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The marksman anniversary_august 2012

  1. 1. The MARKSMANK J SOMAIYA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES & RESEARCH VOL. 3| ISSUE I| AUGUST‘12 SPECIAL STORY >> Page 13 Intel Ultra book: Does Intel exert excessive control over hardware companies? >> Page 18 Olympic effect: COVER STORY Sharp rise in Sports Apparel purchases >> Page 19 MEGA REWIND Journey of Interface >> Page 10 >> Page 24 BONUS FEATURE ZARAA HATT KE! >> Page 16
  2. 2. The MARKSMAN01 AUGUST 2012
  3. 3. our targets higher for every subsequent issue. We strived to bring newer columns and sections to keep you engrossed and improved on the ones you already adored. Such success cannot be by providence, it all goes down to the dedication and most of all the passion of the team. The team from day one has worked like clockwork and churned out issue after issue like a well oiled machine. Each member, like a cog in a clock, runs round the month in perfect tandem with the others to bring out the magazine which you are all too familiar of and has taken other B-Schools by storm. The quest to find the flag bearer for a FOUNDING MEMBER fledgling brand is indeed an arduous PRATAP task. It needs a special motivation, a KOLLAMPADICAL transformational leader, an exemplary team BATCH 2009-11 and finally the divine intervention to set the ball rolling. It should have been a privilege The Marksman team is proud to be the flag for the founders to have constituted a bearer for Interface and SIMSR and is committee called “Interface” and to have elated to be a big brand for our college and taken on the challenge of being a worthy the team couldn‟t be happier seeing our flag-bearer for SIMSR. Amidst this muddle, efforts turning to fruition with the magazine SIMSR had a group of strong-minded being so well received across the B- alumni who in their time at the college had Schools of India. Your “Likes” and “Shares” the will to walk that extra-mile to create a on Facebook and the overwhelming structure, a set of objectives and an response for our “Call for Articles” section executable action plan for establishing are what keep us going and fill us with “Interface”- a channel for revitalizing the motivation to better ourselves for the next mature and a subtle brand called “SIMSR”. issue and keeps us on our toes to keep delivering to the ever increasing audience Last year, the committee took the decision and to their heightening expectation. to make “The Marksman” a national level marketing magazine which fit into the Looking back at the one year we as a team repertoire of Interface all too well. Our spent with Marksman, we can‟t help but immediate seniors were behind the feel nostalgic about all that we did already inception of the magazine which our because it will never come back. The readers now cherish. But when it was brainstorming sessions for new columns, handed over to us, it was in its nascent deciding the theme for the cover, stages. We polished it, perfected it, designing, proof reading, writing articles, nurtured it month on month like our own promoting and that race against the clock little baby while going through the grind of to release each and every issue on time. All MBA. But we never settled, the fire in the that will be dearly missed. In the past year, belly was never extinguished and we set a matriarchal love has developed betweenTHE MARKSMAN 02
  4. 4. MARKSMAN TEAM 2010-12 MARKSMAN TEAM 2011-13 DIVYA RISHI R. SHELANI HINAL UPVEEN SINGH MEHTA AGARWAL SHAH TAMERI NAMITA VISHAL RAJAT TILOTTAMA SUJIT SACHAN THAKKAR POWAR SANYAL MISHRAour team and our child, The Marksman. So it’s allthe more difficult to hand it all over to our juniorswhose induction coincides with our one yearanniversary. But seeing the excellent work they haveput in for this issue on all the fronts, we are assuredthat it will pass on to safe hands. Juniors, it’s all upto you now, make us all proud and let the solitaryanniversary candle act as a torch we pass onto you NIYATI PALLAVI VIBHAVand may your work be as good and creative as you CHAMYAL SRIVASTAVA SHUKLAhave showed with your participation in this issue.Finally, and most importantly, I would like to thankour readers for your sustained patronage and yourun-wavering support without which and your un-wavering support without which we would havebeen just another magazine. It’s you and yourfeedback and words of encouragement that keepsus striving for higher goals and setting even higher YASH KEITHones for the next time. So keep giving us your CHAMARIA MASCARENHASsupport, without you, we are nothing. And wevouch that we will continuously strive towardsexcellence and the next year, this day, we would bemuch bigger and better.Happy birthday Marksman…and here’s to manymore birthdays to come…cheers!!Sudarshan KrishnanUpveen Tameri MARKSMAN TEAM 2012-1403 AUGUST 2012
  5. 5. EDITOR’S NOTE Dear Readers, Welcome to the anniversary edition of The MARKSMAN. We have been working diligently to bring the anniversary issue to life and we are so proud to present it to you. We hope you enjoy this magazine as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Let us know your thoughts and be sure to come visit us at for more of the latest integrative marketing news and stories. Over the last 12 months, we have been the voice and the mirror of our marketing community. We have chronicled our triumphs and tragedies. We have informed, inspired and engaged the readers, marketers and prospects across various spectrums. And we have served as a source of marketing news, stories and updates. In this special anniversary issue, we invite you to explore the different facets of nostalgia marketing through the ages as our cover story. Through the cover