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Great short story writing tips by everybody should keep in mind before writing any short story. By keeping these points you can write short stories like a real writer.

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Short story writing tips from

  1. 1. Short Story Writing Tips By
  2. 2. Are you thinking towrite a short storyor started writing!
  3. 3. We all love reading short stories, but it’s not easy to write suchstories, but for most writers, writing short stories is a verysimple task. But don’t be afraid. Writing short stories is not a bigdeal! You just have to keep some points in your mind and youcan be a good story writer.Reading and writing short stories is a fun or it can be one of themost enjoyable experiences of your life. Writing a short storydoesn’t take so much time and it helps you in sharpen yourwriting skills.
  4. 4. So, if you want to write your story like a real writer, here are some short stories writing tips that will help you in writing a great story and youwill learn mistakes done by some new story writers.
  5. 5. PlanningBefore writing any story you should have proper planning sameas you plan before starting any project like building your houseor vacation planning.If you want best results, treat your story like a project for you.Planning tips includes main characters of the story, starting ofthe story, maximum word limit and climax or ending of thestory. Before writing any story you should have answers ofthese kinds of few questions.
  6. 6. Word LimitMake sure that you story should not be lengthy, mostly readersdon’t like to read lengthy stories. Always try that your storyshould be readable in short span of time.
  7. 7. Creative and explorativeWhile reading story anybody can judge your story in thebeginning only. If reader finds story boring in starting he will notread the whole story.Nobody reads boring stories. To keep reader stick your storyshould be creative. You can make you story more and morecreative only from your imagination and you can explore lots ofnew ideas from your story.
  8. 8. Characters in story For writing short stories, only try to give 3 or 4 supporting characters. Lots of characters would make your story complicated which can confuse the reader.
  9. 9. WritingWhen your plan is ready, revise it and makesure you have answers of all the questions.Now, start writing the story.While writing the story don’t think you aredoing writing or grammatical mistakes. Justswim in your imagination and put yourimagination on paper.
  10. 10. Use dialoguesDialogues in story makereader curious to know whatwill be the reaction of thatdialogue. So, using dialogueswill make your story morecreative.
  11. 11. EmotionsUse of emotional dialoguesand scenes creates interestin reading story by heart. Itgenerates curiosity in themind of reader.
  12. 12. RevisionWhen you feel you have completed your story, revise it. Checkout your grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes, any scene,dialogue, situation etc in story and make sure that everything iscompatible and linked to each other.If you feel some change in scenes, dialogues etc. do it.
  13. 13. We hope you like these tips and for abeginner, tips given above are enough tohelp in writing short stories. So dont wait andstart writing stories.