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March-2013 issue of monthly Marketing magazine of KJ Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research, Mumbai

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The marksman march 2013

  1. 1. The MARKSMANK J SOMAIYA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES & RESEARCH VOL. 3| ISSUE VIII| MARCH‘13 SPECIAL STORY The Page 12 COVER STORY Page 08 Dettol vs. Vim : You tube now Will themed malls The Return of Ad entices Indian work in a country Wars Marketers like India? Page 18 Page 20 Page 16
  2. 2. EDITOR’S DESK Dear Readers, We are back with yet another offering from the world of marketing to overwhelm you with a deluge of marketing trivia and gyaan. In our cover story ‘Affinity Marketing’ we have explained the term affinity as marketers would use it. Affinity Marketing is target marketing process which is carried out by linking complementary brands so that both the products/services capture sizable market share. The special story ‘The Twitter Saga’ are the chronicles of Twitter’s journey in India that entails how all the brands/companies have turned towards it, to gain a competitive advantage and a share of the consumer’s permanent memory space. Our regular sections Brand-MARKIVE, AD-itude, Tweets, Buzz, Hall-MARK Campaign and Bookworm will satiate your need for a 360 degree perspective on marketing. In our call for articles our readers have sent in some interesting readings on ‘YouTube entices Indian Marketers’, ‘Themed Malls in India’ and ‘Dettol Vs Vim- Return of ad wars’ which dish out their perspective on the recent happenings in the marketing world. Read articles written by our very own readers! We would like to congratulate the winners of our article writing competition Shivani Agrawal, Glorin Sebastian and Ankit Bhardwaj. We are sure the menu card looks quite interesting to try out the servings. So go on binge on the 3 course marketing meal while we don on our aprons to come up with new recipes for you to try out in your marketing hands-on during your internship. Let us know your thoughts and be sure to come visit us at for more of the latest integrative marketing news and stories. Till then keep feeding the marketing worm and all the best for your internship. Cheers !! Team – Marksman The Interface – The Marketing Club of SIMSR01 MARCH 2013
  3. 3. CONTENTS Hall-MARK Campaigns SquAreHeaD 06 23 08 BUZZ TWEETS AFFINITY 24 03 MARKETING Dettol Vs Vim- Return of 18 Ad Wars YouTube entices Indian 20 12 Marketers THE TWITTER SAGA 16 Themed Malls in India It’s all about Brand- BOOKWORM AD-itude MARKIVE 07 05 22THE MARKSMAN 02
  4. 4. TWEETS JWT INDIA AND FORD MOTORS FIND THEMSELVES IN THE BOOT! It’s not often that the big daddy’s of this mad ad world make mistakes. But a mistake like this one could surely cost JWT India something more than just money. Three controversial ads, created by JWT for Ford motors were posted online without their consent. One of the ads showed a caricature of reality stars the Kardashians, tied up in the boot of a Ford Figo being driven by Paris Hilton, and another featured Formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher apparently kidnapping another racing driver. All the three ads received a lot of criticisms’ from the viewers, especially the one with the ladies tied up in the boot, following the recent violence against women in India. The ads were taken off immediately; however, the damage had already been done. Both the company and the agency received a lot of flak for this. The senior executives at the agency said that these ads were never meant to be created let alone released. It was the result of individuals acting without proper oversight. Well, looks like JWT needs to be a little more careful the next time over! SHAHRUKH’S FROOTI CRAVING! Frooti has always been in the forefront when it comes to brilliant ad concepts and catchy jingles. The latest stint by Frooti was to rope in Sharukh Khan and get him completely lost in the taste and flavour of Frooti. The latest ad campaign of Frooti shows Sharukh Khan as the coach of a football team on a hot sweaty summer day. Sharukh is seen drinking the Frooti and he gets so lost in it that he completely forgets the boys(kids) around him. The kids in the film are actually adults who, spellbound by their desire to drink Frooti, stare at Khan as a group of enthralled children would. The ad tries to potray how even adults can have cravings and get carried away by the smallest of joys in life. The ad campaign was first released on twitter and was an instant hit not only among the SRK fans but amongst most of the viewers. It was then released on television and has been receiving sure reviews since. Looks like Frooti doesnt need to go the aamstura way!03 MARCH 2013
