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The marksman november 2011


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The marksman november 2011

  1. 1. The MARKSMANK J Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research VOL. II ǀ ISSUE VI ǀ NOV ‘11 INSIDE Destination Branding Repositioning of Blackberry Future of ‘’Akash’’and much more!!
  2. 2. EDITOR’S DESKDear Readers,Welcome to a brand new edition of your favourite marketing magazine!Getting back from holidays is never easy but team MARKSMAN committedto its promise of delivering on quality and excellence has sprung back intoaction!This edition is our small gesture to pay homage to one of the greatestvisionaries and marketer of our times, Steve Jobs. Our cover story shall runyou through Marketing Apple-the differentiating effective ways Apple used toits success (other than its charismatic CEO‟s brain).Last month was historic for India in the sports arena. Some burning rubberon tracks, chequered waving flags and zooming cars drove the crowd into acrazy frenzy. With glitz, glamour and all the action, the Buddh circuit kept itsdate with destiny! So did marketers leaving no stone unturned to cash in onan event of this scale. Our special story shall take you through the promisingsegment of sports marketing and its footprints on the Indian horizon.Our featured articles for the month explore the avenues of destinationmarketing, the new kid on the horizon - “AKASH” tablet and therepositioning of Blackberry - from corporate to youth. Our heartiestcongratulations to Mr. Sarthak Agarwal (SIBM, Pune) for being adjudgedthe best article of the month!Unwind with our regulars- SquAreHead, Bookworm, Tweets and its all aboutAD-itude!. Get inquisitive with Buzz and do not forget to write in with articles(check the last page for topics), your thoughts or suggestions.For now, get Reading!Cheers!Team- MARKSMANINTERFACE – The Marketing Club of SIMSRTHE MARKSMAN 02
  3. 3. CONTENTS ǀ ǀ ǀNOVEMBER 2011 03
  4. 4. COVER STORY APPLE : The Marketing Perspective “i”..A letter personified and immortalized by Steve Jobs. The genius left us recently and much has been said about him in the past month, but very few people realize his marketing genius. The utter simple yet effective way in which each and every product was sold, cannot and will not ever be matched.If someone would have come up to you 10 years back, and said, “let‟s make a phone,without any keys, with a software of its own, bespoke to it, and two to three timesthe memory capacity of the industry standard, that too inbuilt, priced above thecompetition, and with a name, well it‟s a phone, so call it “iPhone”, you would havelaughed on his face and debunked his idea! But somehow, Apple managed to do thisand pretty well at that.So how and why has Apple been able to do this? Doing everything opposite to themarket like pricing at a premium when there is a price war, keeping its own softwarewhen all the companies are moving towards a common software like Android. Let‟sdig a little deeper into the working of the electronic giant and look at a few reasonsfor this success.No Market Research!Apple always came up with products that most of usdidn‟t need but wanted! They did not believe inmarketing surveys and finding out what the customerdemanded even in a totally consumer driven market.This is because of Steve Jobs‟ philosophy which said, “Alot of times consumers don‟t know what they wantuntil you show it to them”. So instead what they didwas to make a product that no one knew could bemade and then the consumers would lap it up.People buy what others have!Apple believes in creating neighbor‟s envy. It believes that instead of targeting theentire consumer base by your advertisements and products just cover theconsumers who are already sold onto your product either because of brand loyaltyTHE MARKSMAN 04
  5. 5. COVER STORYor because of the technology on offer and others will come to you by word of mouth. Alot of evangelism marketing takes place in case of Apple and people buy the productsbecause others have it or suggest it to them. Own everything! Apple has its own OS, own software and its own hardware too. This means they don‟t have to rely on others for anything. Apart from hardware manufacturing, (To get a contract for which, companies will give an arm!) they own the entire process. So this results in a better match between the hardware and the software and one part doesn‟t have to be fine-tuned or sacrificed for the other which leads to the ultimate user experience. Also it reduces the price incurred by Apple as they do not have to pay a huge licensing fee for using 3rd party software as they have their own range of software like iOS for phones and OSX for PCs and Laptops.Sticking to its core competence!Apple knows what people look for in theirproducts, which is the cutting edge in technologyand features that no other brand has on offer. Sothey keep true to this promise by not diluting thisvalue and bringing new innovations one after theother. Whenever a new product is launched it‟s thebyword in the latest technology .The product canbe bettered. But if you take the example of theiPhone, which currently is in its 5th generation,every updated version of it since its launch in2007 has amazed us and wowed us every singletime. NOVEMBER 2011 05
