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LRT Talks 20140704 CMI Briefing for CELT L&T Conference


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Briefing for delegates at Manchester Metropolitan University's 2014 Learning and Teaching Conference about the forthcoming Continuous Monitoring and Improvement (CMI) system, designed to provide Programme and Unit Leaders with data to help target improvements and a facility for capturing improvement action plans

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LRT Talks 20140704 CMI Briefing for CELT L&T Conference

  1. 1. Continuous Monitoring and Improvement (CMI) Professor Mark Stubbs Head of Learning & Research Technologies Manchester | Jul 2014 Elite 2014
  2. 2. EQAL: enhancing the student experience 1. Step-change improvement – Curriculum refresh + seamless, personalised online experience 2. Continuous improvement – Well-informed interventions
  3. 3. Continuous Monitoring & Improvement (CMI) • Enable a data-driven quality enhancement process for all MMU Programmes and Units – by providing Programme and Unit Leaders with key performance monitoring information and a facility for recording and tracking follow-up actions MDL SRS TT Data Warehouse Analysis Cubes Performance reports… Action Plans
  4. 4. CMI | Timeframe Sep14 • Programme Leader Dashboard (V1) (Headcount, Progression, Marks, ISS + EE reports) Dec14 • Unit Leader Dashboard (V1) (Headcount, Marks, ISS …) Jan15 • Programme Leader Dashboard (V2) (+ NSS, Engagement, Submissions, R&A, …)
  5. 5. CMI | Programme Leader Dashboard (V1) 1. Choose a programme… 2. Choose a tab for a particular report… 4. View a list of improvement actions (and add/update actions if you’re the prog leader) 5. Vary filter criteria for the report (if required) 3. View the report
  6. 6. CMI | Programme Leader Dashboard (V1) • Reports – Overview: headcount; progression; ISS + EE reports – Students: headcount & how cohort is changing – Progression: progression by level and course – Marks: average by unit; mark range; average by level – ISS Satisfaction: by course, by level, by unit – ISS Comments: search by keyword & (dis)satisfaction – CMI Plan: download the improvement action plan • Current status… – In testing | Training being developed | Links to CELT & CASQE resources being added