Slideshare web viewer displays sans serif incorrectly


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Slideshare technical support was unable to discover an obvious problem: sans-serif fonts do not uniformly display correctly in the web browser. This presentation provides several exhibits documenting the problem. Also, the deck ends with a discussion of the relationship you have as a content provider for Slideshare.

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Slideshare web viewer displays sans serif incorrectly

  1. 1. Slideshare Web Viewer Displays Sans-Serif Incorrectly Mark Tabladillo Ph.D. March 31, 2013
  2. 2. Background• On February 16, 2013 I reported to Slideshare technical support that the sans-serif display on the web was not showing sans-serif fonts correctly • I see this problem all the time• Someone from SlideShare replied on February 20, 2013 asking for proof that it was broken – I could not reply because I was traveling • “I do not initially see any characters displaying serifs. So that I can better assist you, can you provide me with specific slide numbers that are displaying serifs on your font?”• On February 22, 2013 they closed the ticket 
  3. 3. Response• I decided to keep a presentation which will not only be proof, but the place that I will send people who see my presentations• This presentation is in a sans-serif font, so if this presentation also displays incorrectly, don’t be surprised• This presentation has five exhibits, all screenshots of presentations uploaded in 2013 which have a font display problem• If you have similar problems: • Open a ticket with SlideShare technical support, and include a link to this presentation as your proof
  4. 4. Even More• These slides were produced using the following technology: • Windows 8 x64 • Internet Explorer 10.0.9200.16519 • Firefox 19.0.2
  5. 5. On Ticket Closing• You will discover technical support people closing tickets quickly• A primary motivator is to improve their own turnaround statistics (measuring their effectiveness)• Remember: as a content provider, you are doing Slideshare a favor in helping increase their social network effectiveness metrics