  6. 6. COVER STORYPremium pricingApple has always priced its products above the nearest competition. You would thinkthat in the highly competitive computer and mobile phone market which has giants likeDell with its vast supply chain and scale economies and Samsung with its huge R & Dcenters and manufacturing capabilities would crush Apple but this has never happened.The innovation that Apple brings to the table is unmatched. To sustain it and keepcharging a higher price, Apple keeps striving to bring out newer technologies.Now Apple no longer has the marketing acumen and vision of Steve Jobs with it and itwill be a game of wait and watch to see if Apple can sustain its position in the market.Will it be able to still churn out devices with ground breaking technologies? Will it stillbring out products which everyone lusts for? Will the technological innovations still bethere? Steve Jobs said, “Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn‟t matter to me …Going to bed at night saying we‟ve done something wonderful… that‟s what matters tome.” And this attitude of his, has changed all our lives, and let‟s hopes Apple lives up tothe expectations. THE MARKSMAN 06
  7. 7. SPECIAL STORY SPORTS MARKETINGSports enthusiasts are a loyal and an outspoken bunch. Have you ever sat in thecompany of crazed friends watching a cricket (or football or any other) game? You mightwant to have ear plugs and protective clothing unless you are just as excited about thecompetition as they are. Fans meet just to discuss what they have read and heard aboutan upcoming or just finished game. Sports is a whole culture within itself and the peopleinvolved have no problem telling you exactly what they think about your or theirfavourite players and plays. They are religious followers of the world‟s most globalizedculture.Sports marketing encompass three sectors:1) Marketing of sports eventsThe marketing of sports events and teams is the marketing strategy which is designedor developed a “live” activity, which has a specific theme. Mostly this kind of strategy isused as a way to promote, display or exhibit different things, such as a sports team, asport association among others.The IPL is an example of this concept because it is a massive sport event organized by asport association, the BCCI, which looks to promote the event itself, the sport itself andas well the different IPL teams. The way this event is promoted is by TV, radiocommercials and print media. Also contracts can be signed with other companies inorder to transmit the event. For example many of the important games of IPL weretransmitted in multiplexes, sports bars and theatres. NOVEMBER 2011 07
  8. 8. SPECIAL STORY2) Marketing of products using sportsMarketing through sport is a concept that that has been used since the 1980s but thatalso has increased in importance in the last two decades due to the growth andexpansion that the different types of sports have enjoyed since then. “Marketing throughsports "concerns the use of sporting events, sporting teams and individual athletes topromote various products.Coca Cola has been a corporate partner to FIFA (sporting event) since 1978 and hasnow extended this partnership till 2022. It has been a profitable brand association forthe company and continues to be with the remarkable global following for the FIFAWorld Cup and other events organized by FIFA. But, brand building is just notadvertising, in such partnerships it‟s a massive involvement in all the campaigns that FIFAplans like encouraging young talent which are an equal responsibility of an associatedbrand. Coca cola concerted the world cup trophy tour and run a “Open happiness”campaign parallel to the FIFA world cup 2010.3) Grassroots sports marketingGrassroots sport marketing is part of the field of marketing known as social marketing.This refers to marketing something that is of benefit to the public, and is normally doneby government or charities rather than private sector organisations. It is normally donewith a much smaller budget than marketing of sports teams and event or marketing ofproducts through sports as it does not bring any direct financial benefit. THE MARKSMAN 08