  5. 5. TWEETS HOW TO RESPECT THE WOMEN OF MUMBAI CITY! Starring:The Mumbai Police A brilliant initiative was taken up by the Mumbai Police and Ogilvy Mumbai with a public service campaign that tackles the sensitive issue of violence against women occurring recently in India. With the Mumbai police facing a lot of issues and having fingers pointed at them for every second rape or murder case happening in the city, Mumbai Police came up with a campaign that attempts to restore the faith that has been lost in the policemen .The campaign aims at teaching the people of the city how to behave and respect the women around them. The campaign which has five films tackles the issue of harassment and abuse that women tolerate because they might be afraid of the consequences. The campaign addresses the women directly assuring them that their complaints will be taken seriously and resolved. The ads also show the several helpline numbers where women can call in case of any emergency situations. Hats Off to the Mumbai Police for taking this step to make this city a safer place to live in!THE MARKSMAN 04
  6. 6. Brand MARK ive Evolution of brand “Titan” This is the era where different brands of watches are redefining time in their own stylish ways. For customers owning a particular brand of watch is like making a statement. TITAN is the leader of Indian watch industry today and its evolution in style and design choices is exemplary. At the time when the brand HMT ruled India years ago in 1970, people had very few choices for watches and they were used only for functional purposes. Later TITAN came in existence offering world-class designs. The brand equity of Titan skyrocketed and they even moved into the jewellery and eye-care category. Their usage of sophisticated technologies and commitment to excellence help them deliver best products in the category. Titan watches were launched leveraging TATA brand’s reputation which helped them gain the trust factor. With an offering of around 150 different models of watches TATA gave customers what they really wanted, advanced technology. Also it was very important for the brand to have sustainable design choices and styles to cope in international market which is followed by Titan. Titan not only offered variety in their products but they also developed strong distribution networks. Starting their own outlets and franchisees paved a new way of retailing watches. In addition to this the quality of customer service, coaxed customers to switch from international to Indian brand. Classique, Spectra, Fastrack and Exacta were the four brands offered by TITAN with careful segmentation. Titan is one of the most valued brands in the consumer durables category. The communication strategies used by Titan connect customers to the brand. Current brand ambassador is Bollywood actor Aamir Khan and campaigns around him are smartly developed. From consumer durables category Titan moved to fashion space i.e. jewellery and eye-care. People believe that there is many more to come considering that this achievement is done in only in two decades05 MARCH 2013
  7. 7. Hall-MARK Campaigns Kotak Mahindra Campaign “Kotak Mahindra” recently launched its campaign where in users can have an account co-authored with their brand mascot Subbu. Users can share their comments, tips on Facebook and Twitter. Vinay Pathak who is known for his comic timing portrays the prudent Subbu in this campaign. At the base of this campaign is the 6% interest rates on savings that Kotak Mahindra proposes where as other banks have it as only 4%. This happened after RBI deregulated the saving account interest rates. Kotak wanted to emphasize this through promotional campaign. You first like their Facebook page and then you are greeted by the ‘Save with Subbu’ app on the home page. There you can share your tips, you also can view various other tips shared by other people along with their credentials. You can comment or reply to these tips and sort them too on the basis of most-recent and most-liked. The “My account” tab on the top of fb page helps you manage your tips. Your tips will get added only after approval. Once you get 10 saving tips Subbu will look into your entries and find out the best of them. If he likes any of your entries, that entry gets a t-shirt and might also feature in Smart-saving books. This campaign helps Kotak Mahindra imbibe the importance of savings account and highlights the importance of banking with Kotak. The twitter page for this campaign is not as active as the fb page as there is no sort of compulsion to follow their twitter handle but again it is the brand’s own call. With this latest “Save with Subbu” campaign the bank has been successful in increasing user participation. Also giving rewards to the best tip and excellent user experience on social media has helped the bank to keep users enticed to them.THE MARKSMAN 06