story, we revisit the yesteryear golden moments and the pivotal role that it plays in the current marketing scenario. In our special story, "London Olympic Games - A Marketing Perspective" read on to know how the games provide a good marketing advertisement opportunity to various brands. How many of the brands have struck a chord with the customers and enkindled interest among them using the games as a platform. Our featured articles of the month cut into „The Olympic Effect„, specifically with regards to a sharp rise in sports apparel purchases. The article on Intel Ultrabook would surely incite interest among the readers. We would also like to congratulate the winners of our Featured Articles- Kritika and Abhishek Kumar Jha. This issue looks forward, not back, and it‟s packed with markive, buzz, adi-tude and tweets. Follow us as we reach for tomorrow. Its going to be quite a ride. Cheers !! Team – Marksman The Interface – The Marketing Club of SIMSRTHE MARKSMAN 04
  6. 6. CONTENTS TWEETS Brand MARK ive It’s all about AD-itude! 06 07 09 COVER STORY SPECIAL STORY LONDON OLYMPICS: A MARKETING NOSTALGIA MARKETING PERSPECTIVE 10 13 BONUS FEAUTRE FEATURED ARTICLES ZARAA HATT KE! Intel Ultra book: 16 Does Intel exert excessive control over hardware companies? …18 MEGA REWIND Olympic effect: 24 Sharp rise in Sports Apparel purchases …19 SquAreheaD BOOKWORM BUZZ 21 22 2305 AUGUST 2012
  7. 7. TWEETS Google Olympic Doodles Nissan unveils new London cab Nissan unveiled its new five-seater NV200 London TaxiGoogle released a new doodle on every day (versions of whichof the Olympic Games. Some of these have been unveileddoodles were interactive games which in Tokyo and Newscored users on completion. They were also York City).integrated with Google+ and one could The vehicle, based on the companys multi-share their score on their profiles. purpose NV200 compact van, is 50 per cent more fuel-efficient than alternative cabs and cuts carbon dioxide emissions in Maruti Dzire out of production; half. The company is also planning for trials six rival sedans take charge of an all-electric e-NV200 prototype London Taxi in 2013. Marutis loss is rivals gain. About half a dozen entry-level sedans will hit the Indian roads this festive season even as Dzire, the Apple vs. Samsung: Apple countrys top-selling sedan, has gone out of comes out tops production due to a lockout at Maruti Suzukis Manesar plant following labour The long drawn out Apple vs. Samsung unrest. Tata Indigo Manza CS, GM patent battle has finally reached some sort Chevrolet Sail, Mahinda Verito compact, of result with the result of the case filled in New Ambassador, Renault Scala and Ford the US being declared. The jury found Fiesta are all likely to be rolled out in the Samsung guilty on some counts and has coming weeks as carmakers vie to take the ordered Samsung to pay $1.05 Billion to place of Dzire. Apple Inc. as compensation for patent infringement. Although the money is spare change for both the companies, it surely Bharti Walmart scraps plan will set a precedence for any future cases to start online operations on the same lines. FB‟s new mobile ads Bharti Walmart has scrapped its plan to push directly to app stores start online operations after more than a FB announced on Tuesday a new mobile- year of preparations and has reportedly optimized ad unit that will direct users to dismissed Dippankar Halder, who was directly install mobile apps. A beta heading the division. Raj Jain, who heads program is available for a limited number the 50:50 wholesale joint venture between of developers who want to try the ads. the worlds largest retailer Walmart and When a user clicks on a mobile ad, they Bharti Enterprises, was reluctant to start will be directed to the App Store on iOS or an electronic-commerce venture in the Google Play on Android to install the app. country yet the US retailer is busy making FB drove 146 million page views to mobile a global online push. app stores over 30 days.THE MARKSMAN 06
  8. 8. Brand MARK iveFounders – Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak inthe year1976.Way back in the 1970‟s when the world wasstill getting used to the idea of a computer,somewhere in a small garage in Los Altos,California, a revolution was about to begin!Two best friends, Steve Jobs and SteveWozniak, college dropouts, sat in a garageand made something that would change theway people interacted with computers.Apple I & Apple IIWozniak‟s engineering skills and Jobs vision every minute. Steve Jobs along with a fewfor the future gave birth to their very first colleagues visited Xerox (then known asmasterpiece, the Apple I on April 1st 1976, Xerox Parc). After spending three dayswhich was nothing but a motherboard with a studying the Xerox Alto(the first computerCPU, RAM and some basic textual video made by Xerox for individual use), Steve Jobschips. Although Apple I was not a hit came up with the idea of his next big creationamongst the then tech savvy people, Steve known as Lisa, named after his daughter withJobs knew that he was going to make his former girlfriend. Although Lisa was hissomething that would inspire hundreds of baby, Jobs was taken off the Lisa by the thenpeople all around the world. And so in the president of Apple, Mike Markkula, on theyear 1977, Apple II was born. After being account of being a „poor project manager‟. Helaunched at a local computer trade show, then took over the „Macintosh‟ project andApple received several orders for the Apple II soon a turf war broke out between Lisa andand everything was uphill from then on. Macintosh on which project would ship first.Apple went from being a creation of two Although Lisa won this war and was the firstyoung and great minds to being a religion product to be launched with a Graphical userfollowed by thousands of people across the interface(GUI), it did not do very wellglobe. In the years to come, Apple did not commercially since it was steeply priced andonly create better machines but also created did not have a lot of software titles. That‟sa massive market for itself. when Macintosh made a debut and initially itIn 1980, Apple III was launched and „Apple did very well in the market. But the actualComputer Inc‟ as a company was growing sales of the Mac took off when later that year, Apple I Apple II Apple III07 AUGUST 2012
