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Cloud Encryption Gateways (how enterprises can leverage cloud SaaS without compromising on security)


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Executive Technology Presentation
For GWSB ISTM 6207 in Fall 2013

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Cloud Encryption Gateways (how enterprises can leverage cloud SaaS without compromising on security)

  2. 2. How can our enterprise take advantage of third-party apps that run in the cloud without compromising on security? That’s easy! Just approve my acquisition order for a cloud encryption gateway. Confusion
  3. 3. What are CEGs? Cloud Encryption Gateways A security product that obfuscates sensitive information stored in the cloud Sensitive data is encrypted as it flows from a device, through the CEG proxy, and into the cloud service provider’s backend
  4. 4. How Is That Secure? The cloud provider (such as Salesforce or Google Apps) store values that only the CEG can decrypt
  5. 5. Key Benefits Facilitates confidentiality Confidentiality When using encryption, maintains integrity of sensitive data Allows security-conscious organizations to adopt public/private cloud applications (SaaS) and infrastructure (IaaS) which may aid availability Availability Integrity
  6. 6. Key Findings & Recommendations Key Findings Recommendations By definition, CEGs must integrate with third-party apps Plan for ongoing support of connectors by CEG & 3rd parties Most CEG providers support common and popular SaaS and IaaS offerings Many offer to ingrate with “any app”, but additional resources may be required Do not forget about the trade-offs of A) the cloud and B) encryption A) CEG server and workforce locations will affect latency and perceived performance
 ! B) Might not want to encrypt all information if you need to do calculations server-side ! CEG is an emerging technology — new and better offerings are being actively developed Enter into short-term contracts
  7. 7. Gartner Hype Cycle Cloud Encryption Gateways Benefit Rating:
 High Market Penetration:
 1-5% Maturity: Emerging
  8. 8. Adoption & Implementation Strategy and Implementation Timelines Highly interdependent on.. existing network structure (WAN/ VPN/existing proxies) and size third party integrations (, GMail, etc.) must be configured number and location of hosts (PCs, servers, mobile devices) may need to be touched
  9. 9. Cipher Cloud Cloud Data Protection Gateway by PerspecSys Current market leader and one of the first COTS Appears to be second to CipherCloud Integrations for many offerings including Salesforce, Box, MS Office 365, Gmail, Amazon Web Services Integrations include Salesforce, ServiceNow, Oracle, Amazon Web Services Focus industries: financial services and healthcare Pricing: Free trial available Flexible, subscription based pricing model with no long-term contracts or lock-in periods - From $5 to $20 per month per user Additional features include: Marketing focuses on international data privacy laws and government agency/NGO requirements such as data residency and other obligations Additional features include: Mail Transport Agent that “allows organizations to use email services, even when contact and other sensitive information is no longer in the cloud” Partnership with providers to offer “realtime cloud malware protection against viruses, spyware, trojans, bots, [and] rootkits” As of 11/2013: 2 million users, 250 million records protected, 10 industries, 14 countries, 6 languages Both companies follow FIPS 140-2 standards which require at least AES-256 encryption and have had dozens of millions of dollars invested in them by top venture capital firms (suggesting that this is an emerging technology offering that is not yet profitable)
  10. 10. Risks & Competitive Advantage of Early Adoption Risks Advantages Maturity & Workflow/ Change Management
 Securely harness the cloud
 new and emerging technology status; not all stakeholders may be open to it includes leveraging third party SaaS/PaaS such like Salesforce, Google Apps Speed
 Ability to outsource some IT
 encryption + decryption will always be slower than without Vendor lock-in
 relatively easy to avoid by insisting on short-term contracts which can save time, money, and human resources
  11. 11. CEG In The News
  12. 12. Summary Cloud Encryption Gateways are a proxy between an enterprise’s secure network and the public cloud. Sensitive data is encrypted as it flows from a device, through the CEG proxy, and into the cloud service provider’s backend When a user needs to read the information from the cloud device, it is decrypted and presented to them Confidentiality Availability Integrity
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