  8. 8. Its all about AD-itude! A father is manoeuvring through the rough terrains of a village lane on his hands to finally reach a temple. The purpose- to thank the almighty that his child turned 5. Strange, isn’t it? A child turning 5 would not mean a great deal to many of us but every year 2 million children under the age of 5 fall prey to infections like diarrhoea and pneumonia. This poignant picture of a village called Thesgora is the new TVC by Lifebuoy, who has adopted the village to spread the message of hygiene. Thesgora has one of the highest rates of diarrhoea in the country. The campaign titled ‘Help a child reach 5’ has struck a chord with the viewers and showcased Lifebuoy’s step towards corporate social responsibility. The ad hit 1.4 million views in just 3 weeks on Youtube. That’s what I call marketing with a social flavour!!!!! MEDIA: TVC CLIENT: LIFEBUOY CREATIVE AGENCY: LOWE LINTAS MEDIA: OOH CLIENT: BACARDI AGENCY: WEBCHUTNEY Seems like a lot of brands are on a spree to demonstrate their softer side through corporate social responsibility. Bacardi has experimented with a fun and interactive digital and on ground campaign. At a pub in Delhi, patrons were asked to test whether they were ‘drive ready’ by walking on a yellow line belted by lasers. If they blew the siren by falling off, they were proffered with a chauffeur to drive them back. Bacardi provided approximately 85 chauffeurs to the sloshed!!!! The activation was extended into an app which also tested people’s readiness to take the wheel. Bacardi tied up with cab providers like Meru and Ola Cabs to render a cab through the app. This campaign called ‘walk the line’ champions responsible drinking without being too preachy. The brand has plans to ratify the activation in all major cities in the coming year. Bacardi sure knows to blend a piquant cocktail of marketing and social responsibility.07 MARCH 2013
  9. 9. THE IDEAC Affinity marketing is a marketing methodology that utilizes the available complements (preferably) to bolster sales of a service or product. This statementO clearly indicates that this is not a marketing technique that we are unaware about.V The name is suggestive and there is no red herring in it to make us try and think out of the box. The concept works is fairly simple. You pair up 2E complements/brands and then market them together. It is a symbiotic relationship that helps promote both the products with the promotional effort of one.R Affinity Marketing is a niche concept. But as business intelligence suggests collaborativeS partnerships are gaining importance; it is gradually evolving into a norm. However it isT certain that the concept is not the result of the current economic boom that we see today atO the global level. This is a method of marketingR that initially evolved as a contingency- a preventive measure- to revive an industryY whose sales started to dip precariously. THE HISTORY Pick up your Shoppers’ Stop Citibank credit card and you have an affinity marketing product right there in your hands. Credit card collaborations have been hugely successful and it comes as no surprise that it were the credit card companies in the 1970s which came up with the successful use of the idea in the first place. Given the simplicity of the concept, it is quite possible that companies earlier would have clubbed products and marketed them in single offering. However, the instances are few, almost negligible. Well they certainly popularized the idea considerably. Card sales were plummeting and these companies needed to put a fresh spin on sales cycle.THE MARKSMAN 08
  10. 10. COVER STORY Why? For one, the world economy was not as robust in the first half of 20th century as it is today. Fewer companies and competitors existed. To think of working in collaboration with another company/product was unthinkable. So they collaborated with other companies to extricate themselves from their plight. In the process they popularized the idea of affinity marketing and hence the credit of bringing the idea to light goes to them. Surprisingly, the idea has been around for a very long time now and yet, not many businesses used it to leverage their sales and increase revenues till the turn of the century. Before we dive headlong into it, let us circle the concept like a proverbial eagle taking stock of its potential target. Only in this case we intend to get a bird’s eye view of the whole idea and occasionally swoop down to analyze the details in depth. HOW IT WORKS? One of the best examples of the success of Affinity marketing hails from the technology sector. The case of Intel marketing itself along with other popular computer brands has become legendary. As a result, the chipmaker has today become synonymous with fast computing and reliable microchip technology. However the situation was different in 1991, when