  9. 9. Brand MARK ive Apple Lisa Lisa Team Lisa Technologythe LaserWriter and PageMaker were the PowerB-ookG3, PowerMacG3, Imac,introduced and sold along with the Mac. PowerMac G4 Cube. The year 2001 seemedBetween 1983 and 1985, Apple saw a lot of to a very good one for Apple. Theyups and downs. John Sculley who was introduced the Mac OS X in March. In May,appointed as the CEO by Steve himself, got Apple announced that it would be opening itsinto a power struggle with Steve and Steve first official Apple Store in Virginia andwas removed from Apple leaving Sculley as California. In November, Apple forayed intothe head. the digital music player industry andOver the next few years, Sculley struggled to launched the Ipod which was an instant hit.keep everyone‟s favourite Apple on top Steve had impressed the Apple loyalistscompeting with biggies like IBM and Bill Gates once again. It was like he knew what peopleMicrosoft. In 1987, Apple introduced the Mac wanted and gave that to them.II. This machine made the Macintosh line aviable, powerful line of computers.Apple was once again a “Wall Street darling”but wouldnt stay that way for too long since by1990 the market was saturated with PC clonesand Windows launched the Windows 3.0 Steve Jobswhich could be run on any of these PC-clones. with JohnApple saw many CEOs in Steve Jobs‟absence Sculleybetween the years 1993 – 1997. They all triedin their own way to make Apple better than it Apple has not stopped since then...thewas but none of them were successful. In July MacBook, MacBook Pro, Ipod, Ipod touch,1997, Apple announced that it would be taking getting into the mobile industry with theover NeXT – a company started by Steve Jobs Iphone, and now the tablet industry with theafter he resigned Apple. And so Steve was Ipad, Apple is now not just a company, it is aback in Apple! He made several changes in dream that has shaped the Computerthe corporate strategy of Apple Computer Inc industry, the Music industry and the Mobileand introduced many new machines such as phone industry. An operating system that grew out of one man‟s pursuit of perfection, and pique at Apple Machintosh - being forced out of the company he founded, 1984 saved Apple from its bad fate. If history had unfolded a little differently and Jobs had spent the late 80‟s tending his garden or touring Europe, Apple might no longer exist, and the computer, music and mobile phone industry would be a far different place today.THE MARKSMAN 08
  10. 10. Its all about AD-itude! ADVERTISER: Eye Bank Association Of India ADVERT TITLE(S): Eye donation CREATIVE AGENCY : CODE Red FILMS Code Red Films created a public service film for Eye Bank Association of India to deliver a BRAND: Amul critical message to the masses to encourage ADVERT TITLE(S): Olympics them to- “DONATE EYES”. CREATIVE AGENCY: De Cunha Associates The ad is an award winning one at the Cannes Lion and Thailand Ad-fest to name aAmul, extremely prompt with their ad few.campaigns, never misses out on a Holi embodies all the festivity, liveliness andcontemporary issue. The ads act as a motif exuberance of Spring season. It is thefor caricature on the exploits and the festival of letting go of what has alreadyhappenings of the Indian Society and the passed and awaken the hopes andexploits of both ordinary and extraordinary. strengthen our ties with our friends andOften witty and funny, Amul has this time loved ones.kept it rather simple for the Olympics , but Using this as a plank , TVC starts off with anits impressive nonetheless, for the London old man playing the radio to set off his day.Olympics. The Sponsors of the Indian The music wakes up the children in theOlympic team, Amul has wished the Indian hostel. Since it is Holi, the children get readyteam to target gold medals and increase our to play Holi. They are shown filling balloonstally across a group of sports where India is and collecting gulaal packs. They are showntraditionally known to be strong in. . to be celebrating and enjoying Holi like everyThe idea of using the Olympic theme was to other normal kid, except at the end whencreate buzz and excitement among the there is a revelation that the children aremasses for the Olympic 2012 and make blind, when one of the kids accidentally endsAmul always relevant with the current up pouring water on the radio playing whichtrending issue in the country. By showing had started the day .commitment towards sports, Amul also The question put to the audience is do weexpands its communication as always really need eyes to enjoy and understandbeyond product attributes. the beauty of colors. This question marksThe ads stood out distinctly and created an end to the TVC which is very touchingexcitement. They helped in creating buzz and provokes the audience to donate eyes.and hence achieve the desired impact. It is amazingly crafted and sends across the message very effectively..09 AUGUST 2012
