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Websites recommended by educators

  1. 1. Websites recommended by colleagues
  2. 2. 21st Century Fluency Projectwww.fluency21.comThis resource is the collaborative effortof a group of experienced educatorsand entrepreneurs who have united toshare their experience and ideas, andcreate a project geared toward makinglearning relevant to life in our newdigital age. Our purpose is to developexceptional resources to assist intransforming learning to be relevant tolife in the 21st Century. At the core ofthis project are our CurriculumIntegration Kits - engaging, challengebased learning modules designed tocultivate the essential 21st CenturyFluencies within the context of therequired curriculum.
  3. 3. Teach It is a tried and trusted educationresource used by thousands ofteachers. Specialising in English, Dramaand Media Studies from 11-18, theTeachit libraries offer thousands ofpages of materials, all created byclassroom teachers and constantlygrowing.Teachit is not just a time-saver – itssometimes a life-saver! For bu syteachers looking for a resource tosupplement a scheme of work orextend more able pupils, Teachitprovides a searchable and sometimesinspiring database of lesson ideas,worksheets, interactives and support.And when youve actually got a fewminutes to browse the site properly,you can find a real gem to use directlyor adapt for your own pupils. Iwouldnt want to be without it.Jane Branson
  4. 4. businessballs career help, business training,organizational development -inspirational, innovative ideas,materials, exercises, tools, templates -free and fun.Use the search tool at the top rightcorner of every page to look forspecific items. Browse categories for abroad view of the subjects andmaterials available. The site mapcontains more detailed listings. Theadditions and updates below can behelpful for exploring Businessballs too.
  5. 5. Diigo is a powerful online research tooland collaborative research platformthat integrates several keytechnologies, including socialbookmarking, web annotation,tagging, and group-basedcollaboration, to enable a whole newprocess of online knowledgemanagement and participatorylearning in the 21st century.“Diigo fosters discussion andencourages active, critical reading ..the most efficient way I havediscovered to share content andcommentary.”
  6. 6. Eduprenuers
  7. 7. Eduprenuers"Edupreneurs":A Survey of For-Profit Educationby Carrie LipsExecutive SummaryEducation companies, or "edupreneurs," are entering the education marketplace in droves with creative, costefficient products and services for students of all ages. This rapidly expanding industry, which constitutesapproximately 10 percent of the $740 billion education market, demonstrates that private enterprises, even whencompeting against a monopolistic system, can deliver a wide range of affordable high-quality educational services.This study provides a glimpse of the products, services, and innovations that a fully competitive marketplacecould generate if the governments stranglehold on education were loosened.For example, Scientific Learning is developing products to help children to overcome speech impediments. DeVryand the Apollo Group are making postsecondary education more convenient and affordable, thus reducing someof the barriers that have traditionally prevented adults from pursuing higher degrees. Established companies suchas Kaplan, which traditionally prepared high school students for standardized tests, are expanding theireducational services internationally, across age groups, and through new media.Although the marketplace for education services and products is strong on the margins, the structure of theAmerican educational system creates considerable obstacles for companies that would like to offer completekindergarten through 12th grade services: entrepreneurs attempting to open schools face regulatory barriers andcompetition from "free" government schools supported by state funds.Policymakers interested in improving America’s education system should eliminate financial biases againstedupreneurs by adopting policies, such as tax cuts and universal tuition tax credits, that would return educationpurchasing power to individuals. Such policies would begin to loosen the government’s monopoly on educationand allow the natural growth of a vibrant education marketplace.
  8. 8. Eduprenuers Incorporate Education with Business Acumen and Technical Expertisechillibreeze writer — Neha GurejaA young man in his early-thirties leaves a high-paying job in Paris to make a difference in the lives of Indianchildren. Another gentleman – an engineer working in a financial services company in the United States – buys aone-way ticket to India, to sit on a wooden bench in front of a principal’s office in a new school in Delhi.It may seem hard to believe, but a new breed of change agents has now arrived. We call them ‘Edupreneurs’, orEducation Entrepreneurs. Passion, compassion, ruthlessness, perseverance, along with business acumen andtechnical expertise – these edupreneurs have it all. They are bound by one common thread – a vision to makeeducation more meaningful for children.Education in India is witnessing a change. What has been achieved so far is nothing more than a tiny drop in theocean. However, a little tweak here and there is the first step towards a revolution. A space is slowly being createdwhere conventional people, with not-so-conventional dreams, are given a chance to touch the lives of children,teachers and parents. The task is not easy. Skepticism, suspicion, and a ‘What do YOU know about education?’attitude are often encountered in a system that is generally unreceptive to innovation. What matters the most isthe ability of these potential change agents to ‘hang in there’, be heard, and PROVE their worth. The rest willgradually follow.How do Edupreneurs Work?Edupreneurs work at various levels with the school management and owners, school heads, parents, teachers,and directly with students. Unless the management supports any kind of progressive education, implementationof change is extremely difficult. School principals can make a difference if they truly have the ability and thefreedom to do so and some have been effective in bringing best practices to their schools. Parents have to learnto think beyond marks. Only then would teachers face minimal opposition while introducing innovative teachingtechniques.