  9. 9. SPECIAL STORY Sports Marketing in the Indian context: Sports investments in India are matching the global numbers thanks to Indian F1 Grand prix, IPL, cricket & football rights, IPL, Force India, WTA Tennis, PHL and many others. While Indian marketers are venturing out to buy global properties such as F-1 teams and European Football teams for instant brand recall among global consumers, global sports are looking at India for television eyeballs and on-ground presence. Just a month back, sports and marketing met on a common platform called Formula1 for the Indian Grand Prix. We witnessed some exciting Indian brand associations for the Indian Grand Prix: Amul- Sauber, Airtel-F1Hero motors sponsored Narain Karthieyan for HRT seat at the Indian Grand Prix. Forall that, it is now an accepted fact that most international sports events are beingsupported by audiences that go way beyond the capacity of any stadium. The combinedF1 viewership of 527 million last season, including around 30 million from India, is themacro audience for which the F1 drama is unfolded every time. NOVEMBER 2011 09
  10. 10. SPECIAL STORYFor close to two decades, Formula 1 has been telecast in our country and its viewershiphas risen past the 30 million mark. The interest in the sport is so enormous that everyyear close to 10,000 Indians turn up at the Singapore Grand Prix. The event itself may beniche – with the top five teams signing the most sponsorship deals – but the audiencenow transcends the metros, sparking huge interest in the hinterland as well.Corporate associates and sponsors of F1 teams like Vodafone, Lenovo, Tag Heuer, JohnnyWalker, Hilton Hotels and Hugo Boss are all impressed with the development andgrowth of the middleclass in India and see it as a great commercial opportunity. Othermultinational brands like Renault are also looking at wider brand recognition with thegrowing Indian middle class.Look at how soccer teams from Europe have started investing their attention here –Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur are goodexamples. Consider how NBA has already set its foot on Indian soil by tying up withMahindra; or, for that matter, look at how golf‟s European PGA Tour has alreadyexpanded its base with a second-level Challenge Tour event in India. It was inevitablethat Formula 1 President and CEO Bernie Ecclestone brought the sport to India soonerthan later.Even if cricket takes up much of the viewership (and therefore dominates thesponsorship market), India‟s TV audience has shown that it has great appetite for avariety of international sports. THE MARKSMAN 10
  11. 11. FEATURED ARTICLE Destination Branding - Dipesh Jain , NMIMS , Mumbai„Incredible India‟, „God‟s own country‟, „Heart of Incredible India‟, „I NY‟…. and the listgoes on and on. If you still haven‟t figured it out, we are talking about destinations thathave become very strong brands over a period of time. This process involves a lot ofeffort and smart thinking. Before going into that, let us look at the importance ofdestination branding and its relevance today.Why destination branding- Today, in the age of globalization, we are closer to eachother more than ever before. The tourism industry has undergone dramatictransformation. Today a consumer is ready to loosen his purse strings and splurge onholiday destinations. Not only that, with medical tourism, business tourism etc. gainingimportance, it has become imperative for a destination to differentiate itself andcommunicate its offerings to the consumers in order to become the destination ofchoice. NOVEMBER 2011 11
  12. 12. FEATURED ARTICLEGlobalisation and the new opportunities in tourism make place branding a veryimportant exercise to remain competitive How do you brand a place- Like all branding exercises, one of the most importantelements in destination branding is to provide a superior product. The product in thiscase being the place itself. It is very essential to have good facilities (Roads, transportand communication, hospitality etc.) for tourists visiting the destination.Apart from this, there are various elements involved in destination branding. The keyones being:Analyse the key offerings- An audit of the place should be done and the key assets ofthe destination analysed. These are the core strengths of the place and will form thebase of our branding activity. E.g. Goa is very famous for its beaches, the core strengthof India as a destination is its cultural and regional diversity, Tirumala is famous for SriVenkateshwara Temple. Every destination has some core brand assets. THE MARKSMAN 12
