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Microsoft Data Science Technologies 201505


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Microsoft provides several technologies in and around SQL Server which can be used for casual to serious data science. This presentation provides an authoritative overview of five major options: SQL Server Analysis Services, Excel Add-in for SSAS, Semantic Search, Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, and F#. Also included are tips on working with Python and R. These technologies have been used by the presenter in various companies and industries. This deck includes a sneak preview for SQL Server 2016.

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Microsoft Data Science Technologies 201505

  1. 1. Microsoft Technologies for Data Science Mark Tabladillo, Ph.D. Senior Data Scientist LogicBlox/Predictix
  2. 2. Networking Interactive
  3. 3. Vision Analytics Recommenda- tion engines Advertising analysis Weather forecasting for business planning Social network analysis Legal discovery and document archiving Pricing analysis Fraud detection Churn analysis Equipment monitoring Location-based tracking and services Personalized Insurance Machine learning & predictive analytics are core capabilities that are needed throughout your business
  4. 4.     
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Phrase Goal “Data Mining” “Text Mining” Inform actionable decisions “Machine Learning” Determine best performing algorithm
  7. 7. Analysis (science) Synthesis (art) GO Science needs science fiction -- MarkTab
  8. 8. Analysis (science) Synthesis (art) GO
  9. 9. Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms Retrieved from quadrant
  10. 10. Magic Quadrant for Data Warehouse Database Management Systems Retrieved from 1DU2VD4&ct=130131&st=sb – January 31, 2013
  11. 11. data-mining-data-science-software-used.html us/server-cloud/products/sql-server/ us/services/hdinsight/
  12. 12. SQL Server Data Mining: Analysis Services
  13. 13. SS SQL AS NoSQL
  14. 14. Database Services SQL Server* SQL Azure* Replication SQL Azure Data Sync* Full Text & Semantic Search* Data Integration Services Integration Services* Master Data Services* Data Quality Services* StreamInsight* Project “Austin”* Analytical Services Analysis Services* Data Mining PowerPivot* Reporting Services Reporting Services* SQL Azure Reporting* Report Builder Power View*
  15. 15. Data Mining SSMS SSIS PowerShell
  16. 16. 
  17. 17. Data mining add-in for business analysts • Ease of use • Rich data mining • Scalable
  18. 18. What is Inside Semantic Search SQL Server 2012 and higher
  19. 19. Logical Model How Semantic Search Works
  20. 20. Rowset Output with Scores Varchar NVarchar Office PDF
  21. 21. Documents Full-Text Keyword Index “FTI” iFilters Semantic Document Similarity Index “DSI” Semantic Database Semantic Key Phrase Index – Tag Index “TI”
  22. 22. Simplified Chinese British English Portuguese Chinese (Hong Kong SAR, PRC) Spanish Chinese (Singapore) Chinese (Macau SAR)
  23. 23. Full Text Keyword Index “FTI” Semantic Key Phrase Index – Tag Index “TI” Semantic Document Similarity Index “DSI” us/library/gg492085.aspx#SemanticIndexing
  24. 24. Interactive Demo SQL Server Management Studio
  25. 25. Semantic Search Microsoft Data Mining SQL Server Data Tools: data mining plus text mining Microsoft Azure Machine Learning
  26. 26. Performance The Million-Dollar Edge
  27. 27. Time in Seconds vs. Number of Documents (2011 – K. Mukerjee, T. Porter, S. Gherman – Microsoft)
  28. 28. Video Intro
  29. 29. 9/17/extensibility-and-r-support-in-the-azure-ml- platform.aspx
  30. 30. Difference in Proportions Test Lexicon Based Sentiment Analysis Forecasting-Exponential Smoothing Forecasting - ETS+STL Forecasting-AutoRegressive Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA) Normal Distribution Quantile Calculator Normal Distribution Probability Calculator Normal Distribution Generator Binomial Distribution Probability Calculator Binomial Distribution Quantile Calculator Binomial Distribution Generator Multivariate Linear Regression Survival Analysis Binary Classifier Cluster Model
  31. 31. Mutable Immutable Open Source Java Scala .NET C#, C++, VB.NET F#, PowerShell
  32. 32.   First-Principles  First-Principles
  33. 33. HDInsight
  34. 34.
  35. 35. US/home?forum=MachineLearning machine-learning-videos-february-2015
  36. 36. Professional Association for SQL Server PASS Data Science Virtual Chapter
  37. 37.    