CakePHP mistakes made

Nov. 7, 2014

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CakePHP mistakes made

  1. CakePHP The Yum and the Yuck
  2. Mistakes I’ve made a few.
  3. Success I’ve had a bit of that too.
  4. Disclaimer This is not intended to be mean.
  5. Community
  6. Be respectful Everyone starts as a newbie.
  7. No test, no bug High entry barriers are not healthy
  8. Set a good example People will follow.
  9. Conflicts Ego, language & culture.
  10. Empower others Trust people who have proven themselves.
  11. Be transparent “Open” is an important part of open source.
  12. Documentation
  13. Maintenance hell Make docs dead easy to maintain
  14. Sphinx + ElasticSearch Winning combination
  15. Use simple tools Make docs accessible, & easy to contribute to.
  16. Deployment Push to jenkins ssh github make
  17. Search & offline docs
  18. Releases & Upgrading
  19. Releasing must be simple 26 releases this year so far.
  20. Version numbers matter. Semantic versioning is important.
  21. Security fixes Be transparent and respond quickly.
  22. Breaking compatibility Mistakes should be fixed.
  23. Migration guides Document what changes/breaks.
  24. Upgrade tools CLI sugar
  25. Building a Framework
  26. Have opinions
  27. People will hate you.
  28. People will love you.
  29. Code generation Powerful, but relies on coupling.
  30. Intelligent defaults Make good ideas the standard
  31. Derp defaults When ideas age poorly.
  32. Conventions And configuration.
  33. Conventions Can lead to magic.
  34. Magic can be evil We meant to help, really.
  35. Don’t Guess Computers are stupid.
  36. Future proof APIs Option parameters make growing easy.
  37. “Declarative” interfaces Kind of suck in PHP
  38. Say no to features Save your sanity.
  39. In closing,
  40. Make mistakes Falling down is an effective way to learn.
  41. Try this at home Open source is hard, but rewarding
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