  11. 11. Everyone has an undying desire to relive their yesteryear golden moments. How nostalgic do you get when you hear the hamara bajaj campaign songC or Dharas salivating jalebbi boy or a black or white Michael Jackson song you played on your walkman or the Uncle Chips cards you collected. All ofCO them seem to belong to an altogether different blissful era. Any association with this era stirs back memories. We always reminisce about the past, andOV marketers are quite aware of it. This bittersweet yearning we experience isV exploited efficiently by the marketers today.E Marketers today cleverly incorporate the union of the past and the present.E Nostalgia marketing as a concept is when marketers revisit the goldenR moments of the past and use it as a leverage, to form a strategy toR emotionally connect with the audience, which may induce them to make a purchase.SS Back to the Past A research has shown that youngstersTT spend 40 % of their time reminiscing theOO past than planning for the future. So going back to the past is a widespread feeling.RR People consider technology as a major hindrance which creates distance andY mechanises our lives, hence when warmY feelings and emotions are invoked by sepia toned visuals of our younger days we remember a simplistic life. Thus this is one of the key reasons why nostalgic marketing is a success, since strains of modernity and technology tend to drain us out .Thus we keep getting nostalgic about the good old days. Nostalgic marketing also helps the marketers since they tend to lower the costs. They use the same familiar images and ideas which not only reduces the risk of running in a poor marketing campaign but also saves a lot on development front. Today nostalgia marketing is implemented not only to bring back the deceased orTHE MARKSMAN 10
  12. 12. COVER STORY reminiscing products and their USP, but companies today look at occasions and anniversaries to remind consumers of the wonder years of the companies and try involve their consumers in the celebrations. 2 minutes to 25 Years Last year Nestle India celebrated 25 years of its presence in Indian market and launched “Me & Meri Maggi” wherein Maggi invited its consumers to write in their favourite moments of Maggi indulgence. The „Me & Meri Maggi„ campaign has gone a step further this year with Meri Maggi - 2 minute mein khushiyan with Amitabh Bachchan .The brand has taken the route to dig its past where it provides people with a medium to express their nostalgic journey with Maggi. Pepsi Can be Bad too! Pepsi celebrated the 25th anniversary of Michael Jackson‟s “Bad” album by coming out with a special edition of Bad cans, which was graced by a silhouette of Michael Jackson on the cans. Michael Jackson was the brand promoter for Pepsi spanning more than 25 years. On this special occasion, Frank Cooper, chief marketing officer, PepsiCo said that Michael Jackson was the King of Pop, and he was an iconic figure and inspiration to fans and artists. Hence an association with Michael Jackson was inevitable and goes beyond nostalgia as they can connect with and honour his music.11 AUGUST 2012 AUGUST 2012
  13. 13. COVER STORYTitanic sails down memory laneThe 3D version of Titanic splashed onscreens about 15 years after its originalrelease date. This re-release marked the100th anniversary of the fateful day “TheTitanic” sunk. And, this big day gaveJames Cameron (the director of Titanic)a chance to release the epic blockbustermovie again. He believed it gave achance to a whole new generation to watch the movie on screens. Also thosewho did see the movie before, saw the movie once again albeit in a differentdimension altogether and allowed bittersweet memories to flood back. The tragicevent, which left a lot of families bereaved, was a moment which would rather beforgotten. However this helped Mr. Cameron cash in, on this tragic day as itsurpassed skeptics suspicion and raked in 100 million within the first few weeks.This movies release showed that nostalgic marketing when applied to painfulmemories too, thrived and this proves that it is just the tip of the iceberg as faras nostalgic marketing goes.Does it matter if its black, white or colored?Everyone finds comfort in their rustic mementos they put away. The sentimentalattachment that they attribute to it, makes it hard not to dwell in the past and thispower of emotion helps the marketers create sales. Today brands go out of theirway to tug at their consumers hearts and (wallets as well). Every legendarymoment is celebrated today and they want to use nostalgia to lure adults back totheir childhood favourites. Today each and every product has metamorphosed,keeping up with trends. You may find online versions, special editions andlimited edition products of your favourite things. But your classic vintage productyou cherish and have set aside will always have a special place. So onlineversion and a classic version is where all marketers have ventured. Butmarketers need to remember that it is not just about offering the customers achance of reliving their halcyon days and buying brands. Brands, which givethem a chance to rejoice a personal memory from the past, but also trying andincorporating the relevance of the brand in todays world. So doesnt matter if itsa bank and white era souvenir but if it is relevant even in this kaleidoscopicepoch its the way to go.THE MARKSMAN AUGUST 2012 12
  14. 14. SSPPEECCII Olympic Games were commercialized in the year 1972. Since then, the Olympic brandAA has grown considerably and so have the number of sponsors. The games provide a good marketing advertisement opportunity to various brands. Olympics are watched byL very large number of people all over the world. Consequently marketing your brands on L such a huge platform could prove very beneficial to the brands.S 2012 London Olympics are no different when it comes to sponsorships. There are manyS brands such as Coca-Cola, McDonalds, P&G, Samsung, Visa, BMW and many more sponsoring this years Olympics. This year has been a first for sponsors like McDonaldsTT and Cadburys- brands we dont usually associate with athletics. This is also being called as social Olympics with many brands using the social media like Facebook, Twitter andOO YouTube to market their products. Almost every other brand has a dedicated Facebook page to take their campaign forward. Lets look at some of the campaigns launchedRR during the Olympics.YY McDonalds built its largest ever outlet with 1500 seats especially for the Olympics.13 AUGUST 2012 AUGUST 2012
