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'Give By Phone' - Contest Entry & Second Place Winner


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This is my entry to the GlobalGiving 'Innovate For Good' contest ( It recently won second place and is pending being implemented.

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'Give By Phone' - Contest Entry & Second Place Winner

  1. 1. 2nd Place UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS FOR GIVING Spring 2010 Innovation Contest Entry Entry by Mark Silverberg
  2. 2. VOICE TEXT GIVE × . VOICE TEXT IM + (‘Give by’ several channels) COMMUNICATIONS OPTIONS Broadening the ways people can donate (and find relevant organizations to donate to) over the phone, text message, and IM
  3. 3. A FEW CHANNELS EXAMPLES Service Access Number/Name +1 (617) 575-9993 +1 (617) 575-9993 giveby +99000936 9991429502
  4. 4. A FEW CHANNELS EXAMPLES Service Access Number/Name +1 (617) 575-9993 One number, multiple communication +1 (617) 575-9993 giveby Call from an iPhone, other mobile devices, or +99000936 9991429502 any networked computer w/ a
  5. 5. FOR Call-wide Events hangup error start.json Key next document event find_by_project_id process goodbye .json help find_by_theme thank_you find_by_country donate_by...
  6. 6. BENEFITS & POSSIBILITIES • Minimize time→$$$ by • Integration with existent giving projects their own GlobalGiving web portal phone number/IM address • Userscould simply enter • Marketability by project an account number and PIN without entering • Easier for the user (less payment details again and choices, less questions) again • Reason for new projects • Convenience factor for to join GlobalGiving the donor
  7. 7. ADDITIONAL FEATURES READY TO GO • Email integration (ensure no donation goes unnoticed; follow up with donors whose donation failed, personally thank repeat donors and new timers) • Email GlobalGiving admins notifications • Completed/Failed Donations • When did someone hangup? • Project Leaders • Donors • Investors
  8. 8. CURRENTitSHORTCUTS Minimizing the time takes for them to donate $$$ • How to speed up text communication: Users can text one of the following to the SMS #/IM address: • Project ID # (i.e. 1883) capitalization doesn’t matter • Country code (i.e. us or ZW) • Theme code (i.e. edu or sport) • Ifit doesn’t match, no problem! System will guide the user to find an organization to learn about and donate to • Voice communication will be slower, but for many users it will be more familiar and reassuring -- they can use
  11. 11. SOME ‘HOUSEKEEPING’ NOTES • Thisis not just a concept; the structure is developed and useful as-is • With Global Giving’s cooperation* and expertise in the user experience of donating, this application can become exponentially more easy and useful to users • Integrationwith project workflow is very possible and would likely be useful to the projects GG aims to help. • International voices and speech recognition is possible * Developer is based in Foggy Bottom, D.C. and interested in making this an official GG initiative
  12. 12. THE FUTURE Leverage unified communications in a broader sense, offering more to GlobalGiving... Donors Investors Projects