  13. 13. FEATURED ARTICLESegmentation analysis- Every location will cater to a specific target segment, it isvery essential to locate the appropriate target segment and understand that segmentvery well. Any mistake at this step could possibly spell doom for the brand. E.g. Goawould attract teenagers and young adults i.e. age group of 15-30, Haridwar being areligious destination would cater mainly to elderly people .Consumer Perception Analysis- In depth analysis of consumer perceptions of thelocation should be done through surveys and interviews. It can lead to some shockingresults and can even change the way we would want to portray the brand. Integrated Marketing Communication- At this stage, we are clear with our objectives and the positioning of the brand. An IMC campaign needs to be prepared and implemented successfully. It is important to be creative and different while executing the campaign. Brand assets should be portrayed in a beautiful manner which would make people want to go to the location.Monitor the campaign- It is equally important to monitor the response to thecampaign. Post implementation research should be conducted to gather informationabout the reaction, whether the campaign has been successful in achieving its purposeor has it failed. The campaign might take time to be successful and this has to be bornein mind while evaluating results.Successful Destination Brands- Some very successful place- branding campaignsinclude New York City ‘, ‘I NY’ campaign, Malaysia, ‘Malaysia truly Asia’campaign, Sri Lanka, ’A Land like no other’ campaign etc. Some great Indiandestination branding examples are ‘Incredible India’ Campaign, ‘God’s OwnCountry’ Campaign. NOVEMBER 2011 13
  14. 14. FEATURED ARTICLE Re-positioning of Blackberry: from corporate to youth -Pankaj Bathla, Welingkar, MumbaiBackground:The mobile enterprise market has long proven lucrative for leading mobile handsetvendors. This market is dominated by Research In Motion (RIM), which providesenterprise applications, such as push e-mail and IM, through its BlackBerry handsets. Todate, RIM has been able to sustain its leadership in the mobile enterprise market, but itssustainability is now being questioned with the popularity of Apple‟s iPhone.Market Scenario:The global smartphones market will be worth US$ 258.9 billion by 2015, whilst themobile phone market will be worth US$ 341.4 billion – you don‟t need a calculator tosee that smartphones will be accounting for around 75 percent of the total.After targeting the niche, high-end subscriber base, Research in Motion‟s (RIM)BlackBerry is now trying to make further inroads into the Indian market. It is nowtargeting the youth.Changed Scenario/ Repositioning:Blackberry smartphones targets high end users- who want the ultimate smartphones –in terms of both appearance and performance. The target customers are those whoaspire and epitomize success and confidence. Blackberry with its different handsets isattempting a change in positioning and moving more towards the Lifestyle segmentspace.“Love what you do” and “Be Bold” are some of the positioning statements targetingthe youth. THE MARKSMAN 14
  15. 15. FEATURED ARTICLERecent surveys show the depth of the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) fad amongst teens.Youths are the champions of BlackBerry Messenger or BBM (in the language of theyouth). The free service is now a deciding purchase factor for many young people.BlackBerry is targeting the youth who is known for heavy data usage.Anuradha Aggarwal, Vice-President-Marketing of Vodafone Essar, says the BlackBerrybrand is repositioning itself, as its primary audience is no longer corporate. "One wouldbe surprised with the enthusiasm of young customers who saves money (Rs. 15,000)just to buy a Blackberry phone", Aggarwal says. “ The recent focus of RIM to tap theretail customer has helped it to penetrate the market. For instance, RIM, which earlierhad presence in only nine cities in India, has increased it to 80 cities.”Other Strategies BlackBerry can employ:Buzz Marketing: Blackberry can create a lot of „buzz‟ amongst the youth byemploying the youngster as Buzz agents in colleges and youth clubs. The buzz agentswould promote the brand through online campaigns and can be an opinion leader.Event Marketing: BB can launch the contest with a youth cultural event, invitingschools and college students across India. BB can sponsor engineering college fests suchas Mood Indigo (IIT Mumbai‟s Annual Festival), which focus on technology, to reachniche tech-savvy target audience. Also, cultural college fests like Malhar (St. Xavier‟sAnnula Cultural Festival), to reach out to a wider target audience. BB can sponsor andconduct the industry specific workshops for young professionals.The future of smartphones is not only email but also data intensive applications such ashigh quality streaming video and audio. Its time for the parent company RIM to connectthe dots and take the mobile-social web to yet another level. NOVEMBER 2011 15