Intel was struggling to keep its profit margins. Denis Carter initiated ‘Intel Inside’ campaign to boost the popularity of Intel brand. The company tried to collaborate with IBM initially. But after the computer maker refused, it went with the newly formed Compaq. The Compaq computers started printing “Intel Inside” logo along with Compaq logo. The brand familiarity increased and consumers started expecting branded PCs to have Intel chips. As a result, other computer companies which used Intel chips also became a part of the campaign. Intel managed to thwart the competition then and also managed to beat the threat of the emerging Cloud technology. It drove consumers towards powerful computing too. The Harvard Business Review case on the campaign has become a classic B-School case today. Its success can be measured from the fact that even 2 decades after the initial launch, the campaign is still effective. In 2012, Intel logo appeared on the back of newly launched smart phones in India, UK and Russia.09 MARCH 2013
  11. 11. COVER STORY It must be pointed out that Intel might be a stalwart in the PC industry but did not venture into the mobile technology earlier. However despite the late entry in 2012, it is using its 2 decade-old campaign to bring the familiarity of the brand to the phone. The mobile companies are also facing tough competition and hence they also stand to benefit from the Intel brand. Why this affinity marketing campaign has worked is because it was realized earlier on that the market was evolving and companies would have to switch to a “pull” strategy rather than a “push” one. Hence it would not be the design team but the marketing team that would call the shots. In case of Intel, its customers (PC companies) knew the brand well. However competitors like AMD had emerged and hence alternatives were available for PC manufacturers. This directly affected Intel sales. Denis Carter realized that key decisions would be driven by consumer feedback and hence it was important to make them aware of the Intel brand.The rest-as they say-is history! COLLABORATION VS. COMPETITION In today’s business scenario, the conventional stand- alone marketing campaigns have become cliché. There are way too many players in the picture (Need we remind you of the number of Insurance companies in India?). Therefore collaboration becomes important. This makes Affinity marketing all the more important. Two organizations working together to boost their sales ride on the popularity wave of one another. As any surfer knows, two big waves come together to form a bigger, more potent wave. The effect of Affinity marketing is the same. Hence it does not come as a surprise if we see a lot of lesser known brands being marketed with popular ones in the near future. This is quite evident in case of insurance companies venturing into the Indian market. The country has a huge market opportunity. However there are a few well established Indian companies. Hence the likes of Tata AIG, IFFCO Tokio, Birla Sunlife etc. have collaborated to find foothold in the country.THE MARKSMAN 10
  12. 12. COVER STORY The choice of complements and the marketing campaign both hold immense importance. A hugely successful campaign involved pitching the Gillette M3 shaver with Duracell batteries. The shaver runs on batteries and hence the parent company (P&G) decided to market them together. Both brands are powerful and hence worked well together. The move became one of the highly regarded marketing campaigns in FMCG sector. THE DOWNSIDE We have seen credit card companies exhaust the idea of affinity marketing. In fact a new credit card bearing the name and logo of any new company does not interest us at all. We have credit cards from various banks which have been branded along with TV Channels(MTV), petroleum products(BP, Indian Oil), retail shopping( Shoppers’ Stop) etc. However the collaboration has become ineffective. If one runs through the history of Affinity Marketing, the same tactic revived the credit card sales in the 1970s and then died down. Then it resurfaced in 1990s and got exhausted within a decade. We see this well played out in India as well. The possibility of this tactic being successful in future is slim because the process has apparently lost its charm in the credit card field. To boost sales, now credit card companies have turned to a different tool altogether- Analytics. In future where affinity marketing will become a norm, reviving the credit card collaboration just might not work. Sadly but truly, the indiscriminate use of affinity marketing by credit card companies has rendered its effect null and void. If the choice of complements or strategy is not right, the whole campaign fails. For example in 2000, Mitsubishi Japan co-branded Pajero Mini with Charles Schultz’ Peanuts characters (to complement Mini’s image apparently. The result, though cute, came under huge flak and was highly criticized. IN CONCLUSION Affinity Marketing is the umbrella concept for cross marketing and co-branding. But it does not dictate terms on the choice of brands to be marketed with.11 MARCH 2013