  9. 9. Eduprenuers have the inherent ability to recognize an opportunity. They strike when they are hit with an ideawhose time has come. If these edupreneurs are able to attract, and more importantly, retain the right kind oftalent, only then would their organizations be in a position to scale up their efforts. Educational expertise withbusiness acumen is a rare combination. Those who have the potential must be nurtured. That is the only way thebreed of edupreneurs will continue to grow.In a nutshell, the ability of edupreneurs to create sustainable change depends on the following key factors:Ability to get the right people on board. Traditionally, in a majority of the cases, teaching has not been aprofession of choice. Only by attracting broad-minded, high-quality people to the profession, would theedupreneurs be able to reach out to a large number of existing and new schools.Ability to create reform by changing the attitudes of those involved in the system. Resistance to change isinevitable. Edupreneurs must be able to effectively advocate the need for change and help create an environmentconducive to innovation.Ability to create financially viable models. Unless an edupreneur is able to get the right kind of financial funding,whether through self-generation or external help, sustainability of the ‘good work’ will be difficult.The education sector is witnessing successful incorporation of management practices in order to bring abouteducation reform. The magnitude of change achieved so far is extremely small. However, the scope that liesahead in this challenging field is vast. Some private players have already smelt an opportunity. Others are slowlyfollowing suit.Chillibreezes disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author(s) and do notreflect the views of Chillibreeze as a company. Chillibreeze has a strict anti-plagiarism policy. Please contact us toreport any copyright issues related to this article.
  10. 10. Edutopia Strategies for Innovation andReform in LearningEdutopia is dedicated to transformingthe learning process by helpingeducators implement the strategiesbelow. These strategies -- and theeducators who implement them -- areempowering students to thinkcritically, access and analyzeinformation, creatively problem solve,work collaboratively, and communicatewith clarity and impact. Discover theresources, research, experts, andfellow Edutopia members who arechanging our schools. Join us inreinventing the learning process
  11. 11. Early Childhood Australia mission statement:Early Childhood Australia will advocateto ensure quality, social justice andequity in all issues relating to theeducation and care of children frombirth to eight years.Our values are:The rights of childrenLeadershipExcellenceRespectCourageHonestyOpennessCollaborationDiversityJusticeSocial inclusion of children
  12. 12. McRELhttp://www.mcrel.orgOur MissionMaking a difference in the quality ofeducation and learning for all throughexcellence in applied research, productdevelopment, and service.McREL is a private, 501 (c)(3)education research and developmentcorporation. That’s our standard, legaldefinition—but it doesn’t capture whowe really are: A committed staff ofresearch and education expertsworking every day to help educatorschange the odds for success for allstudents. Today, inside McREL’sheadquarters in Denver, Colorado, andMcRELs Pacific Center for Changingthe Odds in Honolulu, Hawaii, you’llfind experienced researchers andeducation consultants workingtogether to provide educators withresearch-based, practical guidance onthe issues and challenges facing K−16education.
  13. 13. Symbaloo Personal Internet DesktopLearn how to quickly organizeyour personal settings.Open websitesBy clicking on a tile, you canimmediately start using a website. Youcan drag & drop tiles, add tiles ordelete them.Create AccountBy opening a free account, you cansave your settings and get access toyour personal tiles and webmixesanywhere in the world.Name*Email*Password*Repeatpassword*Newsletter*Accept terms*
  14. 14. The Virtual Staffroom Virtual Staffroom is a communitypodcasting project run by Australian educatorChris Betcher. The basic premise of thepodcast is to hear from leading educatorsabout how they use technology in theirclassrooms.These very casual conversations are generallyrun as group discussions using Skype andthen recorded into a podcast format.Occasionally some episodes may be recordedlive at conferences or other educationalevents. Often there is a particular theme, butsometimes it wanders into all sorts ofunexpected areas. It’s a bit unpredictable,and that’s half the fun.New episodes are added whenever they arerecorded… sometimes that’s fairly often andsometimes it’s not. It just depends how busyI am with other things.If you’re a teacher and you have an idea foran episode, or would like to be part of one,please just drop me a line. I believe thatevery teacher has an interesting story to tell,and this podcast is a nice way to share thosestories.Thanks for listening,
  15. 15. edmodo In ActionEdmodo is transforming the way thatteachers and students connect, engageand learn both inside and outside theclassroom. Check out our Edmodo InAction videos for examples of how itsbeing used.Attend a WebinarIntroduction to Edmodo20 Ways to Use EdmodoEdmodo for Summer ProfessionalDevelopment “ I will be doing atraining for the staffs of my two juniorhigh school sites. The first half of theday will focus on Edmodo itself andhow teachers can implement it, andthe second half of the day will focus onother digital resources the library hasavailable to teachers and how they canhelp teachers with planning lessons,doing research projects, etc.” –Amanda Sharpe
  16. 16. ZAMZAR you ever wanted toconvert files without the needto download software ?Zamzar supports conversion between awide variety of different file formats.Were adding support for new formatsall the time - if theres a format thatyoud like us to support why notcontact us and well do our best to addit.