PSD toCSS/Email allows you to individually address each and every recipient of the email such as ‘Dear Mr.Smith’ or ‘Dear Rob’. Such kinds of emails arouse the interest of the customers in the content of the emailand this can lead to an increased conversion rate among your recipients.•Interactivity – Do you like reading long emails? You don’t and most of your recipients share the samefeeling about long emails. But when you opt for this kind of email conversion you can rest be assured thatyou will get an email which is interactive. It ensures that the customers not only see your email but alsorespond to its interactive features the simplest of which will take them to a website which carries detailedinformation of your marketing campaign.•Easy Integration – These email conversion technique is highly flexible as HTML emails can easily be sentusing desktop email clients such as Outlook and Thunderbird. These emails are equally flexible when itcomes to their integration on web based email clients such as Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo etc. This givesyou immense flexibility in managing an effective campaign from anywhere in the world.•Instant Feedback – Advanced HTML coding in these emails creates an instant feedback module. You caneasily be notified when a customer views the email and their subsequent actions with regard to the emailmessage. This active intelligence on the email campaign can serve as a huge edge in a break neck marketenvironment.Designing an attractive email campaign requires both aesthetic sense as well as technical knowledge. Thisyou need to hire the services of a web development company which has a proven track record as far asPSD to XHTML/email conversion is concerned. They should be able to design a campaign around yourexact needs keeping your target audience in mind. An amateur company can design a poor HTML emailwhich will hurt your business prospects for ever. So when it comes to running a successful email campaigndon’t compromise with the quality at any cost.