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introNetworks Webinar With Stephen Nold


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Monthly Educational Webinar Series with CEO/Founder of MeetingTechOnline's Stephen Nold. Host and Moderator, Mark Sylvester, CEO of introNetworks

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introNetworks Webinar With Stephen Nold

  1. 1. introNetworks Webinar Series quot;Five Steps To Using Social Media to Make Your Next Event A Massive Successquot; With Stephen Nold, CEO, Founder, MeetingTechOnline Mark Sylvester, CEO introNetworks Wednesday, May 27, 9 am Pacific
  2. 2. Before we start… Range of Social media expertise definition Questions via GoToWebinar and Twitter
  3. 3. Chat Live with us on Twitter Have a Twitter Ask Questions Account? • Login using your • Chat with others • Yes, great! Twitter account • We will monitor • If not, create one • Join the #mto this room live at, it room during the takes 2 webinar minutes, we’ll wait…
  4. 4. Today’s Conversation Define Your Technology Plan Support a Post Event Purpose Opportunitie s Five Steps To Driven Community Using Social Media at Your Events Focus on Budget Message Resources
  5. 5. Tech Plan: Foundation Relevant Connected Relationships Messages Communities • Create plan that includes tangible objectives with measurable results. • Take inventory of your resources and budget and be realistic. • While many social media tools can be low cost, they can also quickly become resource intense if you let them. • Get your marketing manager on Twitter and Facebook may not be the best tactic for your organization goals.
  6. 6. Technology Plan Choose the solution that best Not all social media solutions fit matches your organization’s every show objective technical objectives The Foundation Create an interesting, relevant Promote and distribute your message message via many channels • The value of an exciting message • Be creative. Use videos, blogs, twitter and • Obtaining visibility. Customers are photos bombarded. Make your invite stand out. Create passion
  7. 7. Purpose Driven Community • Community Identify • Content • Conversation • Purpose Support • Passion • Tools Locate • Techniques • Loyalty Stimulate • Looks
  8. 8. Focus on Message Relevant Multi- Call to Message Channel Action • David Distribution • Hanley Wood Meerman • MTO Summit Scott
  9. 9. Focus on Message • Choose the solution(s) that best matches your organization’s technical objectives • Not all social media solutions fit every show objective. • Create an interesting, relevant message • David Meerman Scott: value of creating an exciting message. • Obtaining visibility. Customers are bombarded competitive messages. Make your invitation stand out. Create passion. • Promote and distribute your message via many distribution channels. • Be creative and find ways to use video, blogs, twitter and photos.
  10. 10. Budget Resources Easy To Overwhelm Set realistic expectations Monitoring and Participating Takes Time Can’t Be Absent If You Don’t Attend, Neither Will They Community Stimulus Conversation Starters
  11. 11. Post Event Onsite • Invitation to • Loyalty Interactions • Physical Relationships Bonding Pre-Event Post-Event
  12. 12. Resources • introNetworks, free Educational Webinar series • Tradeshow Week, Event Tech Blog • BlogWorld • David Meerman Scott Case Studies • MTO Summit San Francisco, October 21- 22
  13. 13. Thanks For Watching For more information onMeetingTechOnline • • • @stepnold (twitter) For more information on Mark and introNetworks • • • @marksylvester (twitter) Webinar Replay – in 24 hours •