What’s your Social Spectrum?
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A visual exploration of dynamic privacy as it relates to a range of social media tools

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  • Background: this Social Spectrum was inspired by two events--one was an informal conversation at F8 in SF with Jesse Stay, Rodney Rumford and others and the other was while working on a collaborative publishing and sharing initiative at Real Branding.

    At F8 the focus was on dynamic privacy settings and how we need to reset based on tool, time, situation continually. What if I change jobs and they have different privacy policies? What if new people join my network which I want to share some but not all my info until we know each other better? What should show up in my Social Graph and various feeds?

    At Real Branding we're about to push all of our twitterstreams, bookmarks, posts, slides, etc. to our homepage. At one of our Beer2.0 sessions we discovered that everyone was pre-filtering and heavily editing with that in mind. It inhibited use and utility. So we need to address this issue so people bring more of themselves freely, not less.

    One of the things we've discovered is that we're using different tools and accounts as a way to modulate a spectrum of Private and Public data and personas as well as Professional and Personal content. It's a mess, especially with all the different accounts to keep track of and to feed, but it may be the best we have for now.

    The attached slide is my personal Social Spectrum. The size of the logo relates roughly to the amount of use for the tool. As you can see, the logos are hot-spotted to my social spaces. You might be surprised to find that my Flickr account is in Personal and Private. Although I post publicly, the content is usually a personal reflection. An the lionshare of the content--family albums and such--are under private lock-down. It's an understanding I have with my wife about the Spectrum. :-)

    I'd be really interested in seeing what your spectrum looks like. What tools do you use for what area? I think it's going to be different for everyone, but we may begin to find patterns where one quadrant is more consistently populated by certain services. Thoughts?
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Social Spectrum20081002

  1. 1. What’s your Social Spectrum?