  15. 15. SPECIAL STORYCadburys built a hub at Hyde Park whereit is handing out cards that link toFacebook, Twitter and YouTube. Thecards can be used to send photos,messages and status updates toFacebook when scanned at touch points.P&G has done a tear jerker on the audience with its campaign Gold Medal Moms thatcelebrates the role of mothers behind the athletes success. This by far has been the mostemotional campaign by a brand.BMW on one hand has launched aninnovative car called MINI that isbeing used to ferry sportsequipments. And on the other handit has introduced a prototypeelectric scooter for visitors to testdrive where they can gaugereactions and add improvements tothe scooter before launching it, twoyears from now. This is a great wayto get visibility for both; itshatchback and scooter segments.Adidas has launched a Take thestage campaign in which it aimsto give undiscovered talent achance of a life time by teamingthem with celebrities. Through thiscampaign Adidas is givingordinary people a chance to fulfilltheir dreams.THE MARKSMAN 14
  16. 16. SPECIAL STORYTransmedia Storytelling: This is emerging as preferred advertisement strategy during theOlympics. Integrated Marketing communications tells one story across multiple platformswhereas transmedia storytelling tells different stories across multiple platforms. Some of thebrands to use this strategy are Samsung, Coca-Cola and Visa. Coke launched “Move to the Beat Campaign” in which different beats of 5 different Olympic Games were recorded. It also built a pavilion in the Olympic Village so visitors can come and create their own beat. Visa on the other hand launched the “Go World” campaign. It celebrates the relationship between athletes and fans across the globe. Taking this concept further, fans are requested to record a cheer for their favourite athletes which will be shared with the athlete thereby increasing the connect between them. Samsung created events across the torch relay route. At these events, a star would perform to huge crowds. Samsung would then capture the photos and upload the photos online, and the fans would go online and tag themselves. Transmedia storytelling engages audiences across the globe and makes them feel more involved. It requires a lot of planning, strategizing and proper execution. Be it Social Media or Transmedia marketing, this Olympics has seen all the campaigns having high people involvement. Many of the brands have touched a chord with the people and this has already started to show in their sales with Adidas registering an increase in sales.15 AUGUST 2012
  17. 17. BONUS FEATURE In the past year there have been various marketing campaigns that have taken the nation by storm. Some have had enormous budgets that were used to engage people across segments, while some made a unique positioning statement to get across to their target audience. As a bonus feature in our anniversary issue, we bring to you a set of campaigns which you would agree are Zara Hatt Ke! These are campaigns that have ridden on the powerful wave of social media. You may not have heard of them but they would nonetheless impress you to say the least! CHAPPAL MAARO! If you had the chance, who would you want to #ChappalMaaro? This was the question that created frenzy on Twitter within 25 minutes of its introduction. The “Chappal Maaro” Campaign was a unique campaign started by The Bombay Store along with MindShift Interactive in order to spread awareness about their new range of Flip Flops using Twitter as the primary platform to engage and interact with the audience and make „#ChappalMaaro‟ trend. It was strategically planned around the time of the Mumbai Elections and used the same as a conversation starter. The campaign received tremendous response on Twitter with people posting witty one-liners of who they would want to #ChappalMaaro. There were over 650 tweets using the #ChappalMaaro hashtag and nearly 78 unique users participated with over 150 mentions of The Bombay Store. The initial Tweets were seeded in and were greatly promoted by online influencers like Cyrus Brocha, Ashwin Mushran among others. So impressed were people with the campaign on Twitter that it was lauded as one of the best campaigns to go viral on the internet. People not only participated actively but also endorsed and promoted the Bombay Store greatly and needless to say, their new range of Flip Flops flew off the racks! The campaign was most active in Mumbai and Delhi. It was also tweeted in places like London, Sydney and Hawaii!THE MARKSMAN 15