  13. 13. THE TWITTER SAGA Twitter seems to be the new rage and also help improvise the and the other social media websites product to the liking of your are going to be passé. The social consumers, an effective andS media website is gaining momentum efficient way to develop CRM and popularity in India slowly and (Customer RelationshipP eventually. We find more and more Management) people joining twitter these days.E From teenagers to old people, everybody is on the roll to joinC Twitter and why not? It is an extraordinary platform to connectI directly to the celebs & the companies/brands. It is not just theA people who are getting on board with the frenzy but celebs/L companies/ brands too. Celebrities find it an amazing platform toS connect to their fans and to promote their work, be it films, theatre, shows, sports events etc.T The news just reaches a million fans in a fraction of second of tweeting it.O The companies/ brands also find it an This is exactly what the companies apt platform to release a product, are targeting these days. AlmostR spread a word, promote or campaign every brand, every company on for a new product or variant and to twitter are running competitionsY even register complaints. It is an on a weekly basis, some on daily amazing platform to get in touch basis. This helps the company get a with your consumers and know as lot of promotion and campaigning to what they feel about your and of course the cost involved is product. less than the conventional methods of promotions adopted. It just It would help to build a relationship needs a dedicated team of with the customer members managingTHE MARKSMAN 12
  14. 14. SPECIAL STORY their twitter account and communicating directly with the consumers. The viral marketing that is happening on twitter these days is something extra ordinary. The product becomes a “trending” topic in a few minutes and then there is no looking back. There could not be a more effective and efficient way to spread a word to the consumers that too in a few minutes and with minimal cost involved. The give-aways generally range from something as small as a movie ticket to something as big as a What more can a consumer ask for! smart phone. For the consumer, it is Moreover, it is up to the consumers just spending a few hours into to follow the brand of their liking, so tweeting and helping the company in a that he/she is passionate about way to make the product viral and making it viral in turn winning he/she gets himself/herself a goody- himself/herself a goody-bag from the bag! brand. #Twitter Trends Star Plus’ “#NachFinale” Contest Star Plus recently had its “#NachFinale” contest on twitter. All that the follower had to do is tweet as to why he/she would watch the “Nach Baliye” finale on Saturday i.e. 23.03.2013. The followers sent Star Plus a barrage of tweets from all over India. The contest started at around 10 in the morning and ended at 8 in the night, just when the “Nach Baliye Finale” happened. Star Plus gave away around 5 I-phones to the winners.13 MARCH 2013
  15. 15. SPECIAL STORY The contest resulted in making “#NachFinale” at number one position not just for Saturday but for the next 3 days. It resulted in an incredible following of Star Plus and the finale was a grand hit! Audi’s “#ILoveAudi” Contest Audi’s “#ILoveAudi” contest is surely the talk of the town (twitter). The entire twitterati has gone berserk about the competition. Audi has targeted the youth as they see the youth as their prospective customer. Audi has been giving out I-phones & I-pads to the winners of the contest. Ever since Audi launched the competition, the number of followers has increased two-fold and Audi has been “trending” ever since. This has led to an amazing brand recall and brand awareness that no amount of promotion would have done, that too This surely has been a contest with such low costs incurred. for Audi with the best ROI. Y_Films’ “#MDKM” (Mere Dad Ki Maruti) Contest: Yashraj Films launched “#MDKM” contest just before the launch of the movie. The winners were gifted with two tickets for the movie in their city. For a low budget movie like “Mere Dad Ki Maruti” this worked well as it turned out to be a perfect PR exercise. The movie also succeeded in achieving free word-of-mouth publicity on twitter as well as elsewhere. People responded and showered good words about the movie on twitter making the twitterati realize that it was an entertainer. The contest worked perfectly well for the production house as well as the audience.THE MARKSMAN 14
