Semtech Fs Particulate Measuring System


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Sensors Gravimetric Particulate Measuring System

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Semtech Fs Particulate Measuring System

  1. 1. SEMTECH® -FS Filter System The SEMTECH Filter System is a portable gravimetric sampling system used to measure the mass of exhaust particulates. It can be used either for in-use applications or in test cells, while meeting requirements of US EPA 1065. The system consists of a cyclonic separator to remove coarse particles, three traditional 47 mm filter holders, a mass flow controller to adjust filter face velocity, a high capacity vacuum pump, pneumatic ball valves to engage filters, downstream isolation solenoids, and an optional heated sample line. All wetted surfaces are stainless-steel, heated to 47°C. The system can be operated from the built-in interface panel, or optionally through the SEMTECH-DS host software where sampling can be automated based on NTE signals, engine RPM, exhaust flow rate, or other user-defined parameters. Emissions Measurement Solutions
  2. 2. 2 SEMTECH-FS Filter System Optional SEMTECH-DS Integration When integrated with the SEMTECH-DS, Sensors’ gaseous emissions analyzer, user-defined automated sampling configurations are available: Automated Sampling: Sampling can be activated on a given filter automatically when a certain criteria is met. For example, all filters can be set to sample only during NTE events, and toggle to bypass when non-NTE operation occurs. Automated Filter Limits: The system will automatically disable filters when either desired sample duration or filter loading has been achieved. Filter loading is determined based on the pressure drop across the filters. Remote Use: With the PC based software, the current temperature and flow conditions can be set and monitored remotely from the unit. System Features and Benefits 1065 Compliant: The SEMTECH Filter System is designed to meet the sampling requirements and recommendations of CFR40 part 1065 for both in-use and test cell applications. Cyclonic Separator: The exhaust sample first passes through a heated cyclonic separator to remove coarse elements prior to passing through the filter elements. Three Filter Paths: The system contains three, 47mm diameter filter holders. The system can be set to automatically switch between these filters and the bypass line, in accordance with pre-set test conditions. Pneumatic ball valves and downstream isolation solenoids are used to select the desired flow path. Low Maintenance: The unit was designed with an easy access door to remove the filter holders and replace the filter elements. Other access panels enable easy removal of the cyclone and fuse panel. Easy Operation: The built-in display panel shows all of the information needed to manually operate the unit. Temperature settings, flow settings and status indicators are all clearly defined and user configurable. Bypass Line Filter System Section View Pump Initial Stage Cyclone Filter Access Door Filters User Interface with DS Integration Software
  3. 3. Optional Accessories Power Supply: A 12VDC supply with either 120VAC or 220VAC input is available, either as a rack mount or a portable unit. Communications Cable: Serial cable to allow remote control of the unit from a laptop, or through the SEMTECH-DS. Heated Line: A custom designed, self regulating, heated sample line carries the sample either directly from the exhaust, or from a dilution system, to the cyclone inlet. The 1/2” stainless steel line is powered from the Filter System. 3 SEMTECH-FS Filter System Rear Panel Connections The Technology The SEMTECH Filter System is a traditional, EPA 1065 compliant, gravimetric sample system designed to collect exhaust particulates from a diluted sample on pre-weighed filters. Post- sample filter weights, filter flow rates, and measured dilution ratio (from SEMTECH MPS or other dilution system) determine the tailpipe PM rate. A vacuum pump pulls the diluted exhaust sample (at ambient pressure) through the cyclonic separator, where coarse particulates are removed from the sample. HEPA filtered make-up air is added in order to maintain desired filter face velocity without pulling excess vacuum on the diluted sample. The sample is then pulled into a distribution manifold, where the sample is then fed into one of the three filter holders or the bypass. Pneumatic ball valves and downstream isolation solenoids determine the sample path, which can be controlled manually or automatically based on preset sampling criteria. mass collected. User Support AswithallSEMTECHproducts,theFilterSystemcomes with a wide range of customer support. Sensors’ Remote Support, powered by WebEx, enables our trained technicians to view your SEMTECH unit in real-time, to help answer your questions, diagnose issues, and evaluate data, without requiring any additional software. The SEMTECH Users’ Network, SUN, has a forum for users to share insights on best practices for in-use emissions testing, and to stay up to date with the latest software releases. Filter Holders are Easily Removed for Filter Replacement Front Panel Display
  4. 4. Sensors, Inc. • 6812 State Rd. • Saline, Michigan 48176 • PH:(734) 429-2100 • FX:(734) 429-4080 • Sensors Europe GmbH • Feldheider Str. 60 • 40699 Erkrath • Germany • PH: +49 (0) 2104-14188-0 • FX: +49 (0) 2104-14188-14 NOTE:Specificationsaresubjecttochangewithout notice. While due caution has been exercised in the production of this document, possible errors and omissions can occur. R 10/09 4 SEMTECH-FS Filter System System Specifications: Ambient Conditions: 0°C to 45°C, non-condensing Standard 0perating temperature: 47°C ±5°C Storage temperature: -40°C to 60°C Sample flow rate (internal pump): Quartz or glass fibers: 10 - 40 SLPM Teflo fibers: 10 - 30 SLPM Warm up time: 40 minutes at 20°C ambient Power Requirement: 12VDC nominal 30A during warm-up, 15A at steady state Weight: 48 kg Communications: RS322 and CAN Cyclone Specifications: Material: Teflon coated aluminum Dimensions: 16” x 13 7/8” x 3 1/2” Inlet: 1 1/2” OD Weight: 2.7 kg Filter Specifications: Element diameter: 47mm Holder material: 304 stainless steel Height: 108 mm Max outer diameter: 73 mm Inlet and outlet diameter: 1/2” FNPT Weight: 1 kg 360 mm 800mm 340 mm