  18. 18. BONUS FEATURE Reliance 3G #Feeling Blue This activity was carried out to create a buzz around the “Reliance – Android Be Blue” campaign that had recently launched in the market. They created a hashtag which is a popular method of tagging a Tweet on the popular micro blogging site, Twitter. The hashtag was “#feelingblue” and the company started off by using it to describe Monday morning blues and tried to change its negative connotation to that of a positive one. Many users joined in and they received 800+ Tweets within the hour. Someone associated it to high petrol prices by saying “The Petrol only sticker on my car seems like the biggest taunt ever #feelinblue” to brands joining in by saying “She is definitely not #feelingblue. Summer bags from Fastrack”. Some people started getting curious as to what is this all about. One user wrote “why are people tagging feel good with #feelingblue, ye ultti ganga kabse behne laggi ?” To increase people‟s involvement, they made it into a contest and had a mobile phone as a giveaway. It became the most trending topic on Twitter for one day. They also managed to put a positive meaning to the term “feeling blue” with only 2% of the total tweets pertaining to a negative context. Finally while declaring the winner of the contest, they revealed the motive behind all the hoop-la created and associated it to the Android + Reliance 3G combination.16 AUGUST 2012
  19. 19. BONUS FEATURE WTF by Maybelline What is the one thing that annoys most men about their partners? Turns out it is the fact that “Women Take Forever” (WTF) to get ready! Maybelline cashed in on this insight and launched its WTF Campaign to give voice to this plight of men. The FB page of the WTF Campaign gathered close to 38,000 Indian men in a span of 15 days. In the next phase, the campaign trended on Twitter with the hashtag #Before WomenGetReady. T-shirts were up for grabs for people who participated actively in the campaign. Then came the solution for the WTF problem. Maybelline revealed that the answer to WTF is women going nude, which was the theme of their new “Maybelline BB Clear Glow Cream”. This was a product which claimed that regular use would give such clear skin that women would not have to spend hours putting makeup on their faces. They would instead flaunt their nude skin! Women shared the new Maybelline BB Cream on their FB and Twitter pages. This campaign was majorly successful as they identified a very basic customer insight and through that it not only engaged women, who were their target audience, but also made men very involved in the awareness process and had a unique reach of more than 6 million people on digital media.THE MARKSMAN 17
  20. 20. FEATURED ARTICLES INTEL ULTRABOOK: DOES INTEL EXERT EXCESSIVE CONTROL ON THE COMPUTER HARDWARE COMPANIES ? - Abhishek Kumar Jha, International Management Institute, Kolkata The auspicious occasion of „COMPUTEX‟, the features like self updation of e-mails, extreme largest computer and technology fair in the light weight (900 gms approx) and extra long world, had eyes glued on it as Intel Corporation standby to mention a few. This updation may introduced it‟s Ultrabook concept to the entire have dual effect on the market segment. First, world. Although the moment was special for Intel, it may spearhead the existing and able the pressure on the hardware giants remained competitors and second it may create a huge unseen. Before diving into the explanation of the pressure on the hardware companies. Actually above said, let‟s go back in sands of time. Just the lion has already tasted the blood being a after two years of it‟s birth in 1968,Intel had made household name and now it wants it‟s share of it‟s significant presence felt in the then flesh from the hardware companies. It is not semiconductor chip market when it‟s share value that the Intel‟s strategy is one sided. was about $23 per share after IPO(Initial Public Many companies rode on it‟s back and made Offering).Since then the corporation took a big efficient use of it‟s brand image to grab a large leap when in 1990‟s it became the dominant market share. The intentions of Intel too are supplier of microprocessor for PC‟s. The next not to loosen the string this time but to further year launch of the „INTEL INSIDE‟ marketing tighten it as it plans to invest $300 million in campaign for Pentium processors made it a near future for this particular project. The household name. The partnership of Intel with market is flooded with innovative ad the hardware manufacturing giants like IBM, campaigns leaving no choice for the hardware Apple, Lenovo, Hp, Samsung and Dell to companies but to include Intel: Intelligence mention a few added fuel to fire in the sense that Information as their part and parcel. The these companies made the „Intel microprocessor‟ Ultrabook tagline says “Will our hero match up a complement of their PCs. to cowboys, knights and martial artists?”.Well In 2012 the global computer hardware said Intel, now the hero has set out to tame the manufacturing industry generated a record biasons wearing a cowboy hat with the unique breaking revenue of $585.4 billion. This is the title of „knight‟, it has earned through years and time when hardware biasons are breaking the help the martial artists learn the new art of sales record year after year. winning. The company has hit at the right spot by introducing “The Ultrabook” with special added18 AUGUST 2012
  21. 21. FEATURED ARTICLES Olympic effect: Sharp rise in sports apparel purchases -Kritika. R. M, Institute of Financial Management and ResearchOlympics 2012 was not just an event or few nations‟ pride but an opportunity for manybusinesses, the sports apparel segment in particular to explore the global market andreach the untouched parts of its market segment to gain customers. Adidas and Niketook this one step further and used it as a tool to reach the number 1 position andsustain it in the long term. Adidas, with a market share of 15% in the UK marketinvested a huge sum of $201 million in Olympic 2012 to outrun its competitor Nike whohad 18 % market share in the sports apparel segment. The investment made by Adidaswas not just for the event in itself but to reach the estimated 4 billion viewers worldwide.To add more to this, Adidas was also in charge of 11 nations committee. The result was 18% growth in this brand‟s sales during the Olympic season. Nike followed