  16. 16. FEATURED ARTICLE The Future of “Aakash” - Sarthak Agarwal, SIBM PuneIntroducing AakashAakash has been designed and manufactured by DataWind, a British firm in alliance withIIT Rajasthan, with the support of NME-ICT that comes under the aegis of the Ministryof Human Resources and Development.Aakash is a 7” screen tablet, supports Wi-Fi, carries 2 USB ports and runs on Android2.2 platform. It caters to the existing market of tablets by offering a product developedfor penetrating Indian households, mainly students. Seeing the PLC, it is still in theintroduction stage and DataWind is incorporating the suggestions given by thecustomers in the upcoming models. So, what “Desired Change” is it bringing? Aakash has been targeted at the Indian students at a price of Rs. 1750. It has been positioned as a tool to bridge the digital divide, which can be effectively used to deliver distance learning to the students. DataWind is offering the tablet with a replacement warranty thus eroding any doubts on the quality. The tablet comes preloaded with 70,000 e-Books, 2100 e- Journals. This opens a new market opportunity to develop quality video lectures, e-textbooks and educational software for Indian students .VentureBeat commented on its slow navigation speed. Of course, looking at Aakashwith iPad tainted eyes will be an injustice. However, the speed will seem sufficient to aperson who has never in his life seen a smart phone or a computer. Bingo! It makessense to sell it to more, than confining it to brand-crazy few. A point worth knowing isthat DataWind isn‟t into the mass marketing of the tablets. THE MARKSMAN 16
  17. 17. FEATURED ARTICLEIt‟s following a segment-marketing approach, by offering Aakash (Rs. 1750) to thestudents and Ubislate (Rs. 3000) to the public. Ubislate will have an inbuilt cellularmodem and SIM to access internet, which is absent in Aakash.How much “Acceptability” has itgathered?On the social networking platform, twofacebook pages are running parallely -one is “Aakash Ubislate DataWind” with5752 likes and the other is “Aakashtablet” with 4895 likes. The later pageclaims to be proud of having 3000 fansin the first week of the page launch.DataWind looks at Aakash as a greatexport opportunity for India. It‟s tryingto establish multiple manufacturingfacilities to meet the exploding demandboth in India and overseas markets.But there are a few hassles in its success path. Primarily, a battery backup for just 3hours is too less as compared to the competitors (average 8 hours). Adding on this,children are unlikely to have the patience to charge the battery every couple of hours.In a land of power cuts, they may not be able to either. Secondly, the present students‟model works only on the Wi-Fi to connect to the internet. So, when distributing it tothe rural or township students, presence of Wi-Fi becomes imperative - with whichIndia isn‟t ready now. Other problems are : its plastic body (which makes it heated fast),lack of camera, low disk space & resistive LCD screen.So what’s the “Road Ahead”?In the rural and sub-urban India, it offers the best value for money. Hence, it seems tohave created enthusiasm in this niche segment. However, I believe that the studentsdeserve better. In urban India, Aakash faces stiff competition from the tablets of the likesof HP & Beetel which offer the desired features in the price range of Rs. 5000 - 9000. NOVEMBER 2011 17
  18. 18. SquAreheaDThe second edition of our anime character set, SquAreheaD, from our talentedMarksman Team. Shows you different perspective of the day today activities we seearound Hope you like it.We have been here, done that, seen that ! Every B school graduate has gone throughthis phase. The night before exams, we have experienced ourselves in this situation.Where the Finance and the HR janta is mugging up formulae and concepts, Marketingstudents sleep through the night, sometimes using the book as the pillow, and pour outKotlerism on the paper during the day ! THE MARKSMAN 18
