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Representations of "student" | RS3G Dublin 20110614


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Slide for Rome Student Systems and Standards Group (RS3G) workshop in Dublin on initiatives that require an electronic representation of "student"

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Representations of "student" | RS3G Dublin 20110614

  1. 1. RS3G | representations of “student” Dublin | June 2011 Professor Mark Stubbs Head of Learning & Research Technologies Manchester Metropolitan University, UK |, June 13, 2011 1
  2. 2. Representations of “student”• One to rule them all ?OR• It depends: right representation for right use-case ?• Some representations (non exhaustive) – CEN EuroLMAI | Europass | IMS Enterprise, LIP, LIS | LEAP2A | RS3G mobility ...• Some use-cases (non exhaustive) – Managing applications | Transferring achievement / biographical / personal development plans | Provisioning systems + authenticating students | Publishing graduation docs ... 2