  16. 16. SPECIAL STORY There have been a hundred contests competency in the respective field running on twitter recently. The best which in turn helps to build credibility part about the contest is that people and this leads to gaining customers respond as the brand is talking to and clients them directly. Consumers come closer to what they like the most. It is a win- The principle of immediacy works well win situation for both parties. For the for twitter. It helps you to deliver your companies it is a cost effective way of message at any point of time, day or promotion, they can reach customers night without any delays. Currently it and prospects around the world. It can be termed as the best feedback also helps in target marketing. Twitter mechanism & online reputation helps you locate people with similar management. Though it is working interests and helps the company extremely well for the brands as well target the potential customers. Twitter as for the consumers both benefitting also provides expertise. It can be used sufficiently from the contests, time will to establish your expertise/core. tell if it is just a fad or is here to stay!15 MARCH 2013
  17. 17. FEATURED ARTICLESTheme Based Malls in India Shivani Agrawal, SIMSR Mumbai The development of unorganized retailing into an organized one in the form of shopping malls was a new concept for India until recent years. With the changing shopping needs and aspirations, consumers are finding it easier to shop at malls where a wide choice of merchandise is available under one roof which comprises the reasons for the growth of shopping malls in India. Thus bringing hundreds of bulk buyers under one roof is fast emerging as a new concept in the country. It gives a far better ambience removing the hustle and bustle of the narrow lanes of market. Malls have changed the way people used to shop but its time when malls too change. The emerging concept of themed based malls also called as specialty malls has changed the traditional outlook of the regular ones. They provide better shopping experience to their customers. The themed based mall caters to specific needs of the people and have specific target market segment. The success of market for this kind of malls. These these malls is entirely dependent upon malls are now operating in many cities the catchment areas, diversity with the in India including tier 2 and 3. product category and brands, the Prosperous northern cities like demand of the product/brands in the Jalandhar, Ludhiana, and Patiala are city and overall experience in the mall gaining importance among retailers for by the niche segment of customers. In theme based malls catering to niche such kind of malls, the range of goods customers for automobiles and plays a critical role in attracting jewellery. Some of the theme based customers. India is still a nascent malls existing in India are- GoldTHE MARKSMAN 16
  18. 18. FEATURED ARTICLES Souk (jewellery malls),Wedding Mall, Electronic Mall,Auto Mall, etc. With a rapidly expanding population of high net worth individuals, India has become one of the worlds five largest markets for luxury products and this sector is expected to grow at a rate of 15-20 percent per annum over the next five years. According to the retailers association of India these malls will take up 10% of the total malls in India in near future. There is great diversity in the Indian customer base and developers are beginning to understand the particular needs and aspirations of different market segments. In the last ten years, there has been a proliferation of traditional malls across India but demand is now creating a focus on niche markets and the necessity to provide The concept of theme-based retailing is differentiated shopping experiences. likely to gain more momentum in the Success here is not judged by coming years. For India to grow further footfall but by high conversion rates in this industry, it will require as they target serious buyers. investment by both domestic and Research has also shown that the foreign players, attracting international conversion rate for customer walk- retail investors wanting to enter newer ins into sales are as high as 70 to markets. The ramping up of operations 80% in specialty malls as compared with big investments by both domestic to 8% to 10% in traditional malls. and foreign participants in retail is likely The entry of organised players into to facilitate greater diversification, retail development and mall leading to the growth of specialty malls, management in India would help thus transforming fundamental shopping address issues like project format to unique selling execution and operational efficiency. proposition/concept.17 MARCH 2013