  19. 19. REWIND Event: Guest Lecture - Capgemini Speaker: Ms. Sangeeta Sundaram, Head Marketing and Communications, Capgemini India Date: 21st October, 2011 Venue: Seminar Hall, SIMSR About the Speaker: Ms. Sundaram did her B.Com. from Gulbarga University followed by her MBA from Goa Institute of Management in Marketing in 1998.She also studied Strategic Marketing in StanfordUniversity Graduate School of Business in 2008. Sheworked as Assistant Manager, Marketing atSplashSupport (A CSS Group Company) and asResearch Consultant at The Gallup Organization,Singapore and joined CapGemini in 2004. Sheworked in the PR and branding communications ofCapGemini previously and has now become theHead of Marketing and Communications. Topic of Discussion: Discussion on "Use Real or Celebrities in your Advertising Campaign? -an IT Industry perspective.” Ms. Sundaram took us through different strategies companies use in order to promote their brand. Why companies use brand ambassadors in the first place and why some companies deliberately refrain from it. Takeaways: A fresh new perspective on branding and the thought process that goes on in the minds of Marketers in going for a particular branding strategy. Ms Sundaram made it a very informative and interactive session and it was a great learning experience for us SIMSRites! NOVEMBER 2011 19
  20. 20. ITS ALL ABOUT AD-itude ! Brand: TOI, Chennai editionAdvertiser: Maharashtra Tourism Creative Agency: Taproot IndiaDevelopment CorporationCreative Agency: Xebec TOI‟s new campaign is titled “Wake up to the Times Of India”. It starts at theThe latest advertisement of Maharashtra inauguration of a multi storied building. AsTourism Development Corporation is a gentleman cuts the red ribbon, we see asimple and inviting. This time its not about lungi-clad man fast asleep. A cricket teamscenic beauty or heritage sites. These fresh proudly poses with their trophy and therenew images are of drawings made in the he is again asleep with his head on thesand. One such image is of a dolphin and coach‟s shoulder. The roads are blockedanother of an unfinished game of tic-tac-toe, and sirens are blazing as a politiciandrawn lazily at the sea shore with an idle addresses the anxious crowd in thewave passing by. The posters create a strong streets. But he sleeps undisturbed on theassociation with the western coastal line roof of a car. He sleeps through all thewith the help of these images, drawing things that happen around him. Suddenlyattention to the variety of flora and fauna the screen reads in block letters “STUCKthat can be explored in this 720 km canvas WITH NEWS THAT PUTS YOU TOthat is just waiting to be explored. SLEEP?” A copy of Times of India slidesWhat stands out about this ad is the fact forward and the mans eyes finally open!that it does not impose on you just the The TVC blends in a Tamil lullaby withbland facts of the travel destination you are different scenes in a satirical way toabout to go to. It conveys to you that it will project that Chennai has been readingbe a fun and care free get away. It goes back boring newspapers which have put themto the basics, helping you attain what‟s most to sleep and its time they switched toimportant while on a vacation - creating TOIs for their daily dose of news. A clearhappy memories. cut message and humorous to watch. THE MARKSMAN 20
  21. 21. BOOKWORMREVERSE PSYCHOLOGY MARKETINGThe Death of Traditional Marketing and the Rise of the New“Pull” Game-By Indrajit Sinha and Thomas FoschtIn his book, Sinha points out that it is the time to shelve the 4P‟s ofmarketing mix and instead come up with new strategy i.e. 3B‟s(Brand, Buyer Network and Buying Chain).Replace the central focus from customer towards brand, differentiate brand from qualityto design and use real people than glamour in advertisements. It explains how graduallyprinciples of conventional marketing are giving way to Reverse Psychology Marketing. Italso points out how the middle market is hollowing out creating a “Walmart andFerrari” type of situation.What will make you buy?This book is simple, concise, interesting and easy read. It points out how to cope withthe changing dynamics to develop close connection with the customer.Authors have used many examples to support their claims and have supplementedvarious ideas to show how to connect with the „Change‟.Why you might not buy?The title states the death of „Traditional Marketing‟ and the rise of the new „Pull Game‟,however the upcoming marketing strategies cannot completely replace the conventionalmarketing principles, it can complement it. About the Author INDRAJIT JAY SINHA is the Washburn Research Fellow and Associate Professor of Marketing at the Fox School of Business and Management at Temple University, Philadelphia. THOMAS FOSCHT is Associate Professor of Marketing in the Department of Marketing and Retailing at the University of Graz, Austria. He has authored several management articles, monographs, and books on customer loyalty and marketing strategy. NOVEMBER 2011 21