a much different route. Its pre – Olympic campaign “Find your greatness” did the magic for it. It had 5 million viewers on YouTube. The technological innovations in shoes (Example: Flyknit) which was introduced in February and the Nike brand players Adidas official Olympic 2012 poster winning 95 medals in the Olympics added to the reasons for the increased Nike purchases. Consumers started relating the brand with the sportsperson and started purchasing the sports apparels which they felt made their heroes succeed. The perceived value of the apparels increased. Adidas sports gears But the story was not same everywhere. – London 2012 Olympics India, with a population base of 1 billion in this market segment comprising of Flyknit Shoe young customers with ever changing taste and preferences where not affected much by the Olympic 2012 scenario. Though India showed more number of followers this season, thanks to the social media, the impact on the sports apparel segment was relatively very less. Indian market has Adidas,THE MARKSMAN 19
  22. 22. FEATURED ARTICLES Nike, Bata, Liberty and Puma brands in its sports apparel segment. 75 % of the market share is occupied by Adidas followed by Nike which commands 15 % of the segment. Considering the global sales of Nike a rough estimate can suggest that only 1% of its total sale is from India. And as its share prices rose by 6 % during the Olympic season, it can be said that this brand performed fairly decent. Adidas considered Olympic 2012 as a biggest prize which would help in its brand growth in the fastest growing Nike Sponsored USA Basketball team markets including India-the result was not as expected. A decline of 26 % in its sales due to the Rs.870 crores.Reebok fraud had an feeble impact on the overall sales due to the currency translation,nevertheless the condition in the peninsular country can still be called bad for Adidas.The only brand which had a positive sales increase in India was Puma due to the „Boltfactor‟. Bolt had the maximum number of mentions in Facebook by Asians and this candirectly be linked to the increase of 10-11 % sales of Puma in India, Korea and Japan. Olympic 2012 had created a visual treat and a magnetic pull to the global population and major brands which acted proactively had a sharp increase in its product purchases across the world. But still India, the fastest growing segment with CAGR of around 34% in 2010-2014 is still an untapped mystery.20 AUGUST 2012
  23. 23. SquAreheaDTHE MARKSMAN 21
  24. 24. BOOKWORM Social Media ROI - By Oliver Blanchard In his new book, Social Media ROI, Olivier Blanchard attempts to demystify the biggest question that sits on top of the minds of many business managers: what exactly is the ROI of social media? And more importantly, why should my business be using social media and how do we justify the investment? Blanchard, a frequent speaker on the topic, comes from a marketing and brand management background and is best known for his “Brand Builder” blog. Blanchard gives us a refresher course on what social business is and why is it important. Unlike many drab social media books (and there are plenty of them) the information presented here is well received and theres a level of depth in the given examples thats just not present in other books. The amount of detail presented throughout is a pleasant surprise. Later on in the book Blanchard dissects how social media can help sales, customer service, PR and other specific areas of business. Real world examples of setting up KPIs, establishing goals and tracking progress are made. Its easy to talk about these subjects, but I like how the author took the extra step to show us how its done. The fourth section of the book in particular, on measurement, is extremely detailed. Emphasis is placed on discovering the difference between what can be measured and what should be measured and what a financial and non-financial outcome looks like. The social media ROI question isnt going to disappear and its ever important to grasp what it really is, when its an appropriate part of the discussion, and the role it has in business moving forward (especially in the eyes of top tier decision makers). This is a great read for those looking for answers and clarity on the topic. Social Media ROI lives up to high expectations and is as thorough, if not more, than any other book on the topic. Rating: 3.5/522 AUGUST 2012 AUGUST 2012
  25. 25. BUZZ THE CROSSWORD ACROSS 1. A small trading company in 1930-40s in Korea and now the biggest rival of Apple. 2. An American franchise of electronics retail stores and sponsor of Lance Armstrong’s 2010 Tour de France cycling team. 6. Which NRI businessman owns the Caparo Group? DOWN 1. Cathay Pacific airlines which claims to be the heart of Asia, belongs to which group? 3. Which international soap THE CLUES brand was marketed as having a purity of 99 44/100%? 4. Which PSU was the principal sponsor to the Indian contingent to the London Olympics? 5. The former chairman of Proctor & Gamble, Edwin L. Artzt got a nickname for his demanding and harsh treatment towards his subordinates. What was he nick-named? 6. What is the name of the Tablet announced by Microsoft? 7. McDowells becomes the 2nd brand to reach 2 Billion $ in retail sales in India. Which was the first ? 7. Amul Surface 5. WreckingBall 6-A. SwarajPaul 6-D. 4. ONGC 1-D. Swire 2. RadioShack 3. Dove 1-A. SamsungTHE MARKSMAN 23