  19. 19. FEATURED ARTICLES Dettol vs. Vim: Return of Ad Wars Glorin Sebastian, XIME Banglore If the fight for childrens health drink got Dettol definitely has an image of being nasty; the new ad war just got nastier. the Videshi Madame; and hence HUL has Partly because kitchen fights have always all reasons to worry; as VIM is mostly ended being foul and vicious. Will considered an Indian brand; as not many Reckitt Benckiser be able to stand the know HUL’s roots are European. power of 100 limes? The British gentle woman has decided to get her skirt It would be hard to win over the trust dirtied with lime stain as she takes over of the Indian housewife; for which HUL. Dettol now dominates the 300 Cr Reckitt Benckiser will have to exploit Indian Hand wash market that grows at the main weakness of Indian household 40% annually with 53% Market share; and try to give cost based differentiation; while it’s now vying for the much bigger for that however if they think of dish wash market of 2000 Cr with the compromising on quality then that could launch of Dettol kitchen. sound death knells for the product with India being the second market where it HUL for its RIN Brand had few years has been launched apart from Korea. ago played the same game with P&G Both markets are quite different. Tide, clearly showing it in the advertisement and thus sparking an ad The success of Dettol Kitchen in India war. HUL has a firm grip over the would decide its foray more market and over the days the duel is internationally including the United expected to get more interesting and States and Europe. Hence the success of dirty as well. Dettol Kitchen in India is of great importance to Reckitt Benckiser.THE MARKSMAN 18
  20. 20. FEATURED ARTICLES Reckitt Benckiser can definitely begin by capitalizing on its 53% market share in Hand wash market and begin clubbing the hand wash with Dettol kitchen sachets; so that the public gets a feel of it. Scheme’s like get 100 sachets to get a bottle of Dettol Kitchen could work too. HUL will definitely retaliate strongly as it’s quite well versed with ad wars. The strategy used by Reckitt Benckiser is good as its already got lots of attention over its new launch. It is permissible in Indian ads that if it is supported by facts; you can actually claim superiority to your competitors products. Are Reckitt Benckiser facts justified and will it be able to wash its hands clean of this kitchen brawl cannot be revised. However In a market like India; any market space won is always through a duel or even a fight with multiple competitors. Reckitt Benckiser has to stand firm to take over her British sister in foreign lands with confidence. And in the long run Dettol has an edge. How far would HUL’s accusation that you do not wash your child’s dishes with a hand wash is taken by the Indian consumer needs to be seen.19 MARCH 2013
  21. 21. FEATURED ARTICLES NOW ENTICES INDIAN MARKETERS Ankit Bhardwaj, BITS Pilani YouTube has been an internet the products, tools and services and thus phenomenon and has established itself it has become a new dimension for as a preferred social networking and an marketers to explore further i.e. how they advertising platform for marketers can utilize video effectively to market around the world which has caught goods and services, Also it help marketers attention of the Indian marketers, after to analyze audience reaction to ad-videos watching the success stories of various and can get effective feedback almost real enterprises and firms and how they time without actually spending huge time have been able to launch new products and money. and bring out offers and promotions on existing product and services. The marketers have been able to reach Brick and mortar companies in India have wide audience with minimal cost and started using this platform recently; the time. The impact is for everyone to see, penetration that they have achieved by which is a great news for Indian advertising on you-tube’s Ad-words video marketers as they are taking a very services has been remarkable. To attract seriously note of this marketing businesses of all sizes to Ad-Words platform. services, YouTube is offering $75 credit to companies new to YouTube Ad-Words and The global audience visits to you tube $50 million in free advertising to 500,000 are nearly 800 million per month, companies, By layering Google Ad-Words everyday is like you are advertising in capability to YouTube video, YouTube is IPL matches and a single video can helping small businesses get noticed launch a business with potential to globally. Google Ad-words for video will reach wide audience across the globe. only charge the company when a person Indian businesses have started to has seen a complete advertisement. launchTHE MARKSMAN 20
