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Help guide for depression


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Self help guide is an informational Book that educates you about depression, stress, panic disorder and helps you to understand the symptoms of disorders OR causes. To know more, please visit our website today!

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Help guide for depression

  2. 2. WHAT IS DEPRESSION Depression is a common mental disorder, characterized by sadness, loss of interest and disturbed sleep, feeling of tiredness. Depression often starts in young age and mostly; it affects women more than men and also unemployed persons. Feeling of discouraging can become so intense that thoughts of death may occur and suicide may seem a viable option.
  3. 3. SYMPTOMS OF DEPRESSION Changes in Emotion or Perceptions  Crying spells, lack of emotional responsiveness  Inability to find pleasure in anything  Loss warm feelings toward family and friends  Loss of sexual desire  Self blame or failure  Exaggerated sense of guilt  Feels of hopeless and helpless
  4. 4. Changes in Behavior and Attitudes  Lack of attention in activities  Impaired memory  Withdrawal from others  Ignore of responsibilities and appearance  Lack of ability to focus and concentrate  Yours ability reduced or Lack of cofidence  Mostly complaints about matters  Thoughts of death or suicide, suicide attempts
  5. 5. Physical Complaints  Chronic fatigue and lack of energy  Loss of appetite or eating problems  Excessive sleeping and Early morning wakefulness  Unexplained headaches, backaches  Digestive Problems  Change in bowel habits
  6. 6. CAUSES AND RISK FACTORS          Loneliness Lack of social support Family History of Depression Marital and relationship problems Financial strain Alcohol or drug abuse Unemployment Health problems or chronic pain Childhood abuse
  7. 7. HOW CAN YOU HELP YOURSELF        Meditate or Pray Avoid alcohol Stop smoking and Drugs Do daily exercise, this will help you to relax Create small, obtained goals then reach your goals, reward yourself Get a proper amount of sleep Eat regular, balanced meals
  8. 8. PROFESSIONAL HELP NECESSARY Depression is treatable and your problems can be alleviated. Need a mental health professional consulted under following circumstances and any symptoms.  Find changes in Feeling and Perception  Find changes in Behavior and Attitude  Any physical complaints  Thought of suicide comes in your minds.
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