  26. 26. MEGA REWIND Rishi R Mehta, Ex-Convener Interface, Batch of 2012, For the uninitiated, INTERFACE is the THE LEGACY marketing club of KJ Somaiya, which today Though the club was started in 2009, it was is growing by leaps and bounds. The need not until 2010-11 that the club burst into life. for the club stemmed from a strong desire Conducting its first wholly owned & to have a common platform where managed event in December 2010 for Onida marketing enthusiasts not just from KJ set the ball rolling. We have not looked back Somaiya but pan-India could interact. since, conducting a plethora of National and Through this article, I aim to provide a brief Intra-college level competitions, having a on what the club is all about, what learning monthly Pan-India magazine (the one you opportunities it has to offer, both are reading), professional and personal. This article will conducting various knowledge imparting not describe the verticals of INTERFACE or sessions within college; the club sure has its functioning; neither will it serve as a done more than anyone could have dreamed boasting ground nor a publicity tool and of in a short 2 years. INTERFACE has should not be viewed as such. I wish to added many feathers to its cap over 2 years, share my learning from this club (and in but two landmark events stand out. turn what others can learn by being associated with it), things that are not visible to the outside world, and some reasons why this club has grown from strength to strength. THE GENESIS The inception of this club took place not too long back in December 2009 (Yes, we are less than 3 years old!) and is arguably the youngest club of K. J Somaiya institute of Management Studies and Research. The • Mr. Nitin Paranjpe, CEO, HUL, gracing club was started by the enthusiastic 2009- KJ Somaiya‟s campus for the 7th SIMSR 2011 alumnus and was taken to new Asia Marketing Conference, an event heights by the subsequent batches. wholly managed by INTERFACE.24 AUGUST 2012
  27. 27. MEGA REWIND • Conducting the inaugural (and KJ one hone one‟s leadership skills. A Somaiya‟s only) day-long Marketing testimony to this statement are the Fest, NAVIKARAN, which was an present two convenors. amalgamation of case study competitions, workshops and much What makes INTERFACE tick. more. Navikaran made a bold To the world we conduct many events, announcement to the world that have a magazine with a Pan India INTERFACE was capable of presence and seem like a group of conducting not just stand alone workaholics. But the truth is, underneath events (case study/ strategy all the hard work and the efforts is the competitions), but also sustain friendship that INTERFACians share. It is daylong marketing related activities. because of these friendships & relationships, (often transcending the WHAT ONE LEARNS AT INTERFACE boundaries of the club) that the club runs Some of the aspects of life, of an smoothly. These relationships that organisation that you learn at INTERFACIANS share with each other is INTERFACE, you may not get a chance the basis of their trust, and is the reason to learn/ exhibit for some years to come why they pitch in for each other when the too after passing out given the amount of need arises. The value of these these hierarchies there are in corporate India. friendships cannot be overemphasised Talking from personal experience, this and is the reason why the club is still club taught me, among many other going strong. things, how to manage people, and went a long way in helping me discover the EPILOGUE kind of manger I could be (OB tells you Interface goes well beyond just that there are Task managers, and there Marketing. It teaches you to manage, are people managers. INTERFACE gave and more importantly, work with people. each one of us the chance to understand You get a chance to exhibit all those the kind of manager we are more likely to concepts of OB you learn in class. How be). to set targets using MBO, or use INTERFACE teaches you not just how to motivational theories to motivate your get work done vertically (from your peers/ juniors. You get a chance to Juniors) but also horizontally (i.e. from discover the leader in you. your peers). It teaches you how to keep Signing off, I would like to thank my the team motivated at all times, how to Juniors for having given me the manage time, and in many cases, how to opportunity and honour to pen my work and respond to stressful and thoughts on the Anniversary of The adverse conditions. It nurtures and helps Marksman. I hope you enjoy the issue.THE MARKSMAN 25
  28. 28. CALL FOR ARTICLES SEPTEMBER 2012 2011Articles can be sent on any one of the following topics*: 1. The Apple-Samsung Battle: What are its implications? 2. Cat-n-Mouse Chase: Are regional brands giving big-pocket MNC’s a run for their money? 3. How are companies going out of their way for new product launches? *Please ensure that there is no plagiarism and all references are clearly mentioned 1. One article can have only one author. 2. Your article should be from 500-600 words and MUST be replete with relevant pictures that can be used to enhance your article. 3. Send in your articles in .doc/.docxformat with font size 11 (Arial) to: 4. Subject Line: Your Name_InstituteName_CourseYear. 5. Kindly name your file as: Your Name_Topic The best adjudged article will be given a winners certificate. Deadline for submission of the articles: 11:59 PM , 16 September 2012.26 AUGUST 2012
  29. 29. To subscribe to "The Marksman", Follow the link:- OR drop in a mail/contact us at : Subject line: Subscribe: Your Name_Institute Name_Course Year THE TEAM COVER STORY SPECIAL STORY It’s all about AD-itude Smriti Sudish Divya Damera Richa Garg SquAreheaD Brand MARK ive BONUS FEATURE Pallavi Srivastava Meeta Tilottama Sanyal Upveen Tameri TWEETS BUZZ BOOKWORM Upveen Tameri Nishant Singla Niyati Chamyal DESIGNING PROOF READ PROMOTIONS Nitya Kumar Priyam Prasad Nishant Singla Tilottama Sanyal Hinal Shah Keith Mascarenhas Niyati Chamyal Follow us at: Website: /the-marksman.html marksman.htmTHE MARKSMAN 27