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SAP IS-Retail Online Training | Online SAP IS Retail Training | IS Retail Online Courses


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Marks Solutions is an ISO Quality Certified Company and is a leading Online Training Provider for the SAP IS-Retail Online Training by Certified Consultants.

We have incredible track record of giving IT Training Solutions to 10000+ Participants & Working with 100 + SME’s (Small and Medium Enterprises) to provide Corporate Training & Remote Consulting on Supporting Tickets and happy to say that we have achieved these within last 6 years.

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SAP IS-Retail Online Training | Online SAP IS Retail Training | IS Retail Online Courses

  1. 1. Lean from Anywhere, Anytime, you’re in Control
  2. 2. What is SAP IS Retail? SAP for Retail is an industry-specific application software from the software vendor SAP AG and is focused on the global retailing industry. SAP for Retail is a set of software solutions that supports demand management, merchandise management and planning, supply chain, store operations, and base financials and Human Resource Capital functions. The SAP for Retail solution portfolio provides grocery, hardlines, and softlines retailers with a means to turn today’s challenges into opportunities with solutions that help drive profitable multichannel retailing by offering retailers the insight to better understand your shoppers and business, the operational efficiency to ensure profit, and the adaptability to capitalize on the best opportunities to grow. SAP Retail is a completely integrated retailing system. It maps the complete set of business processes required for competitive assortment strategies, different retail formats, and ECRdriven logistics and distribution. It provides all the functions necessary for modeling business processes in a retail company. Training Highlights: Our entire faculty comes with Solid Industry background and has years of experience in the corresponding area of expertise Rigorous training and interactive sessions with real time scenarios Customized Training Packages / Crash Courses if required. Just right class size for balance between community learning and individual attention from Instructor Instructors with extensive experience in teaching and IT industry as well. Material will be provided for training and interview preparation. Live project applications will be discussed in the training. Interview point exercises will be discussed. Assistance will be given for excellent Resume Preparation Convenient Weekend Classes available. Repeat courses at no additional charge. You can register for training classes in advance also. Areas of training and placement chosen based on the respective background of each individual Expert guidance and mentoring during & after training and also on job Professional environment driven by values and friendly relations We will assist you in Resume Preparation, Technical Assistance and Mock Interviews after finishing of the training
  3. 3. SAP IS-Retail Course Content: I. Introduction Is- Retail Overview Is- Retail Process Purchasing & Sales Merchandise Logistics Retail org structure II. Retail Master Data Article Master Data Merchandise of categories Creation of Merchandise categories Hierarchies Creation of Articles Single Generic & Variant Articles Creation of Structure Articles Sales Set Display III. Site Master Data Definition of Terms Maintain site Profiles Create Reference Sites Update site profiles with reference sites Define standard storage location in reference sites Additional sites Data Customizing for sites Site Grouping Creation of sites Create of Reference Sites Distribution Centers Stores IV. Purchasing Data Creation of Vendor Creation of purchase Organization Purchasing Group Vendor Master Data Vendor Managed Inventory Buyer Managed Inventory V. Assortment operations Listing & Management Assortment Creation, Assortment types, Assortment Grades & Modules Creating a Layout module Listing – Assignment of Articles to Assortments and Creating Listing Conditions Listing Procedures & Listing via Layout Customizations Assignment of Products to Layout Modules Creation of Structure Articles Assignment of Assortments to Assortment users
  4. 4. VI. Retail Pricing Retail Promotions Sales Price Calculations Purchase Price Calculations Market Basket pricing Promotions Management, Creation and Execution of Promotions Bonus buys, Coupons PRICAT VII. Merchandise Requirements Planning and purchasing, Distribution Warehouse & DC Management Merchandise Distribution ( Allocation Planning & Allocation tables) Invoice Verification & Sub Sequent settlement Cross Docking Flow – Through, Recipient Driven & Article Driven Put Away Direct Delivery Procurement of merchandise VIII. SALES ORDER MANAGEMENT IX. SAP Retail Store Connectivity ALE EDI & IDOC Overview POS Operations & Back Ground Processing in Retail X. POS Inbound & POS Outbound XI. Real Time Projects & CONFIDENTIAL BONOUS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Those who wish to register with the SAP IS-RetailOnline Training Please contact us using any of the following options. Phone: IND:(+91)- 998 676 3716 ( or ) USA: + 1-888-792-5474 Skype :markssolutions Email : or Url : For the complete information: Click here SAP IS-Retail Online Training Continued….
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