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Here's what we discussed at the 9th Kuala Lumpur monthly MongoDB User-Group. If you're in KL and would like to learn more about mongoDB, please visit our Facebook Group -

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  1. 1. KL MUG 9 #klmugKuala Lumpur MongoDB User-Group
  2. 2. REMINDERS20 / 30 - Minute Presentations5 / 10 - Minute Lightening Talks BIG emphasis on Q&A
  3. 3. FREE WEBINARS IN AUGUSTMongoDB and High-Volume Data-Feeds August 2nd 11AM EDT and 1PM EDT to MongoDB Schema Design August 9th 11AM EDT and 2PM EDT Introduction to MongoDB’s Java Driver August 16th 11AM EDT and 2PM EDT
  4. 4. LINKS OF THE WEEK Object Rocket Benchmarks: Edda - The Python Based Log Visualizer
  5. 5. SWAG
  6. 6. PRESENTATIONS Drupal and MongoDB Caching by @akmalfikri MongoDB and US Military by Foong Chee Mun NodeJS and Mongoose by @conancat Lightening Talk: (Cassandra Vs mongoDB) by @SalocinTEN More at KL MUG -