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CEL Technology Update

  1. 1. CEL Technology Update 11.20.12
  2. 2. Who is Mark? Native Washingtonian ‘Real’ Husky: Staff, faculty, 2x alum Started with computers as a Navy Cryptologist ‘back in the day’ Helpdesk manager Webmaster IT Director Lecturer Clinical Informatics Graduate program Master’s Degree in Information Management Makes me a generalist: IT knowledge is broad and shallow – probably know something about the topic, but might not know it in-depth
  3. 3. What does a Tech Director do in CEL?Wears a lot of hats!Day to day support:• Software troubleshooting• Hardware troubleshooting• Consulting on technology solutions
  4. 4. What else?• System support• Upgrades• Enhancements• Research on emerging technologies & strategies• Lifecycle planning
  5. 5. The least interesting?  Security  Backups  Anti-virus  Software updates  Hardware refresh scheduling  BUT, THE MOST IMPORTANT – prevents problems, keeps us running!
  6. 6. Methodologies
  7. 7. Approach• Determine technologies and systems used within CEL• Determine Service Areas• Determine needs• Prioritize
  8. 8. Technologies & Systems in CEL• Nearly 100• Many outsourced – pros and cons: less liability, less overhead, BUT less administrative control.• Too many to master?!
  9. 9. Determine Service Areas• Many technologies, but really only 12 different services/needs• Some overlap, in time can be reduced
  10. 10. CEL Technology Analysis: Current Technology Services & Needs Asynchronous Collaboration Tools/Shared Documents Web Services/Social Backups & Media Security Video Hosting Email Learning Technology Tacit Management Training Knowledge Tools Technical Personal File Support & Storage Infrastructure Real-Time Structured Collaboration Data Services Tools Remote Access Tools
  11. 11. Determine (Initial) NeedsInitial Recommendations:• Website• Computer systems backups & security• Calendaring• Trainings: video troubleshooting and email/computer security.• CELSUB replacement• Technology strategy
  12. 12. Prioritize• Besides methodologies, pricing is a factor• IT Maxim #1 as of about 2010: Do more with less: – Leverage existing resources – Expand usage of existing technologies – Training (just in time, one on one; web based)
  13. 13. Fundamental Tools for Providing Technology Services & Support ITIL Project Management User Experience Design Customer Service Sustainable Pricing
  14. 14. How an information Manager Looks at a project Source: Usability.gov
  15. 15. Projects• Email Migration• New SharePoint/Interim solution?• Computer backups/security updates (automatic)• New website
  16. 16. Email upgrades• Decrease cost• Improve features (including calendaring)• Positions us to join UW Email services when they catch up with us Planning Closeout November January Implementation December
  17. 17. Backups and Security• Automated backups• Automated security/anti-virus updates• Automatic software patching• Routine maintenance schedule Maintenance Planning Schedule December Feb-ongoing Implementation January
  18. 18. Website• We use Drupal• Our version end of life in Summer 2013• New site: optimized for mobile• Revamped information architecture for improved findabilty
  19. 19. Website Timeline Design Summer Launch Plan 1st 2nd – 3rd 1st QTRQTR 2013 QTR 2013 2014 Analyze Test & 2nd QTR Refine 2013 3rd QTR 2013
  20. 20. CEL SUB• Bye Bye! Technology from 2002• You have never seen ‘real’ SharePoint!• Dependent on UW IT Timeline which is not finalized• Will provide an interim solution sooner!
  21. 21. CEL SUB Timeline Launch Test & SunsetEvaluation interim Analyze: Refine: interim& Costing: solution: April/May August solution: Dec 2012 Feb 2013 2013 2013 Jan 2014 Choose Plan: Design: Launch: interim March June/July End of solution: 2013 2013 2013/TBD Jan 2013 based on UW
  22. 22. In the pipeline• Optimizing video experience• Learning Management System• Structured Data Services• One stop shopping “OurCEL.UW.EDU”
  23. 23. CEL Technology Analysis: Propose Technology Services Model - 2014 Learning Management Video Collaboration Services Tools One Place To Start (mycel.uw.edu) Technology Web Services Training Tech Support Structured & Network Data Services Infrastructure
  24. 24. IT Maxim #2 “Misery is optional!” Not everything is a quick fix, but a lot of thingsare. Even if it isn’t a quick fix, let me know, we’ll get it on the road map.Get me involved early and often and it’ll make a difference!