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Building a Powerful Google+ Network - SMX West 2013

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Building a Powerful Google+ Network - SMX West 2013

  1. Building a Powerful Google+ Network   Virante Web Marketing Mark Traphagen - Director of Digital Outreach
  2.   Text Virante Web Marketing Mark Traphagen - Director of Digital Outreach This is me holding a mockup of the wheel of the Mars Curiosity Rover at the launch two years ago.
  3. This is Courtney Ramirez, a Google+ user. Mark Traphagen | | @marktraphagen
  4.   One day Courtney searched on Google to find a Quora page about Google Authorship. Mark Traphagen | | @marktraphagen
  5.   These were her top results. Mark Traphagen | | @marktraphagen
  6.   She recognized that the #2 result was from someone she knew and trusted. Mark Traphagen | | @marktraphagen
  7.   Me! Mark Traphagen | | @marktraphagen
  8.   Why did she get this result? Because I’m in Courtney’s Google Contacts (G+ Circles and/or Gmail). Mark Traphagen | | @marktraphagen
  9.   This is Google’s “Search + Your World” in action. The icon shows my result was boosted for Courtney because of our connection. Mark Traphagen | | @marktraphagen
  10. Google+ is the most powerful network for building influence because it extends your reach into Google search, and other Google entities.   Image copyright © by Beshef Mark Traphagen | | @marktraphagen
  11.   Image copyright © by Jon Diez Supat /http:/ Google social network patents suggest that this reach can extend into one’s extended network: the contacts of people who are contacts of me. Thus Google+ posts are like seeds scattered by the wind. Mark Traphagen | | @marktraphagen
  12.   Here’s a recent search I did, logged out of Google. Mark Traphagen | | @marktraphagen
  13.   Logged in to Google I get a much more useful result from a real person who seems to carry some authority. Mark Traphagen | | @marktraphagen
  14. 1 - My Google+ post 2 - Google+ page post 3 - Another Google+ post by me 4 - Share of Google+ post by friend 5 - Home page of site 6 - Inside page of site 7 - Another page of site 8 - Another page of site Google+ posts also help you claim more of Google’s valuable Search real estate. Here’s how we captured 8 of 10 1st page results for a week for “backlink removal tool,” a valuable keyword for our RemoveEm tool that helps sites recover from a Penguin penalty. Mark Traphagen | | @marktraphagen
  15. Feb 6, 2012 Another feature of Google+ posts is that they can not only rank in search but last. This post of mine has been #1 or #2 for “google+ page analytics” for over a year now. Mark Traphagen | | @marktraphagen
  16.   We need to stop thinking of social networks as just linear chains of friend connections, just because that’s how we experience them. Mark Traphagen | | @marktraphagen
  17.   Image copyright © by Rebecca-Lee h A Google+ network is more like the neural network in your brain. Every interaction you have there creates ranveig/2294885420/ new pathways and connections all across Google. Mark Traphagen | | @marktraphagen
  18.   Let’s get practical: How do you build a powerful Google+ network? Image copyright © by Dave Nicoll Mark Traphagen | | @marktraphagen
  19. Starter Tips   Let’s start with some basics everyone should do. (These all apply for brand pages as well!) Image copyright © by Mike Schroeder All Tips at Mark Traphagen | | @marktraphagen
  20. 1. Find Conversations Use Google+’s search to find good conversations on your topic of expertise, and enter in. TIP: On Google+, you don’t have to be circled by someone or circle them in order to comment on their public posts. k Mark Traphagen | | @marktraphagen
  21. 1a. Evaluate: Use to check out the popularity of people you find, segmented by KWs & demographics. k Mark Traphagen | | @marktraphagen
  22. 1a. Evaluate: Further vet their popularity, who recommends them, and their average engagement with k Mark Traphagen | | @marktraphagen
  23. 2. Find Communities Use the Communities filter in G+ search to find good communities where you can engage & get known. k Mark Traphagen | | @marktraphagen
  24. Create Communities for Influence & Branding Both persons and brands can create and moderate Communities. k Mark Traphagen | | @marktraphagen
  25. Communities Can Rank in Search! Communities themselves can even rank in Google search! k Mark Traphagen | | @marktraphagen
  26. 3. Watch the mentions “Mentions” of others by influential users can be good clues for other people you should circle & engage. k Mark Traphagen | | @marktraphagen
  27. 3. Watch the mentions Bonus Tip: +mentions generate a notification to the mentioned user And +mentioning someone in a post sends them a notification. Nice way to let an influencer know that you called positive attention to her! k Mark Traphagen | | @marktraphagen
  28. Time to Level Up! Imag copyright © by KD1s Now on to some more advanced techniques for Google+ influence building. Mark Traphagen | | @marktraphagen
  29. 1. Relevance sort Sort your circles by “relevance” to find out who engages with you the most. Mark Traphagen | | @marktraphagen
  30. 2. Ripples Use Ripples on any post to discover who reshared it, and which of your resharers give you the most reach. Mark Traphagen | | @marktraphagen
  31. 2. Ripples In Ripples, the larger the name and circle, the farther “reach” that person gave your post. TIP: Use the Ripples right sidebar to go to the posts of your best influence-spreaders to thank them. That also keeps you in those conversations about your post. Mark Traphagen | | @marktraphagen
  32. 3. Create Influencers & "Stalking" Circles Create “influencers” and “stalking” circles of people on whose radar you want to be. Periodically scan those circles for posts you can reshare or engage. Mark Traphagen | | @marktraphagen
  33. 4. Detailed profile Fill out your profile in great detail, not only to establish your “creds” with people deciding whether to circle you, but also because your profile provides main keyword clues to Google to rank you in search. Mark Traphagen | | @marktraphagen
  34. 5. Google Authorship Google+ Authorship Community: Be sure to make use of Google Authorship so when you show up in people’s search results because of personalization, their eye is immediately drawn to your result. Also builds your personal brand. Mark Traphagen | | @marktraphagen
  35. Mark Traphagen Director of Digital Outreach @MarkTraphagen All My Google+ Guides:

