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Let's Go! Final Presentation


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Let's Go! Final Presentation

  1. 1. Find.Connect.Share.Let’s Go! Mark Choi Jenny Eishingdrelo John Gruen
  2. 2. Intro Research Personas DemoWhy Let’s Go?design brief:Develop a mobile application based onsustainability for young parents.Early insight: parents always need ‘stuff’ to dowith their children.We wanted to build an application with lowbarriers to entry (ie. not overtly ideological).
  3. 3. Intro Research Personas DemoResearch Methodshow did we chart the course?We employed a number of research methodsin order to better understand the problemsand opportunities of this space. • Competitor Research • Survey • Field Research • User Interviews • Stakeholder Interviews
  4. 4. Intro Research Personas DemoCompetitor Researchwe don’t have kids!...but we do have iPhones.Our initial research looked at sustainability and social networking apps. Frankly, we didn’t find anything we loved.We saw an opening...current offerings lack content, focus, and do not update content.
  5. 5. Intro Research Personas DemoQuantitative Researchsurvey says...85% of participants want to instill their 90% of parents we surveyed use facebook, children with environmental consciousness. 41% have tried Google+. Beyond that, social media adoption falls off sharply. Yelp, Twitter, 74% of parents we surveyed use the internet and Foursquare have ~ 20% find family activities. 82% of parents surveyed own a smart phone.71% rely on word of mouth as well. Participants say time and money are the major75% of participants want more access to limiting factors in doing more activities withinformation about family-friendly local events. their children.
  6. 6. Intro Research Personas DemoQualitative Researcha day at the museumIn order to better understand parents and kids, we spent a day at the Carnegie Museum of Science talking to parents and watching children interact with the displays.
  7. 7. Intro Research Personas DemoQualitative Researchthe web vs. bulletin boardsWe found that physical bulletin boards aremajor points of outreach for community basednon-profits. However we found that many organizationslacked a coherent web presence, and that there aren’t reliable aggregators.Hence we had to spend a lot of time looking for information online.We asked the question: what if we could put the immediacy and bredth of a communitybulletin in a mobile application?
  8. 8. Intro Research Personas DemoQualitative Researchuser interviewsWe interviewed parents and grandparents, Our favorite quote: married couples and single moms. We triedto find specific insights about the day-to-day “So the key to all of this is as a parent, details of raising children. any entity that makes our life easier is a good thing.”We found that going out with children requires precise foreknowlege, but parents don’t have time to research at leisure.We continued to ask: What if our app could dramatically decrease the time and anxietyspent trying to find events?
  9. 9. Intro Research Personas DemoWhat is Let’s Go?we built our app on researchLet’s Go! utilizes a very simple interface toconnect parents to events, places, and non-profit organizations in their community. Let’s Go! consolidates previously diffuseinformation into a mobile application.Let’s Go! taps in to existing knowledge networks in local non-profits to ensure quality, trust-worthy content.
  10. 10. Intro Research Personas DemoPersonasIan, 35ArchitectLives in Highland Park, Illinois with his wife Cammie and their children Martin (4) and Hannah (2).Ian is a knowledgable environmentalist and wants to instill these values in his children. Hismantra when it comes to teaching his childrenis “repeat, repeat, repeat.”Looking for “high percentage activities.” These are close to home, child-specific, have bathroom access, and hold his kids attention.Uses fliers and bulletins around town + “lots of digging on the internet” to find info.
  11. 11. Intro Research Personas DemoPersonasAngela, 28In training to become a nursing assistantLives in Tucson with her son Luke (2)Angela is currently finishing a professional degree program and does not have muchdisposable income. She has a small network of friends who live in close proximity.Wants to find venues that have A/C in the summer.Angela is envious of cities with good publictransportation systems.She is conscious about sustainability but only practices when it is cost effective.
  12. 12. Intro Research Personas DemoDemoTwo examples of Let’s Go!Let’s take a look at our application. We’ll briefly walk through two scenarios — one with each Ian and one with Angela.Let’s Go!
  13. 13. Find.Connect.Share.Let’s Go! Mark Choi Jenny Eishingdrelo John Gruen