  22. 22. FEATURED ARTICLES Some of the companies which have taken Companies can begin advertising advantage of Google’s platform are TVS immediately with existing videos by motors who launched their phoenix bike linking Ad -Words for video to a and promoted through videos its unique YouTube account. With Ad-Words for quotient. Also Indian production houses video, the advertiser can find out the such as “Shemaroo entertainment” behavior of viewers and their level of launched their own channel and Ping digital engagement with its brand during and broadcast and OK Listen launch their music after the video also comments section network on the YouTube. Entertainment, helps advertisers in getting instant Automobile, Mobile and gadget industries feedback. Indian companies are willing have mainly used this platform in India to to take advantages of such unique reach out wide variety of audience and to technologies. Viral marketing reach all demographics in its entirety. phenomenon: which is how Indian marketers are using Youtube platform “YouTube Ambassador program” an and making songs like “Kolaveri Di”, initiative of Google, which is meant to “Gangam Style” or “Emptiness” recognize business owners who are instant hits. One of the many facets already using YouTube to grow their that attracts Indian marketers to you business and it demonstrates the value of tube is that they can measure the the technology to small business and this effectiveness of the advertisement has been a kind of initiative that has expenditure. It’s been found out that attracted Indian marketers. YouTube video ads drive a 20% Companies can promote their video increase in traffic to a company’s through keyword which appears in search website and a 5% increase in searches results of YouTube or it can choose to for its business (Report Source: show advertisement against content its Google Campaign Insights, 2011). Thus customers prefers most such as news or a 360 view of a single brand is possible sports. on Youtube. Its journey from a video viewing and sharing site to a advertising hub has been exemplary of Google’s age old strategic methods. Wonder what will Youtube stream next ?21 MARCH 2013
  23. 23. BOOK - WORM SUCCESFUL FACEBOOK MARKETING When Mark Zuckerberg started facebook, he would have never thought of the potential and power that a social networking site could create for all the brands of the world both small and big. Facebook has grown from being just a social networking website where friends and family interact with each other to a marketing hub, of which, brands are making full use to communicate with their target audience. This book, Successful Facebook Marketing, by the Author Skellie talks to the brands who have just started using Facebook as a means to grow and communicate with the audiences, about how to stay ahead in the rat race by making facebook the cornerstone of their social media strategy. The author gives step by step information right from creating a brand page on facebook to promoting and advertising it successfully and creating a huge and loyal fan base by increasing the ‘shares’ and ‘likes’ on all the posts made on facebook. The book also talks about the various strategies that the Fortune 500 companies use on facebook and spend thousands of dollars on, just to outrun their competitors. The author being in the web publishing business for the last 10 years, has been teaching people how to get results by just blogging and using the power of social media. She believes that Facebook is a huge source of not only potential clients but sales, fans and traffic as well. So for all those brands who are just stepping into the big bad world of social media or for even those who have established themselves but want to try a different approach, this book gives you the complete A to Z of making your brand visible to your fans and consumers using facebook. It is a great introduction to the world of facebook. So if you’re planning to make Facebook a part of your social media initiative, this book is a must read for you!THE MARKSMAN 22
  24. 24. SquAreheaD23 MARCH 2013
  25. 25. BUZZ ACROSS 1. Which brand has the largest number of followers on Twitter ? 3. Which company is the world’s largest wholesaler of desktops, laptops, printers and software ? 6.What is the official name of the Twitter bird ? 8. Which US bank will infuse capital to keep afloat SevenHills Hospital? DOWN CLUES 2. Which brand uses the tag line ‘mummygiri nahin chalegi’ ? 4. Which network has been labelled by WSJ as the ‘ugly duckling of social media’ ? 5. With which International apparel brand would you associate Amancio Ortega, the world’s third richest man ? 7. Which brand is behind the Red Rickshaw Revolution which is a journey from Delhi to Mumbai today showcasing positive stories about women ? 9. Which company will soon bring out a gaming console like Apple iPad named Eyepad ? 9. Sony 8. JPMorgan 7. Vodafone 6. LarryBird 5. Zara 4. LinkedIn 3. IngramMicro 2. Tang 1. YoutubeTHE MARKSMAN 24
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