Editor's Notes

  • If nothing else in this presentation impresses you: THIS IS ME WITH A WHEEL OF THE MARS CURIOSITY ROVER!
  • Courtney Ramirez searches "google authorship quora"
  • Courtney Ramirez gets me at top of her results
  • Courtney recognizes my face in her search results
  • Why am I there?
  • Because we're friends on Google+ (she has me in one of her circles)
  • Personalized search affected by our Google+ connection
  • Your Google Network = REACH
  • Google+ connects you to extended networks
  • Another example: logged out search
  • Same search logged in to Google. Now I have a more useful result from a trusted authority
  • Google+ posts can help you capture more SERP real estate. Here we got 8 of 10 1st page results for a KW important to us.
  • Google+ posts can retain high rankings for long tail KWs that last over time.
  • We think of the web as a series of fairly static linked chains...
  • But social connections make it more like a neural network, constantly reconfigured by new signals
  • Let's look at HOW to build a powerful network on Google+
  • First some starter tips to get you up and making connections
  • Use search to find relevant conversations and enter in.
  • Evaluate influencers with
  • Further vet users with
  • Find relevant communities and join.
  • Find relevant communities and join.
  • Find relevant communities and join.
  • Circle & engage people plus mentioned as authoritative and influential.
  • Bonus: When you highlight someone in a post, +mention them. They get notified of the post.
  • Time to Level Up! Let's look at some more advanced techniques for building influence on Google+.
  • Use the relevance sort in Circles view to see who engages with you the most.
  • View the Ripples of your most shared posts to find your influence spreaders.
  • The larger the circle, the further that person spread the post.
  • Put your influencers & people you want to stalk in circles so you can track & engage them more.
  • Fill out your profile completely so people know what you're about. Include keywords for Google+ search.
  • Google Authorship Rich Snippet draws the eye and increases click through rate.