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Social Media Is a Waste of Time (Unless...)


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Social media marketing is a waste of your time...unless you know its proper place in your overall marketing strategy. In this presentation you'll learn why what you post on social media must flow from an informed awareness of both your brand and your customers, and you'll learn how to create that content and implement a holistic brand social media strategy.

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Social Media Is a Waste of Time (Unless...)

  1. 1. Social Media Marketing Is a Waste of Time Unless… State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen
  2. 2. @augieray | This presentation is (in part) a response to an article by Augie Ray. State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen
  3. 3. People trust brand social media posts 70% less than they do information on brand websites Augie cited several gloomy stats about the efficacy of social media marketing for business. State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen
  4. 4. Facebook & Twitter account for less than 0.2% of customer acquisitions Augie cited several gloomy stats about the efficacy of social media marketing for business. State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen
  5. 5. On Black Friday 2013 a mere 1% of online sales from social media Augie cited several gloomy stats about the efficacy of social media marketing for business. State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen
  6. 6. Can you spot the flaw? But these stats contain a fatal flaw. State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen
  7. 7. They measure only direct results – straight from a social post to a conversion. State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen That’s like expecting a tricycle to go to the moon.
  8. 8. Three Social Media Marketing Knots Nots Let’s look at three things social media marketing does NOT do. State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen
  9. 9. Instant Trust Social media posts do NOT build instant trust. State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen
  10. 10. Instant Acquisition Social media posts do NOT lead to instant customer acquisition. State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen
  11. 11. Instant Sales Social media posts do NOT (typically) lead to instant sales. State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen
  12. 12. Social media marketing is not instant coffee. State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen
  13. 13. Social media marketing is more like slow roasting whole beans. State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen Takes longer, but can lead to very satisfying results.
  14. 14. …that brands get wrong about social media marketing Brands often start social media marketing at the wrong end… State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen
  15. 15. Lets look in on the annual marketing planning meeting at INSIPID. State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen
  16. 16. So….what marketing trend should we pursue next? State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen
  17. 17. Billboards are hot! State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen
  18. 18. State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen
  19. 19. Billboards! State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen
  20. 20. You’ve sold me! But which billboards should we be on? State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen
  21. 21. Facebillboard has the most users… State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen
  22. 22. Twitboard is good for posting links… State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen
  23. 23. LinkedBoard if we’re B2B… State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen
  24. 24. Great. Now. Who wants to write up WHY we should be on each of those billboards? State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen
  25. 25. State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen
  26. 26. State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen
  27. 27. Doing social media marketing just because it’s “what you’re supposed to do” State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen is putting the cart before the horse.
  28. 28. Mother, where do customers come from? Before you can convert customers, you have to find them. Few buying decisions are made on the spur of the moment. State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen
  29. 29. Oh, get leads? Just get leads? Why don't I strap on my lead helmet and squeeze down into a lead cannon and fire off into lead land, where leads grow on little leadies?! Probably not… State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen
  30. 30. To get converted customers on one end, you’ve got to be planting seeds on the other. State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen That’s what social media marketing does best.
  31. 31. So if social media marketing doesn’t start with “doing social media,” State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen where does it start?
  32. 32. You have to start with your BRAND. State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen
  33. 33. 1. Brand Values First, you need to know the core values of your brand. State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen
  34. 34. 1. Brand Values 2. Brand UVP Your brand values help you define your UVP, your Unique Value Proposition. Your UVP is why people should be your customers, and not your competitor’s. State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen
  35. 35. 1. Brand Values 2. Brand UVP 3. Brand Story Next define your brand’s story. Your brand’s story is how you communicate your brand State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen via your content and social media in ways that resonate both intellectually and emotionally.
  36. 36. Brand So understanding your brand leads everything else. State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen
  37. 37. Content The next step before doing social is developing content that comes out of your brand values, State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen UVP, and brand story. This is the “meat” for your social campaigns.
  38. 38. Your content is the foundation of your social campaigns. There has to be some “there” there for people to see. State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen
  39. 39. Brand Content So content, led by your brand values, is now in its proper place. State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen
  40. 40. NOW get social! NOW we are ready to do social marketing! State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen
  41. 41. Brand Content Social Brand values with related content help pull the social wagon in State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen ways that will be meaningful and connect the right prospects with your brand.
  42. 42. What Social DOES Give So what DOES social media marketing do for your brand? State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen
  43. 43. Branding Social media helps establish the right associations around your brand. State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen
  44. 44. Reach Social media can vastly increase your reach. Strong ties are the people who already know you well & share you often. Photo by ROSS HONG KONG - Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License Created with Haiku Deck
  45. 45. Weak ties are people who maybe follow you but don’t know you well (yet). But don’t ignore them! They are your connections to new audiences. Photo by JeepersMedia - Creative Commons Attribution License Created with Haiku Deck
  46. 46. SEO Social media reach can lead to the kinds of things that affect search engine rankings. For example, after some viral SM campaigns our organic traffic went up and stayed up. State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen
  47. 47. SEO But not in the way you think… See That doesn’t mean social directly affects SEO, but it can create opportunities for State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen things that do, such as people wanting to link to your site content.
  48. 48. Free Labor And social media can build fans and brand evangelists who work for your brand for free! State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen
  49. 49. The 2 Things to Remember In summary, remember these two things: State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen
  50. 50. Brand Content Social Effective social media flows from brand to content to social. State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen
  51. 51. Social media is seed planting for your other marketing to harvest as converted customers. State of Search 2014 @marktraphagen
  52. 52. THANKS! • • Sr. Dir. Online Marketing • 110,000 G+ Followers • +MarkTraphagen • @MarkTraphagen Get this deck at