  22. 22. TWEETS Indians slam Apple for launching iPhone 4S at much higher price than its US retail cost Within hours of the price of iPhone 4S being announced on the websites of Bharti Airtel and Aircel on Friday, the social networking media was abuzz with comments deriding the smartphone maker Apple. At its launch price ofRs 44,500, the iPhone 4S will indeed be costlier in India than anywhere else in the world, though it will be available about 10% cheaper on several online shopping sites such as ebay. Google enters Microsoft offices turf with mixed results Google Apps performs many of the same functions as Office, but through a Web browser instead of local software, it is cheaper to own and operate than Microsofts desktop software and all the storage is on the cloud so no hard disks are required. Slowly but steadily Google is making a stronghold in the Microsoft‟s stomping ground. Maruti to clear backlog of over 1,00,000 bookings of new Swift by April 2012 Maruti Suzuki launched its Swift model in the country on August 17th 2011, and its booking figures have crossed 1,20,000 mark since then. The situation had become worse for Maruti after workers at its Manesar plant went on a series of strikes in the period of June to October 2011, causing huge production losses to the firm. While the revenue loss due to these strikes stood over Rs 1,500 crores, the total production loss was of 50,000 cars. It says that the backlog can only be completed by April 2012THE MARKSMAN 22
  23. 23. TWEETS Tesco aims to build on Tata tie-up for India retail Retail giant Tesco Plc plans to build on its existing tie-up with Tata Group to expand in the country if foreign operators are allowed to invest in multi-brand retail, an executive director of the UK retailer said on Monday. India currently allows 51 percent foreign investment in single-brand retailers and 100 percent for wholesale operations. Global players such as Wal-Mart Stores Inc and Carrefour have long sought greater access to the countrys small but fast-growing organised retail sector. FMCG retail will hit $100 billion by 2025: Nielsen Nielsen estimates that the countrys rural FMCG retail landscape will grow from $12 billion in 2011 to $100 billion by 2025, as it unveiled its consumer 360 report. The research firm has identified four key trends that will drive consumption: consumers switching from commodity to brands, from indulgence to regular consumption, and acceptability. Future Group to exit Generali JV, sell stake to IITL The Kishore Biyani-promoted Future Group, which runs the countrys largest retail company, is set to exit from the life insurance venture that it operates in partnership with Italys Generali. Future is in advance discussions with the Mumbai-based Industrial Investment Trust (IITL) to sell a controlling stake in a phased manner.NOVEMBER 2011 23
  24. 24. BUZZ PUZZLE HINTSAcross Down2. The picture is the logo of the parent 1. This is the parent company of world‟s company of which famous ship? 2nd largest forging company.3. Flame – is a deodorant from the house of which famous Food Retailer? 6. This company is a parody of Wikipedia4. What was founded as a cricket club in 1899 and the logo depicted is called by British expatriates who came from Puzzle Potato. Nottingham, gradually converting to what it is now and the club has retained the 8. Which bank launched the "Bank on English spelling of its city‟s name. Bike" campaign recently? The picture5. Connect Royal Oak, One Tree Hill, Phoenix, depicts the earlier logo of the bank. Deer Park, Bon Echo, Gran Paradiso and 9. Simon,a product by IBM, was the first in Shiretoko.These are the various versions of what? The character was the earlier which category? mascot of the company.7. This company was named after the Founders pet bulldog. 7.Zygna 8.State Bank 9.Smartphone Answers : 1.Kalyani 2.Titanic 3.Burger king 4.AC Milan 5.Mozilla 6.UncyclopediaTHE MARKSMAN 24
  25. 25. CALL FOR ARTICLES December 201 1 Articles can be sent on any one of the following topics*: • United Colors of Benetton peace ad campaign- effective or disrespectful? • Regional Brands that survived and made it big. • Surrogate Marketing *Please ensure that there is no plagiarism and all references are clearly mentioned 1. One article can have only one author. 2. Your article should be from 500-600 words and MUST be replete with relevant pictures that can be used to enhance your article. 3. Send in your articles in .doc/.docx format with font size 11 (Arial) to: 4. Subject Line:Your Name_Institute Name_Course Year. 5. Kindly name your file as:Your Name_Topic The best adjudged article will be given a winners certificate. Deadline for submission of the articles: 11:59 PM , 16th December 2011.NOVEMBER 2011 25
  26. 26. To subscribe to "The Marksman", Follow the link:- OR drop in a mail/contact us at : Subject line: Subscribe: Your Name_Institute Name_Course YearFollow us at: Website: http://interfacesimsr.weebly.comTHE MARKSMAN 26